10 books plus 1 magazine or top coffee literature

Coffee and a book

The theme of coffee is becoming more and more popular in literary works. Simply because thepublic interest in coffee isalso increasing day by day.

People are learning how towork with coffee and trying to understand it. They then pass on this knowledge in the form of a coffee-themed book.

We have coffee in our veins, so we eagerly await any new publication that deals with the subject of this miraculous drink, even if only in title.

From our collection, we recommend the following ten books plus one magazine.

1. How to Make the Best Coffee at Home: James Hoffman

World coffee expert James Hoffman presents his next book. This time on how to make barista-level coffee at home


We all expect to be able to buy excellent coffee in many great coffee shops. But what about the coffee we make at home? Shouldn't it be just as good?

In his latest book, James Hoffmann shows everything you need to know to make excellent coffee at home.

In the book, he doesn't forget to mention what equipment is worth buying, how to grind coffee, the basics of preparing coffee or how to understand coffee drinks.

2. Filtered coffee: Petra Střelecká

Filtered coffee changed Petra's life, so she decided to dedicate her entire book to it.

She is the founder of Industra Coffee, a coffee shop and roastery in Brno, an award-winning barista at international competitions and a lecturer in coffee courses.

The book is full of her experience, both with coffee preparation and with opening a café. You will also find plenty of recipes for coffee drinks, desserts, tips on how to know a good coffee shop and how to choose the best equipment.

3. The book about coffee: Petra Veselá

Petra Veselá is inseparably and forever linked with fine coffee. She is perhaps themost well-known personality of the Czech coffee scene, so writing a book about coffee was perhaps an inevitable step for her.

She inspires budding baristas across the countryand, along with her husband Gwilym Davies, teaches them the craft of coffee.

So a book by the most famous teacher of Czech baristas should also be their must-read and reference book, written to be accessible to beginners and amateurs alike, and to be a fulcrum for them on their journey into the glamorous world of coffee.

4. The Physics of Filter Coffee: Jonathan Gagné

Science and coffee rolled into one, that's the premise of astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné's book, which is probably the most important book ever written about the science of coffee brewing.

In the book, he writes about the physics of extraction and grinding, as well as the chemistry of water. He leads the reader into t

tion of such topics as the design of the pouring kettle, the optimisation of turbulence during pouring, the influence of fine particles and the physics of filters.

He also presents some original ideas about coffee preparation and backs it all up with lots of facts and figures.

5. The Fundamentals of Excellent Coffee: CoffeeCollective

The book focuses primarily on choice coffee and was written by the co-founders of the Danish roaster Coffee Collective.

As the title of the book suggests in the book you will learn how to prepare excellent coffee from different varieties, how coffee trees are grown, how coffee cherries are harvested, but also how coffee is then roasted in the Coffee Collective roastery.

An integral part of the information you will find in the book is the history of coffee in general, the sustainability of its cultivation, but also how to roast coffee at home

6. The Coffee Man: Sasa Sestic

Sasa Sestic, 2015 Barista World Champion and author of coffee distributor Nucleus NCD V3, has published a book about his inspiring story that ranks as one of the most anticipated books in coffee literature.

The book begins with a detailed, emotional and honest summary of winning themost prestigious competition any barista can imagine.

It then takes us on a journey to several top coffee farms in seven countries on different continents. We'll get to know his stories, the challenges he had to face.

7. The Coffee Roasters Companion.

If you are into coffee roasting and would like to learn more about the process, this is the book for you. This is the first professional book on coffee roasting in the world.

Scott Rao has advised many of the world's best roasters and now he has turned his experience

in a book that's accessible to all roasters.

No serious coffee roaster should be without this book .

8. Need For Espresso: Underground - The Filter Coffee Algorithm: Adrián Krišák

The final book in the Adrian Krišák trilogy is here. The famous trilogy, which is considered the bible of the professional barista, is completed with the last part.

The Algorithm of Filtered Coffee is the first book of its kind in Slovak. In the form of diagrams it shows possible solutions and each of the steps of coffee preparation is then implemented by the algorithm.

In the book you will learn why your cup tastes the way it does and how to improve your preparationto the level of a professional barista.

9. Coffeeology: Stories and Feelings: Christina Chirouze, Gloria Montenegro

All the flavour, as far as coffee is concerned, is hidden in the bean itself. This remains a mystery to most coffee lovers.

Its versatility is unparalleled. And its specifics, or rather peculiarities, are the subject of this book.

This book offers a sensitive and intuitive approach to coffee. It is a kind of initiatory journey that reveals the mystery of coffee from the origin of the bean to its tasting.

10. The Coffee Lover: Odello Luigi, Ruggieri Giovanni

From bean to coffee - how does the perfect cup with the perfect taste come about? All this and more, you will learn in The Coffee Lover.

Millions of people around the world can't start their day without a cup of coffee. That's why it's time to discover the traditions and secrets of this amazing drink, from growing the beans and harvesting to roasting and serving.

Explore the rich variety of coffee flavors and aromas, the best methods for preparing it and how to use it in your cooking with a few easy recipes.

Standard: The magazine for all professional and amateur baristas

Four times a year, a new issue of Standart Magazinewill put a smile on our lips.

TheCzechoslovakian printed periodical publishes articles by world experts in thecoffee industryon its 130 pages .It covers topics from all areas of the industry.

Also interesting are opinions on current topics from the world of coffee and interviews with professionals. There are also ideas for cafes worth visiting. Since last year it has been published in four versions.

The original Slovak-Czech, English, also in Japanese and Russian. TheEnglish version of Standart is one of themost prestigious coffee magazines in the world.

We have complimented you with favourites from our library. We hope we have inspired you and that some of the titles on offer will keep you company over a cup of coffee.