10x gift under the tree for the coffee geek

There's at least one coffee geek in your social bubble. Do you have one among your friends or right at home? With this gift guide for coffee enthusiasts, you'll know what to get him under the tree.

How to choose a gift for a coffee enthusiast

Choosing a gift for someone whose favourite subject is coffee and whose coffee gear already takes up three shelves in the kitchen is quite challenging. You may know right away that you're going to choose a gift from a coffee shop, but what exactly will it be? After all, the coffee-obsessed little man will already have it anyway.

You know what? Get your cup of coffee ready and get comfortable. In the meantime, I'll introduce you to some cool coffee products, among which you'll discover just the right gift for your coffee geek.

A coffee machine for the coffee geek

It makes coffee and it oozes enthusiasm. Such a coffee enthusiast needs a coffee machine that can accommodate him. It stands out with a multitude of functions or customisation options. In fact, you are looking for such a technological toy for making coffee.

Allow me to introduce you to a coffee maker with an alarm clock... or rather Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock. It is a self-timer suitable for all coffee lovers who can't get up without coffee. And also for Marvel fans, because this coffee maker got a role in their movies too. That's why it's the perfect gift for more than just coffee geeks. ????

Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock Black

  • coffee machine and alarm clock in one
  • sci-fi design and function
  • all-in-one coffee station solution
  • reusable metal coffee filter
  • can also be used for making tea

A grinder for the coffee geek

He knows that the grinder is the alpha and omega of great tasting coffee. If you want to see your coffee geek literally shine, then is thepremium coffee grinder to do it. Here too, I have a tip for an unusually designed grinder.

It's called the Etzinger. You can get it in theclassic model or Trim and a variant with or without anti-static protection (Etz-U). With all other grinders of other brands we are used to the system of attaching the grinding stones to the central axis of the grinder. It is then important that the axis is perfectly stabilized and that there is no misalignment. But Etzinger does not have a central axis at all!

Etzinger Trim black

  • Unique axisless design
  • RRB grinding mechanism (rotating ring burr)
  • 88 grinding stages in 0.02 mm increments
  • co-contact retractable handle
  • EU production (Switzerland/Lichtenstein)

Filter for the coffee geek

The possibilities in filter coffee preparation are endless. Or rather, the boundaries of these methods are always being pushed. It's no longer just the Moka pot and the French press. You may be thinking that sophisticated coffee geek equipment must necessarily also be the latest technology. There's one filter coffee machine that has been appealing to coffee lovers since the 19th century.

It's a kind of coffee oxymoron. Although it is a traditional method of preparation, it has become abit forgotten and thus unconventional due to the boom and development of a multitude of coffee devices. I'm talking about a machine called Vacuum pot. This set of coffee brewing flasks should be in every coffee geek's inventory.

Vacumm pot

  • spectacular preparation of filter coffee
  • a traditional but forgotten method
  • coffee machine made of high quality heat resistant glass
  • combination of metal and cloth filter
  • possibility of using paper filters

The travel coffee machine for the coffee geek

For people literally addicted to making their own coffee, travel is no barrier to brewing their own coffee. Anywhere. Give them the gift of a travel coffee maker. Lately, the Wacaco travel coffee maker is one of the most popular.

You can even an entire gift set from the Wacaco range. Start with the coffee maker, add a thermo mug and, depending on your needs, a scale, grinder or capsule adapter.

Wacaco Picopresso

  • great espresso anywhere, anytime
  • one of the smallest coffee machines in the world
  • compact coffee machine with durable packaging
  • wide choice of coffee machine variants
  • accessories for a complete branded set

Electric grinder for the coffee geek

Say the word Mahlkönig in front of a coffee connoisseur and you'll immediately see a gleam of excitement in his eyes. This brand of electric coffee grinders has been associated with the highest grinding quality for decades.

The days when Mahlkönig was only a landmark in coffee shops are over this year. The German grinder king has introduced the world to theMahlkönig X54 home grinder. Its style, its function, its quality... everything like its big pro versions. And that's the grinder every coffee geek wants in their home.

Mahlkönig X54

  • universal grinding scale (filter and espresso)
  • clear LED display
  • 54 mm flat grinding stones
  • Grinding speed 1-2.8 grams/second
  • quiet and powerful grinder motor

The handheld coffee machine for the coffee geek

Coffee-obsessed folk love making coffee by hand. This is common with filter coffee, but less so with espresso. However, new this year, the Flair 58+ manual coffee makeris an absolutely perfect gift for the espresso lover and its preparation. Without the wooden elements, this is the basic version of the Flair 58.

This manual espresso machine is designed to comfortably prepare espresso that perfectly meets the conditions of a true espresso. The correct pressure of 9 bar can be developed by anyone without much effort due to the clever design of the machine. The Flair 58+ has plenty of useful features and equipment, so enjoyment is 100% guaranteed.

Flair 58 Plus

  • luxurious design with wooden elements
  • including barometer and coffee tamper
  • preheated coffee head
  • comfortable "T" lever design
  • a compact coffee machine for real espresso

AeroPress for the coffee geek

The next swallow of coffee equipment from this year is the AeroPress XL. True, your coffee geek may already own an AeroPress, but it will be the original version or the travel AeroPress GO.

So why buy another AeroPress? Because both of the previous versions of this coffee tool are primarily designed for making one cup of coffee. The AeroPress XL has a capacity of up to 600ml, yet it is still the same, and much adored style of coffee making.


  • Durable and lightweight BPA free Tritan
  • decanter, stirrer and 100 filters included
  • brews up to 600 ml of coffee at a time
  • for filter coffee, lungo and cold brew
  • popular brewing method now in XL version

Coffee strainers for the coffee geek

Every bean matters. For coffee geeks and pro baristas, every grind matters. Precision and consistency of ground coffee is one of the most important things when you want a precisely prepared cup of coffee.

The best way to get a perfectly consistent ground coffee is to use Kruve barista strainers when preparing . Just shake a few times and the coffee particles are immediately sorted. For coffee connoisseurs, the Kruve Sifter is a dream gift.

Kruve Sifter Grind Plus Black

  • Available in 3 design variants
  • Includes a set of 5 sieve sizes
  • Sifters at 300, 500, 800, 1100 and 1400 μm
  • Kruve Brewler stainless steel gauge included
  • aluminium body made up of a trio of chambers

WDT for the coffee geek

Coffee distribution is being talked about more and more. Agadget called the WDT has become a household name in barista equipment. It looks simple, like a barista needle. But it has an unexpected importance for the extraction of the coffee being prepared.

Top coffee brand Barista Hustle first released their WDT called The Comb and now they've come out with a new product called the AutoComb. This manual-automatic coffee dose adjustment system in the portafilter of a lever coffee maker is absolutely ingenious. That's why I also believe it will make a great gift as well.

Barista Hustle AutoComb

  • Precise distribution of ground coffee
  • compatible with classic 58 mm portafilters
  • automated WDT with 12 needles
  • 38 replacement needles included
  • precise and simple coffee preparation in the lever

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