5 advantages of the Moccamaster One-Cup

What is Moccamaster One-Cup

The newest addition to the Moccamaster family. One of the few home drippers in the world that is certified by the International Coffee Association SCAA and the European Coffee Association ECBC for coffee preparation.

A coffee decanter that is capable of making a consistent and balanced cup of coffee. Cup-One prepares coffee with a deeper body and has a more complex flavor profile than traditional drip coffee. Using quality beans will reward you with delicious coffee. So as long as you use fresh beans set to the right grind size, this machine will do the rest of the work and make a great cup of coffee.

One of the key factors that contribute to excellent coffee is that the Cup-One hasexcellent temperature control. It can reach and maintain an optimal water temperature of 92 to 96°C during brewing.

An easy-to-use drip coffee machine

Its simple design makes it easy to operate. The coffee maker consists of a water tank, a drain arm, a filter holder and a cup holder.

Making a cup of coffee is easy: just fill the water reservoir, add the filter and ground coffee, then press the button. The coffee machine is also very quiet in use and switches off automatically after brewing.

Who is the Moccamaster Cup-One for?

The Cup-One is suitable for specialty coffee lovers looking for a single-serve coffee machine. It far outperforms ordinary drip coffee makers and, combined with high quality and freshly ground beans, produces a delicious coffee.

Since the coffee maker can only handle one cup at a time, it is more suited for solo use. Keep in mind, therefore, that this may not be the ideal machine for hosting a family brunch.

Moccamaster Cup-One vs. V60

Why should we prefer the automatic dripper over the Dripper V60? How does the Cup-One compare to the tried and tested V60 dripper?

Both machines make us acompletely different coffee. The V60 dripper makes a rather tea-like cup, with strong fruity coffee notes and a good clean taste. In comparison, the Moccamaster Cup One produces a deeper and more complex cup.

In terms of ease of use, the Cup-One always wins. Its operation is very easy and the dripper manages to produce a consistent cup of coffee.

Unlike the V60, where you have to watch out for pouring technique and fluctuating temperature. This can cause your cups to taste different every time. But with the Moccamaster Cup One, you can make two cups in a row that taste exactly the same.

Making coffee with Moccamaster One-Cup

  1. Fill the water tank withcold water up to the 300 ml mark.
  2. Check that the filter outlet is not blocked. Theninsert the paper filter into the holder .
  3. Optional step: Insert a cup under the filter holder, rinse the paper filter and preheat the cup by starting the brew cycle. When finished, empty the cup and refill the water reservoir.
  4. Add 18-21 grams of ground coffee to the filter.
  5. Place the cup under the filter holder.
  6. Turn on the power button and start brewing.
  7. Afresh cup of coffee will be ready in 4 minutes.
  8. Enjoy your coffee!

Benefits of Moccamaster One-Cup

1. Thorough coffee preparation

With constant grind settings and the same amount of beans used, you can be sure that the Cup-One coffee machine will consistently deliver great results.

2. Easy to use and clean

Maintaining your coffee machine is a no-brainer. After each use, just throw away the used filter and coffee grounds. Then manually wash the filter holder with warm water and detergent.

3. Design piece

The Moccamaster Cup One features classic retro styling like other Technivorm kettles.

Since it is a single-serve coffee maker, it has a smaller footprint so it will easily fit on a free space on the kitchen counter. It simply fits anywhere in the kitchen and will be an appliance you just want to leave on the counter.

4. Affordable

A good home coffee maker can easily get expensive. The One-Cup does the same job and isinexpensive compared to other quality coffee makers .

5. Several color combinations

The coffee maker comes in three colors, so it will fit your home even if you already have several colorful kitchen appliances.

The Moccamaster Cup One is an excellent single-serve coffee maker. It offers exceptional build quality, a five-year warranty, and most importantly, it makes great coffee. The Cup One is made to do one thing, and do it well: make a delicious cup of single-serve coffee.

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