5 iced coffees you can't do without in summer

Immediately chilled - espresso on ice

You basically don't need a recipe for this drink. Espresso on ice simply means to prepare the espresso directly on ice. If you want double the pleasure, let the coffee machine pour the doppio or double espresso on ice straight from the machine.

Why espresso on ice and not with ice?

Does this seem like a trivial question to you? You can test it for yourself. Prepare one espresso directly on the ice cube and the other in an empty cup, where you add the ice cube.

The result will be similar, but when you compare these coffees side by side (sip by sip) you can tell the difference. An instantly chilled espresso tastes better than one that has been chilled a moment later.

A little trick for coffee connoisseurs

Will you be making a classic espresso like you would normally have hot, or will you be adapting your espresso recipe?

Well, both options are acceptable. In the former, however, expect the ice to slightly lengthen and soften the espresso. If you already anticipate the melting ice effect = diluting the espresso, you can adjust the extraction ratio (water:coffee), finer grind, or a larger dose of coffee. This way, the espresso will be more concentrated and retain its expressiveness even on ice.

Iced lattes and cappuccinos

We really don't need those "Nescafe frappes". But we really like coffee with milk, so prepares iced cappuccinos and lattes in our café in Luhačovice. And now I'll tell you how.

For an iced latte, get:

  • a tall glass (about 2-2,5 dl)
  • ice cubes
  • milk
  • espresso

Put the ice in the glass, pour the milk over it and top with the espresso. What an easy and refreshing drink, right?

An iced latte is the perfect sweet coffee drink for a summer garden.

For an Iced cappuccino you need:

  • a glass (about 1.5 dl)
  • ice cubes
  • milk
  • espresso

For an iced cappuccino, the procedure is similar. The only difference is that you use less milk, so you are making a smaller volume drink.

The popular summer cappuccino on ice.

Even iced variations on the classic latte and cappuccino benefit from a milk foam. A milk frother, shaking the milk in a closed bottle (better in a shaker), or a few quick seconds on the nozzle of the coffee machine (just a lightning froth, so that the milk almost doesn't heat up) are good for this.

Italian know-how: Espresso Affogato

You say Italy, I say espresso and gelato. Now put them together and voilà: Affogato is born! That's how easy it is to prepare.

  • You put a scoop of ice cream in a bowl or cup. Vanilla or cream is traditional, but feel free to let your imagination or taste buds run wild.
  • Prepare yourespresso in a small pot and serve with a cup of ice cream.
  • Now just top the ice cream with coffee and you're ready to enjoy.
The right siesta on a sunny day is a combination of ice cream and coffee, preferably in the classic Espresso Affogato style.

Coffee and bubbles! Espresso fizz is the lemonade of coffee lovers

You know those homemade lemonades from coffee shops? They make their own honest-to-goodness syrup that they use soda to turn into lemonade, plus they garnish it beautifully with fruit and herbs. Every coffeeholic dreams of coffeelemonade in the summer. Prepare it and it will be so easy again!

  • espresso
  • soda
  • ice

Three ingredients for a summer coffee drink with bubbles. You pour soda on ice and then espresso. You can garnish with dried fruit, thyme or mint, for example. If you like, sweeten a little with pre-dissolved sugar or other syrup.

Espresso & fresh. Juice and coffee not only for breakfast

Already a classic breakfast drink combination. A cup of coffee and a glass of juice. Why shouldn't they work together in one drink? You know they work! Try it for yourself and again, gradually stack into a glass of ice, fresh and espresso. In the volume of drink that suits you.

I'm sure you know - coffee is a fruit. Especially coffees grown in Africa have strong sweet and sour notes, for example, of currants, raspberries and other berries. How beautifully they will then complement fresh orange or grapefruit juice! Try also other coffees from around the world with a pleasant acidity.

A beloved morning drink combination - coffee and orange juice delight together in summer and on the rocks as espresso fresh.