7 tips on how to use coffee grounds

Often considered a waste product, coffee grounds hold surprising potential. In this article, we look at 7 practical tips on how to use coffee grounds effectively at home and contribute to the sustainability of our environment.

A popular product with gardeners

I'm sure you've heard at least once that coffee grounds can be used as a fertiliser, whether as an ingredient in compost orspread around a plant on its own . It will certainly improve the soil structure and supply nutrients tothe plants.

Maybe one day you will also fertilise your Arabic coffee tree in this way, which can be grown at home.

(Source: istockphoto.com) The plant will also help you repel insects and pests from your garden.

Great for your skin

Similarly, it is also known that you can use the loofah to make a natural scrub and exfoliate so your skin. Justmix it with coconut oil, for example. You can find some recipes on the internet for how to homemade coffee scrub.

Just like other types of exfoliation can:

  • remove dead skin cells,
  • unclogclogged pores,
  • reduce signs of dark circles under the eyes,
  • or temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

An effective odor neutralizer

Due to its structure and chemical nature, coffee grounds have the ability to absorb unpleasant odors. Both dry and fresh sediment can be used, just put it in a container and place it where it is needed.

Getting rid of your four-legged pets' fleas

Coffee grounds are far better than using standard products to remove fleas. Purchased products may contain harmful chemicals.

If you can get your pet to stay calm, rub the sedimenton hiscoat after washing and shampooing . Then rinse your pet and let his "coat" dry.

(Source: stock.adobe.com) Definitely do not feed your pet with pet dander! Eating it is toxic to them, so only coat them externally.

Green sprinkles in winter

Green sprinkles are meant to be a gentle way to mitigate ice on cold, white days. While not as quick and effective as salt or ash, coffee lime to firm the surface or better traction on ice will serve well.

The antique look of paper

Using the method ofcoffee staining you can create a whole stack of papers and feel free to bind it into a sketchbook or journal.

Just soak the papers in a container full of sediment and water. Make sure the paper fits all the way in and doesn't have to be crumpled. Then you pull it out and let it dry.

The more sediment you have in the container, the more intense the color will be.

(Source: stock.adobe.com) White fabrics can also be transformed into a pleasing beige color with coffee grounds.

A gastronomic delight

Now prepare your taste buds. A fewspoonfuls of used coffee grounds can work wonders on your plate. It can be an aromatic spice to season meat. A steak like this - not only does it give the meat a kick, but it also tenderizes it.

Coffee contains acids thatbreak down these proteins and enhance the flavor.

Did you know that the Czech footwear brand Kave footwear has a coffee collection? They incorporate saddlery into the soles so you can proudly walk around with fragrant shoes!

Be sure to try one of the tips

You know, imagination has no limits. Withthis ground wonder many ideas can be invented and I believe everyone will find their favourite way to use the secondary potential of coffee. So go for it!

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