A selection of the best kettles

Barista kettle, it's a gooseneck kettle

The gooseneck pot is a must-have, especiallyif you want to prepare coffee using the pour-over method.

For example in a dripper V60 or Chemex. Perfect extraction is the main goal of a perfect tasting coffee. And you can't do that without controlled pouring from a gooseneck pot.

The benefits of a gooseneck pot:

  • Control of the coffee pouring technique
  • control of the water flow on the coffee
  • precise water flow measurement
  • easy water dispensing

Why is a temperature-controlled kettle so great?

I'm sure you know that thetemperature of the water affects the overall taste of the coffee. Burnt, bitter or sour coffee in the morning really doesn't make you happy. Too low a water temperature results in insufficient extraction, leaving a weak taste and sour notes.

Conversely, a high water temperature would make your coffee bitter to burnt. Kettles with temperature settings are therefore an essential part of your barista equipment.

Brewista Smart Pour 2: thebestselling barista kettle

The Brewista SMART POUR kettle, or really a lot of music for little money... hot water of course. Hot to exactly the degree you need.

Allows you to set the exact temperature of the water you need to heat for proper beverage preparation. The thin gooseneck makes pouring precise and slow. So just what you need to make filter coffee.

The kettle has a capacity of 1.2 litres. It is a great choice for cafes andlarger households. Long life is guaranteed by the polished stainless steel. Its main advantages are its features:

  1. Smart Boil ensures lightning-fast heating of the water.
  2. Keep Warm maintains the adjustable temperature for up to 60 minutes
  3. Auto start for automatic switching on at a preset time.
  4. Auto Stop means that the kettle will turn off automatically after an hour
  5. Custom programs heating ( memorizes up to 6 target temperatures)
  6. Display with clear display of the current water temperature in the kettle


  • 1.2 l capacity for relatively fast heating
  • classic stainless steel design
  • Really pleasing low price


  • not recommended to heat under 0.5l of water
  • larger base for the kettle

Brewista Artisan Gooseneck

Combining great features with elegant design. This is the Brewista Artisan. With a 1l capacity, it will brew several cups of your favourite beverage in one go.

With the digital base, you can regulate the water temperature to within one degree (from40 to 100 degrees Celsius). You can set the temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. With the Keep Warm function, it will keep the temperature for 60 minutes. The kettle also has an automatic shut-off function.

Thekettle is equipped with a stopwatch, which gives you precise control over watering. The Super Boil function allows you to heat water faster. The overall design is accentuated by the backlit touch buttons. For me, this is the perfect elegant addition to yourcafé.


  • Precise water control thanks to the stopwatch
  • fast water heating
  • elegant design


  • higher price

Fellow stagg EKG for home brewing of coffee or tea

A beautiful slimline kettle with a perfect design. The downside is the 700ml capacity which is not entirely suitable for use. If you are looking for a kettle for home use, the Fellow Stag is the ideal choice. The kettle has an integrated thermometer and gooseneck for precise coffee pouring.

Its design will catch your eye at first sight. It is made of high quality polished stainless steel with a black matt finish. The plastic handle has been designed for the best grip.

TheFellow Stagg EKG teapot has won the Red Dot Design Award. One of the most renowned awards for quality design and innovation. Thewattage of this kettle is 1200 watts, which helps to heat up quickly.The kettle has a PID installed, which helps to adjust the temperature it maintains once reached. It will maintain the temperature for up to 60 minutes.


  • Integrated thermometer
  • plastic handle
  • Easy to set and maintain temperature


  • volume only 0.7 l
  • water temperature drops faster

Timemore fish! The perfect design for your kitchen

Another amazing design accessory from Timemore. With a volume of 700 ml, it is especially suitable for your home. Timemore heats 500 ml of water to 90 degrees Celsius in less than 2 minutes! The interior is made of stainless steel.

The kettle includes a dual digital led screen that shows you the degrees Celsius of the water you are heating. Simply set the desired temperature with one touch.

Benefits of the

  • Heating speed
  • accuracy
  • unique design
  • simple operation


  • volume 0.7 l

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