Accessories and accessories for Flair Espresso coffee machine

Flair Espresso: The most popular manual coffee machine

An interesting advantage of the Flair Espresso, apart from making the perfect espresso of course, is its simplicity. The base with lever, plunger, water head and coffee portafilter. So you have an absolute overview of how to make espresso. Flair coffee machine fans love this. Also the ability to easily disassemble it and put it in a carrying case to take with you on holiday. And then what could be more fun thanbeing able to "tune" your beloved Flair yourself.

That's why the manufacturers of Flair Espresso offer accessories, accessories and spare parts to easily repair your coffee machine in case of an accident. Above all ,with original accessories, you can make it even better, so that it fulfils all your dreams of the perfect coffee machine. So what to get for your Flair? Let's take it in order by Flair Espresso version.

Accessories for the Flair Classic

Let's start with the first and original Flair Classic model. Its basic parts consist of the standard coffee head, a bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter and a plastic coffee dispenser that also serves as a coffee frother in the portafilter. Simply the functional basis for your home espresso.

But you can also fit a little extra in the case that comes with the coffee machine. Thefirst upgrade for your Flair Classic is the pressure gauge. A small component that keeps your espresso brewing in the right zone at around 9 bar. Maintaining this pressure during brewing is a prerequisite for creating a true espresso, and the additional pressure gauge gives you full control over this.

With the original accessories, you can build the Flair Espresso from the basic model into the coffee machine of your dreams. Image source:

More Flair Classic accessories

As baristas know, well-pressurized coffee affects the way water flows through the coffee in the portafilter. For the best results when tamping coffee in the portafilter of your Flair coffee machine, replace the basic plastic tamp with the original stainless steel tamper. If you prefer stainless steel details, you can also replace the original cup washer with a stainless steel drip tray.

Upgrade Flair Classic to Flair PRO2

Do you own a Flair Classic and have your eye on the flagship Flair Espresso - the PRO2? You don't have to buy a new coffee machine in this version! As we mentioned earlier, the Flair is amazing in that you can customize it in your own image with separately sold accessories. If you want to upgrade your Flair Classic to a "pro-grade" version, just get thePRO2 head (Flair PRO 2 Second Shot Plus).

Flair Neo accessories

TheNeomodel is a handy manual coffee maker that can forgive any inattention or imperfection in coffee preparation. For example, if you don't have a quality grinder with grinding stones on hand, haven't estimated the coarseness of the grind, or simply your home grinder has a limited range of grades for fine grinding? The unique head of the Flair Neo with Flow-Control will make sure your espresso is always delicious.

The moment you've got a perfect understanding of your hand-held espresso machine, you may long for the classic 2-in-1 Portafilter. Then replace it with the original Flow-Control Portafilter and get on with the uncompromising preparation of the perfect espresso. Of course, don't forget to take a pressure gauge for Flair coffee machines with your new portafilter , so you can also control the pressure during coffee extraction.

Take your Flair to the great outdoors!

More Flair Neo accessories

Like every Flair Espresso, the Neo is matched by functional stainless steel accessories. Apractical and stylish cup mat with drip tray. Also a stainless steel 40 mm tamper. These are the accessories that will help turn your original Flair Neo into a professional-looking manual coffee machine.

Travel coffee maker in a case

Your Flair is made for coffee and travel experiences! That's why I can only recommend that you take full advantage of the storage and lightness of your unique coffee maker and take it outdoors. Take it on a picnic, on holiday or have a divine espresso while enjoying the view from the top of the hill. Go beyond standards, get your Flair Neo an original case and head outdoors for an espresso!

Flair Signature coffee machine accessories

With the Flair Signature coffee machine, if you don't own a grinder then with the convenient Flair Signature grinder kit, you have everything you need to make the perfect cup of espresso. Sometimes, however, the little details can make the coffee making process even easier. One such little detail is the temperature belt. Attach it to the head of the machine and keep an eye on the temperature of your espresso water.

You can fold your Flair Signature into its original carrying case in no time and enjoy your espresso even on holiday. Image source:

More Flair Signature accessories

The design of the Flair Signature is designed, like previous models, to brew one cup of coffee. The preparation of the next espresso is preceded by the cleaning of the portafilter and a new coffee brewing process. Sure, this activity only takes a few extra minutes, but there is a way to speed up the preparation of your next coffee. That's by getting a secondary coffee machine head kit with a portafilter.

Upgrading the Flair Signature to the Flair PRO2

Like the Flair Classic, the Flair Signature has great news for all their owners who have been captivated by the Flair PRO2. Keep your Signature and simply upgrade to the higher version with the PRO2 coffee head.

Flair PRO2 coffee machine accessories

Is it possible to upgrade the top model Flair PRO2? Since this type of Flair Espresso is simply top of the line, I'll offer you just a few details or options to make coffee brewing in this machine easier. Its brewing head offers a wide range of options for adjusting extraction ratios and also a larger water capacity. This means that you can make up to some 56ml of coffee at one pull of the lever.

Only with the Flair PRO2 can you have a doppio (double espresso) in your cup or get a Split Spout - a handle for a double stream of coffee. This way you'll have two cups of espresso in one brew. So if you are two doppio lovers, the fastest way to prepare these two coffees is to get a secondary set of the PRO2 coffee machine head and portafilter.

The Flair PRO2 in a convenient set with the Flair Royal Grinder means the perfect combination for coffee on the go.

Other Flair PRO2 accessories

You can also attach atemperature stripto the head of the Flair PRO2 to easily check the temperature of the water inside. This scale will help you achieve even better results. As you know, water temperature has an impact on the extraction and the final taste of your espresso.

Change the perspective of espresso extraction

Flair coffee machine manufacturers are aware that their customers simply enjoy making coffee. They enjoy every single one of their espressos. Especially when using a naked portafilter, the flow of velvety shiny coffee with beautiful brown tones is a beautiful sight to behold. Those who want to enjoy this pleasure can now add anoriginal mirrorto their Flair .

Latte art and Flair Espresso

With Flairmanual coffee machinesyou can make more than just espresso. In fact, it's the basis for almost all coffee drinks you'll find on coffee shop menus. All such popular milk drinks as cappuccinos and lattes are created from espresso smoothly whipped warm milk.

So you've taken the first step to these delicious milky coffee drinks with your Flair coffee machine. You've prepared the perfect espresso. The second step is to whisk the milk. You can do this without the steam nozzle that is used for this purpose in coffee shops. Complete your home coffee kit with an electric whisk and a milk jug.

How to choose an electric milk frother?

It's easy to create thick milk foam with a hand whisk. Such foam is typical of classic coffee drinks such as three-layer latte macchiatto or cafe au Lait. Automatic milk frothers froth it themselves. With manual electric whisks, you get great results and can control the density of the whipped milk.

But the best results are achieved with the unique Subminimal NanoFoamer. Its handiness lies in its effortless use and, above all, its ability to create a milk microfoam. Only the smooth, creamy consistency of milk microfoam can combine with espresso into a velvety cappuccino. Such milk will give you the ability to create latte art - milky images on the surface of the coffee.

How to choose a milk jug?

Theteapots from Rhinowares are a traditional bestseller. They are cheap and practical. You choose the size you need - for a cappuccino, a latte or several coffees at once. Different grip shapes, materials and beak shapes make Barista&CO 's milk jugs the ideal latrines for every barista.

Thetop milk jugs from Barista Space may surprise you with their price, but I can say that I haven't held a better milk jug in my hand yet. These professional teapots will make it easy to work with milk while you draw, so your pictures look like they're from a pro barista.

Make a great cappuccino with a picture on the surface using espresso from your Flair machine and whipped milk with the Subminimal NanoFoamer. Image source:

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