Anaerobically processed coffee and its preparation

Much has been written about the aerobic and anaerobic processing of coffee. But is there also enough talk about the subsequent preparation of coffee processed in this way? We will show you 3 recipes that will guide you through the preparation of anaerobically fermented coffee.

What is aerobic and anaerobic coffee processing

Let's just touch lightly on what aerobic and anaerobic coffee processing or fermentation means. Aerobic fermentation is one in whichsufficient oxygenis provided. Anaerobic fermentation is the opposite - without access to oxygen.

For a more detailed discussion of coffee processing by fermentation, see the articles News in coffee processing or What is fermented coffee on our blog.

Anaerobic fermentation up close

Let's take a look at anaerobic fermentation. This takes place by loading coffee cherries into tanks, sealing them and letting themferment. All gases escape through a one-way valve, thus providing an ideal environment for anaerobic fermentation.

This takes between 24 and 96 hours, during which time things happen in the tanks with the coffee cherries that create unique and otherwise virtually unattainable and surprising flavours. And of course, the beans themselves absorb them.

Thecherries are further processed using either thewet, dry or honey method until only the green coffee beans remain. These are then transported to the roasting plant, where the roaster gives them the shape you are already familiar with. We will look at this in the next few lines.

How to prepare anaerobically fermented coffee

Fermentation breaks down the sugars, which are thenmore easily extracted into the coffee. But this increases the likelihood ofover-extracting the coffee . For this reason, it is recommended to prepare fermented coffee in shorter time intervals and to pour water at a lower temperature (88 °C - 93 °C).

With a more sensitive approach, we can get much richer and brighter flavours from fermented coffee . The flavours we look for in experimentally processed coffee.

3 recipes for making fermented coffee in a dripper

Let's start by saying that there is nouniversal recipe for filter coffee . I mean, there are some general rules about how to treat or not treat filter coffee in preparation. But even those won't guarantee that we'll get the best we can out of anaerobically processed coffee.

Nevertheless, we will present 3 recipes that might at least guide us. What for? To understand and preferably taste what the grower, processor and roaster wanted to tell us with their work.

Pleasetake the recipes as inspiration for your own preparation. What suits one coffee may not suit another. But it can!

Recipe No. 1

This method is suitable for anaerobically fermented coffee, further processed by thedry method.


  • Dripper (e.g. V60)
  • Paper filter
  • 22 grams of coffee ground to medium coarseness - if you have a Comandantegrinder , set it somewhere between 20 and 25 clicks.
  • 90 °C filtered water
  1. Wash the filter with hot water and pour the coffee into it.
  2. Pour in 60 g of water and let the coffee bloom.
  3. After 30 s, add 60 g of water in a slow circular motion.
  4. At 1:15 min, add another 100g and stir gently.
  5. At 1:45 min another 115 g of water until the final 330 g.
All the water should flow out somewhere between 2:45 and 3:15. Allow the coffee to breathe and cool for a few minutes and enjoy.

Why is it important to pour the coffee in the dripper slowly?

Recipe No. 2

This recipe lends itself to African anaerobically fermented washed coffee.


  • Dripper
  • Paper filter
  • 15 grams of coffee ground to medium coarseness
  • 90 °C filtered water
  1. Wash the filter in the dripper with hot water and pour the coffee into it.
  2. Pour in 30 grams of water and let the coffee bloom.
  3. At the 45th second, start slowly adding another 120 g of water until 1:15 min.
  4. Wait about 20 - 30 sec before the coffee flows.
  5. At 1:45, add the last 100 g of water up to a total of 250 g.
  6. The total time should definitely not exceed 3 minutes.

Again, be patientwith the coffee and give it a few minutes before tasting it.

More inspiration for preparing anaerobically processed coffee

Recipe 3

The following lines are inspired by a recipe from


  • Dripper
  • Paper filter
  • 15 grams of coffee ground to medium coarseness
  • Filtered water at 93 °C
  1. Pour hot water over the filter in the dripper and pour the coffee into it.
  2. Pour 50 grams of water over it and let it bloom for 20 seconds.
  3. Then slowly add another 50 g of water.
  4. At 0:50 min, add 75 g of waterat a time.
  5. At 1:20 min, add another 75 g of water.
  6. Again, the total time should not exceed 3 minutes, rather around 2:30.

Try all three recipes and compare what works best for you and your anaerobically processed coffee. You may be surprised how muchdifferent results can be achieved with just a small change in the recipe. Enjoy!

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