April Coffee Roasters


The roaster was founded by Patrik Rolf, who has won several awards for both preparation and roasting. One of his achievements is winning theWorld Brewers Cup in 2019. He founded April Roasters in 2016 after moving to Copenhagen from Gothenburg, Sweden.


They don't compromise on coffee selection, but go for quality. Their primary focus is on how to get a better green coffee and how to condition it better afterwards.

Since they started as a small roastery just a few years ago and have grown along with their suppliers, they see the farmers they work with as part of the April community. Their goal is to build a company that issustainable for both parties, so they leave the pricing decisions up to the farmers. They are not looking for cheaper coffee, but better quality coffee.

They roast their coffee every Tuesday on a Loring roaster. They only roast the amount that has been ordered in advance. Source: aprilcoffeeroaster.com


According to April, the foundation of the company's success and development is collaboration. It is through seven years of experience and collaboration that April was created. Their goal is to continuously improve on where they started, roasting. Although it is no longer the only thing that is created under the April brand, but more on that later. Their home town, Copenhagen,is also a big influence on their roasting .


The pandemic has caused several cafes to close, but for April it was the opposite. It was then that Patrik gained more time to create a place where Danes can come to talk coffee and sample a range of drinks from filters to espresso. However, this cafe isn't exactly the typical place you'd go to work with a laptop. The sleek and sophisticated space is more reminiscent of a design shop, an art gallery or even a well-designed Scandinavian living room. The shelves, in addition to coffee packets, are adorned with accessories that are produced under the April brand.


The roastery's range includes coffees roasted for either espresso or filtered coffees released in bright packets, which are the main work of April Coffee. But the roastery's offer is really wide, so it doesn't just stay with beans.


As an additional part of the offer are also coffees from the Sustainable Profileproject , which consists in buying larger batches from producers from whom they already buy smaller batches for the aforementioned April Coffee packages. This is because the farmers would much rather sell larger quantities than just a few small batches. Again, however, the price of the coffee is determined by the farmers. The coffee is then roasted on an 'omni roast', i.e. for both espresso and filter.


April was the second roaster, after Colonna, to come up with a selection of capsule coffees for Nespresso machines. The material used for the capsules is wood pulp and the capsules are therefore recyclable. The coffee capsules are available both from April's main production and from the Sustainable Profile project.

All coffee beans and capsules that are part of the Sustainable Profile project are recognizable at a glance. This is thanks to the black packaging with large lettering and information about the number of farmers and roasters involved in the coffee. Source.

All of the coffees, both beans and capsules, that are part of the Sustainable Profile project are recognizable at a glance. This is thanks to the black packaging with large lettering and information about the number of farmers and roasters that have contributed to the coffee. Source.


At April, they didn't just stick to the beans. They also create their own coffee accessories, which include custom glass, plastic or ceramic drippers or glass servers and cups. They have also created grinders, which were created in collaboration with Timemore, as well as their own thermal flask design with Japanese brand Kinto.


And coffee accessories weren't the last area Patrik Rolf decided to focus on either. In addition to merch, which includes, for example, a canvas bag or a barista apron, they also created their own sustainable clothing and accessories brand, April Utility. The first collection includes several pieces of menswear, a cap and a designer backpack.