Ascaso coffee machines, it's all about colour and espresso

Some prefer style, others like function. Those who want both will get an Ascaso coffee machine. These colourful little darlings from Spain make great espresso and cappuccino and are a joy to behold. Look!

Why get an Ascaso Spanish coffee machine

Ascaso coffee machines will attract you with their colourfulness. Just as soon as they get your attention with their colours and retro style, they prove to be highly capable and reliable machines for luxuriously good home espresso.

And they'll keep you brewingquality coffee for a long time! That's because Barcelona's Ascaso coffee machines are built to last. They use high-quality materials with an emphasis on durability, making them a good investment for all coffee lovers.

Spring colours in the kitchen with Ascaso lever coffee machines

Looking for a coffee machine that brightens up your kitchen space, but also your sleepy eyes looking for your morning coffee? Ascaso offers Dream Series coffee makers in 9 color models, so you can choose the coffee maker that matches your personal style.

Yellow, blue, red or classic black? The Ascaso brand offers all the colours of the rainbow. Image source: Green Plantation

Ascaso Home Coffee Makers Comparison

Coffee makers come with customization options for making coffee. Such as water temperature adjustment, pre-steaming and pressure correction. It's up to you what equipment you prefer and therefore whether you choose the Dream One or the PID version - for the more dedicated home barista.

Ascaso Dream PID vs Ascaso Dream One

Ascaso's range of home coffee machines is best described by their iconic model called Dream. This model was designed over 15 years ago by Marc Aranyó and is still one of the most popular coffee machines on the market.

The main difference is that the Ascaso Dream PID is equipped with a digital PID temperature controller and thermometer. This controller allows the user to accurately adjust the water temperature for coffee extraction, which is key to achieving the perfect taste.

The ????PID control is one of the most widely used algorithms for precise control of the controlled variable. It is an abbreviation of the controller components P - Proportional, I - Integral and D - Derivative.????

Dream PID Dream ONE
w/h dimensions 245/345/280 mm 245/345/280 mm
Power input 1100W 1050W
Water tank 1,3 l 1,3 l
Coffee machine body material Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 10Kg 10Kg
Voltage 230V/120V 230V/120V
Water level gauge
Steam nozzle Stainless steel, 360º, heat resistant, ø10mm Stainless steel, 360º, heat resistant, ø10mm
Portafilter Stainless steel, ø58mm Stainless steel, ø58mm
Pump pressure Regulated according to OPV Regulated by OPV
Thermostat for coffee PID adjustable PID adjustable
Thermostat for steam PID controlled PID controlled
Heating with coffee preference
OPV (pressure adjustment)
External drip tray
Active cup warmer
PID system
Volumetrics (automatic dosing)
Thermal cover for the head of the coffee machine
Water tank lighting
Wooden handles

Ascaso Steel Uno vs Ascaso Steel Duo

Other popular Ascaso coffee machines include the Steel Uno and Steel Duo models. The main difference between them is that the Steel Duo has a double boiler, while the Steel Uno has only one boiler.

TheAscaso Steel UNO has a single circuit, which consists of a thermoblock and primarily heats up to the temperature for brewing coffee. In order to use steam, you must switch to steam, i.e. activate the temperature rise of the system.

Wait until the system has heated up and sufficient steam has been generated. Steam can then be used to whisk milk, once the milk has been whisked the system must be cooled again to espresso mode.

TheAscaso Steel DUO has two independent circuits making it what is known as a two boiler system. It offers not only maximum comfort of use, but also perfect control over the system and perfect thermal stability.

There are two separate circuits in the coffee machineand each has its own heating element. It is therefore possible to independently adjust the temperature of the espresso water and the temperature of the water in the service thermoblock.

????To get the perfect foam, let the water run a little hotter so that the nozzle cools down faster. ????

Uno Uno PID Duo PID
W/H dimensions 270x360x315 mm 270x360x315 mm 270x360x315 mm
Power consumption 1050W 1050W 2100W
Water tank 2 l 2 l 3 l
Coffee machine body material Metal Metal Metal
Weight 12Kg 12Kg 15Kg
Voltage 230V/120V 230V/120V 230V/120V
Steam nozzle Stainless steel, 360º, heat resistant, ø10mm Stainless steel, 360º, heat resistant, ø10mm Stainless steel, 360º, heat resistant, ø10mm
Portafilter Stainless steel, ø58mm Stainless steel, ø58mm Stainless steel, ø58mm
Heating with coffee/steam preference
Pump pressure 20 bar Regulated by OPV Regulated by OPV
Thermostat for coffee Electronic control PID adjustable PID adjustable
Thermostat for steam 165 ºC +Security thermostat PID controlled PID controlled
OPV (pressure adjustment)
Active cup warmer
PID system
Volumetrics (automatic dosing)
Thermal cover for the head of the coffee machine
Wooden handles

Ascaso Baby T Lever Coffee Maker - Reviews

The Ascaso Baby T plus is a smaller version of the Barista T, which is a coffee machine for coffee shops and espresso bars. It uses the same technology and features as the pro coffee maker, only the whole thing is smaller.

It is thus a compact and elegant espresso lever coffee machine that offers top results thanks to its professional level. It allows high quality coffee extraction, and is suitable for homes, but also for offices or small cafes/gastro-businesses.

Ascaso Baby T in the factory in Spain. Source:

With Baby T Plus, the defining marrying of craftsmanship and user experience.Built by hand in a workshop in Spain , the coffee maker, is a durable workhorse that you don't have to worry about. It's also a friend with modern features like linking to a mobile app.

You can set every variable of your espresso preparation through the app on your phone. Thesmart electronics inside this seemingly more traditional coffee machine will take care of the desired adjustments. And how does it technically compare to the popular Prima?

Ascaso Baby T: the design of the coffee machine. Source:

Ascaso Baby T Plus vs. Victoria Arduino E1 Prima One

Ascaso Baby T PLUS Victoria Arduino E1 Prima One
W/ H dimensions 350/450/430 410/380/510
Boiler power (230 v) 2310W 50-60Hz 2600W 50-60Hz
Weight (kg) 35 36
Steam boiler capacity (l) 2,5 1,5 (NEO engine)
Boiler material Steel Steel
Digital display
Wooden accessories
App. (iOS & Android)
Rotary pump
Boiler insulation
Active cup heating

???? The spring season is a great opportunity to freshen up your interior and add a little colour to your home. If you're a fan of coffee and are looking for a way to add some life to your kitchen, the Ascaso colourful coffee machine could be a great choice.????

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