At home like in a café or home café with Aeropress

Preparing coffee at home

Do you long to have the same pleasure and coffee as a visit to a café, but in the comfort of your home?

I suppose you won't be able to convince the barista to move into your kitchen with the coffee machine.

Anyway, I know of a way to make good coffee without a coffee machine in your home.

You'll shine as a barista yourself. Just read the advice below and get the three most important tools: freshly roasted coffee, a good quality grinder and an aeropress.

Why Aeropress?

  1. Thebest method to make coffeeat home like a pro. From one type of bean you get an incredible range of flavours and intensity of coffee drink.
  2. It's up to you how high quality, how fresh and how coarsely ground you choose, unlike instant coffee from capsules or granules.
  3. Beginners can learn to use the aeropress, but coffee experimenters will especially enjoy it.
  4. You don't need a large coffee machine on the kitchen counter. You can hide the Aeropress on a shelf or in a drawer.
  5. It's plastic, so it's also lightweight and durable.
  6. It fits in your purse, bag or suitcase so you can takeiteverywhere.
  7. Thewhole preparation is fun and a ritual, scented with the aroma of ground coffee. You'll enjoy the drink more fully.

Coffee beans and how to choose them

To get started with our Aeropresscoffee tutorial , you'll need good beans.

How to choosethe coffee for Aeropress? Above all, choose a good quality coffee, that is, a choice coffee. Look at the roasting date and other information on the coffee packaging.

Choose the type of coffee, depending on the taste you want from the coffee. The basic types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta.

If your taste preferences are more "down to earth" so you want to minimize acidity and encourage bitter flavors reach for a blend of these two coffees. Do you like sweet coffee reminiscent of nuts, caramel or chocolate? These flavours are typical ofBrazilian coffees. If you want a fruity coffee with a sparkly acidity, you'll lovecoffees from Africa.

How to have fresh coffee beans

If you have your pick, remember that less is sometimes more. This is also true with coffee, and I'm specifically referring to the volume of the bag of coffee you've chosen.

Why buy coffee in smaller quantities? To keep it from getting old.

Let's do the math. For our homemade espresso from Aeropress, you need 12 grams of coffee. If you drink one coffee a day, you'lluse up a 250 gram packet in three weeks.

Which is ideal. You should use the coffee within a month of roasting. Older coffee will have lost much of its aromas and flavours.

If you don't want to bother with regular purchases, we'll do it for you! Subscribe to us for six months or even a year, and we'll sendfresh beans to your home gradually. With our coffee subscription, your coffee will always be fresh and worry-free.

A home coffee grinder and why have one?

When you break the integrity of the coffee beans - grinding them - the aging of the coffee (oxidation) accelerates to such a rate that itloses most of its aroma and flavor within 15 minutes.

At the same time, you need ground coffee to make Aeropress. This means only one thing. The measured amount of coffee must be ground just before use.

This is the job thathand coffee grindersare made for . Those who want to save muscles and time can choose from home electric coffee grinders such as the Wilfa Svart.

Apart from freshly ground coffee, the undeniable advantage of having your own grinder is that you can adjust the coarseness of the grind and adjust the coffeeextraction to perfection.

Preparing coffee from Aeropress

Do you have beans, a grinder and an Aeropress? Then get your favourite mugready , heat the water and follow the recipe.

Espresso from Aeropress

Don't forget to put a paper filter in the Aeropress strainer and rinse it under hot water!

  • 14 g finely ground coffee
  • 60 g of water at 90°C

Screw the strainer lined with the filter onto the body of the Aeropress. Pour in the coffee, tapping it on the side of the Aeropress to steady it.

Pour hot water over the coffee and stir well for 10 to 15 seconds. Then insert the plunger and squeeze the finished coffee into the cup.

Thefinished coffee is ready in 1 minute.

Special Aeropress recipe

For people who want more coffee and stronger coffee I have a special, even winning recipe from the Aeropress World Championship.

  • 30 g medium coarse ground coffee
  • 100 g hot water at 92°C
  • A stopwatch is handy... maybe on your mobile phone ????

Use the reverse method. That is, you don't screw in a strainer with a washed filter, but you insert a plunger into the body of the Aeropress. You pour in the coffee, you straighten it out.

Pour in 100 g of water (ideally within 10 seconds) and stir properly (ideally 20 times within 10 seconds). You put on the strainer with filter, gently squeeze out the excess air.

In 40 seconds you turn the Aeropress and squeeze the coffee into the cup. Finally, extend by adding about 120 g of hot water.

Voilà! Filtered coffee at home but according to the professionals it is ready, but you will enjoy it best once it has cooled down a bit, to 60°C.

Coffee corner in the kitchen

Your home café doesn't necessarily have to include expensive equipment like aquality coffee machine. The Aeropress is a handy companion for making coffee at home without the high initial investment.

For better results, however, you'll need various barista aids like a precision scale and a temperature-controlled kettle to take your coffee preparation to a higher to professional level.

Filtered coffee at home from Aeropress can take a million forms. You canget the Aeropress itself in the classic version or the travel Aeropress GO.

It's perhaps the most playful way to make coffee. It inspires not only baristas to create recipes for the Aeropress but also other coffee makers to build the innovative Delter Coffee Press, for example .

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