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We all have a dream, but not everyone gets to achieve it. Fortunately, Peter Wildner, Thomas Meier and Hans Errmann joined forces together to make their dreams come true and achieve the desired result. All three worked in Nuremberg for a large, well-known manufacturer of household appliances. But what they lacked in the German market was a quality automatic coffee machine from which to enjoy a great cup of espresso. So far, automatic coffee machines were only made in Italy or Switzerland. And they wanted to change that.

So in 2005, the new brand Nivona was born. Automatic coffee machines, an alternative to the usual coffee machines. They wanted everything to be perfect, high quality, easy to use and, above all, fairly priced. And they succeeded.


The interior and design of the coffee machine is developed in Switzerland. Here, above all, they place emphasis on care, precision and quality. Service and all the know-how takes place in Germany. The connection between these two countries gives the coffee machines the highest quality and everything is thought out to the dot.

Nivona has a coffee culture deep in its heart. We don't just produce thoughtful, quality machines, we deliver delicious trends, recipes and freshly brewed information from around the world.



We've got some of the best coffee machines from Nivona. It's up to you what your preferences and needs are. But the Nivona brand won't let you down.


Thepractical Nivona NICR 759coffee machine in black will delight every coffee lover. It can prepare espresso and fluffy foam for cappuccino at the touch of a button.

The coffee maker has the proven Aroma Balance System built into it, which ensures coffee with a perfectly full aroma. Thanks to this system, you'll have your own barista at home. The system can influence the final taste of the coffee. It is possible to choose from three preset profiles - dynamic, constant and intense. You can then expect, for example, slightly fruity flavours in the espresso, but also bitter flavours if you choose a different tone.

For the technical types, the Nivona NICR 759has a little twist. You can also prepare your coffee using your phone. The coffee maker has bluetooth built in, which makes it easy to select your favourite coffee making modes and even start the machine from your desk. Just remember to place your mug under the coffee maker. Unfortunately, the coffee maker can't do that anymore. ????

Key features of this coffee maker include an ECO mode with an electricity saving function that saves your wallet too. The coffee maker is also incredibly quiet thanks to its innovative soundproofing and has a function that makes it easy to make hot water for your tea. The coffee maker also manages to automatically monitor your water supply and easily guides you through cleaning the entire machine afterwards.

Change the water in the machine daily!


Do you want an automatic coffee machine that has plenty of features, is high-performance, trouble-free, but doesn't cost too much? Then the Nivona NICR 520is the ideal coffee machine for you . Its elegant design made of high-quality materials will add a whole new dimension to your kitchen! The coffee machine also includes a milk hose, dosing scoop and cleaning tablets. The coffee machine can even make two cups of espresso at once. On the coffee machine you will find a digital display for easy and simple operation.

TheNivona NICR 520 will create a delicious cup of coffee and make you feel like you're in a cafe !

Cleaning the coffee machine is really easy. On the display you will find the programs: cleaning, rinsing and descaling. With one touch, the machine cleans it all for you.

Only put as much coffee in the coffee trays as you can use in a maximum of 4 days. It would be a shame to leave it there to sniff out.


Thenew Nivona NICR 1030 is a littlebigger, but it's faster and more professional. It is suitable for homes, offices and small businesses. The coffee machine can prepare two cappuccinos or lattes at the touch of a button. This saves you time when you are preparing drinks for several people.

For the true connoisseur, the machine includes the Cappuccino Connaisseur system. Depending on your preference, you can choose from three options:

  1. coffee first, then milk (milk foam);
  2. Milk first (milk foam), then coffee;
  3. coffee and milk at the same time.

It offers a My Coffee function where you can create your own, individual coffee tailored to you. TheNivona NICR 1030 offers up to 18 custom recipes.

Of course, there is a quiet grinder, easy cleaning, control and adjustment via your phone and a touchscreen display. Try coffee from the Nivona NICR 1030 and you won't want anything else.


Are you confused about which coffee to choose for automatic coffee machines? We roast special coffee that is ideal for espresso machines and espresso drinks.

Ideal is the Espresso Blend, which is suitable for preparation in a home espresso machine. It expresses a traditional and full-bodied taste that will be appreciated both at home and in the office. The resulting taste is ready for a wide range of coffee drinkers. The flavour is dominated by full-bodied notes and no acidity. Espresso presents wonderful typical aromas of nuts and chocolate.

But if you are a lover of fruity notes with a bit of acidity, definitely try theColombia - Luz Chasoy Narino. In the cup you will then find floral notes, strawberries and lime. The coffee has been processed using the honey method, which makes the resulting coffee taste more sweet.

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