Automatic coffee machines for the office: Nivona vs Saeco

The coffee machine in the office is probably the most important piece of equipment. An employee with a great cup of coffee in his hand or on his desk is a happy worker. Would you like to have such people in your office? Then read on.

Which automatic coffee machine for the office?

Since more than one person has "drowned" in the sea of automatic coffee machine offers and bought something they didn't really want, I'm rushing to save you with advice and tips from our coffee machine experts.

The automatic coffee machines all work on a very similar principle. The most important difference, however, is the quality of the material, the construction of the coffee maker, and the adjustment to make sure everything works for years and without problems.

Another know-how of good manufacturers is that, besides making good coffee, they also remember to make it easy to prepare. Thus user-friendly coffee machines.

Nivona and Saeco automatic coffee machines

These are also the main points we consider when choosing coffee machine suppliers. That's why you can count on years of satisfaction with Nivona and Saeco coffee machines. One brand is fromItaly and the other is from Germany. Both kind of reflect their origins in their products.

Nivona automatic coffee machines

Nivona - a well-known brand that offers a range of automatic coffee makers that are designed to provide high quality coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Nivona coffee machines are popular for their innovative features, ease of use and stylish design.

From the first glance, the German Nivona is a coffee machine with a clean design, and a clear user interface.

Advantages and disadvantages

???? Easy to use: one-touch operation allows you to prepare your favourite coffee drinks quickly and easily.

???? Customisable options: coffee machines offer a range of customisation options, such as coffee strength, temperature and milk frothing level. This allows you to adjust the coffee machine to your preferences.

???? Built-in coffee grinders: Nivona coffee machines include built-in grinders, which means you can grind fresh coffee beans for every cup. This ensures your coffee is always fresh and tasty.

???? Milk frother: The integrated milk frother easily prepares frothed milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

???? Automatic cleaning: some Nivona coffee machines are equipped with automatic cleaning programs that make it easy to keep the machine clean and in good working order.

???? Price: Nivona coffee machines are relatively inexpensive compared to other automatic coffee machines.

???? Maintenance: like all other coffee machines, Nivona's require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them working properly. This can be time consuming and may require extra effort.

Automatic coffee machines from Saeco

Saeco is another brand that manufactures automatic coffee makers for home and office use, which are designed to make the process of making coffee easier and more enjoyable.

The professional looking Saeco coffee machines directly invite you to a coffee moment, well, like everyone loves it in Italy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Saeco coffee machines

???? Customisation: with Saeco coffee machines you can adjust the strength, temperature and amount of milk or foam added to your coffee according to your preferences and tastes.

???? Variety of drinks.

???? Consistency: with Saeco coffee machines you can expect consistent results every time you brew coffee. This is especially important for those with a passion for coffee.

???? Price: the cost of Saeco coffee machines is still among the lowest compared to other brands of automatic coffee machines.

???? Maintenance: like all coffee machines, Saeco coffee machines require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them working properly. This can be time consuming and may require additional purchases such as cleaning tablets.

???? Difficult to use: some users find Saeco coffee machines more difficult to use than other coffee machines (one-press coffee).

Coffee quality

When it comes to coffee quality, coffee makers from both brands manage to make quality coffee. Nivona's coffee machines use a patented coffee brewing system that ensures consistent coffee extraction, resulting in atasty, aromatic cup of coffee every time.

In turn, Saeco coffee machines use advanced brewing technology that optimizes the process to produce a smooth and balanced cup of coffee. In summary, in terms of coffee quality, both brands are doing very well.

Operating the coffee machines

Both brands offer user-friendly coffee machines that are easy to use. Nivona's coffee machines have an intuitive user interface with easy to use buttons and a large display that shows all the information you need.

In contrast, the display of Saeco coffee machines is touchscreen. It is easy to use, and settings can be customised to suit individual preferences. Both brands offer machines that are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for office use.


The price of both Nivona and Saeco coffee machines vary depending on the model and features. Nivona coffee machinesare generally slightly more affordable than Saeco machines. See for yourself in our e-shop.

The choice between Nivona and Saeco coffee machines ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both brands offer high-quality coffee machines that are easy to use, stylish and durable.

Nivona or Saeco?

In summary, if you have an open office, designer furniture and don't want to disrupt your workplace aesthetic with a larger coffee machine, look to Nivona. If there are multiple coffeeholics at work, then a larger coffee machine from Saeco might just suit you better.

It is the number of your coffee-loving co-workers that tends to be the main criteria when buying a coffee machine for the office. Simply put, your choice would then depend on this point when:

  • mini-office (about 10 people): Nivona (8, 9, 10 series).
  • small-office (up to 15 people): Nivona (9, 10 series)
  • medium-office (approx. 30 people): Saeco (Royal, Aulika)
  • large-office (approx. 40 people): Saeco (Iperautomatika, Phedra)

PS: For larger companies, coworking centres and simply places where even more people enjoy their coffee, then we recommend the powerful Melitta automatic coffee machines. Check out Melitta's e-shop, orcall directly for a quote just for you.

FAQ's - choosing a coffee machine for the office

How do I go about choosing a coffee machine for the office?

Above all, you want good coffee. Then also that the coffee maker will hold up even in the presence of the clumsiest colleague. Best of all, make sure that regular servicing is taken care of with your coffee machine purchase and that you always have fresh beans in stock.

  • Shop with pros who know coffee machines better than their shoes. ???? for a coffee maker here
  • In addition to the service plan, you also get regular coffee delivery to your office
  • the coffee experts (that's us! ????) will provide you with the best coffee machine for you

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