Barber Cafe? How to make a cafe in a barber shop

What do a café and a hairdresser have in common?

The café and the hairdressing salon have a common main idea. They create a pleasant environment where customers like to spend time, relax, breathe and have the opportunity to talk, whether with the barista preparing coffee or with the hairdresser.

Both spaces are places where customers like to come back to because visiting makes them happy. They leave the café with acup of quality coffee and a boost of energy. They leave the hair salon with a new hairstyle and increased confidence.

Coffee in a hair salon could help to develop conversations and friendships, and then later start something else.

"It's definitely the same group of customers," says Steve Marks, owner of a barbershop that has teamed up with a coffee shop to serve espresso drinks in his establishment. "It's all one unit. The same people who go to get a great haircut are the same people who want the best coffee."

Why connect coffee and hair?

There is a rare connection between hair and coffee. Haircuts, haircuts, colouring and shaving are all in for the long haul. A good cup of coffee can reduce the stress of waiting and help that time pass.

And those customers who only intend to come in for coffee will still be tempted to take the opportunity to get their hair done while drinking coffee.

Image source: Detail Barbershop

The psychological need of customers

Thesuccess of the trend of linking a coffee shop with a barbershop has its roots in researching and meeting the basic needs of customers. By combining services with other products, they attract more customers.

With the trend of ever-increasing consumption, these combined models help coffee shops to a great extent meet the psychological needs of customers compared to the traditional and single service model.

Business value in a cup of coffee

You might be thinking that you can't get rich on a few cups of coffee during the hairdressing process.

However, the principle is simple. It's not just about making a few tens of crowns on a cappuccino. That coffee is to start a conversation, develop a friendship and gradually spark into something bigger.

If you offer a selection of coffee from aquality coffee machine in a hair salon, the person who comes in to spend 1,000 on a haircut will spend another hundred on a cup of coffee. And when several customers come in a day like this, a coffee machine with good coffee can become a nice investment that pays off.

How to make a coffee barber shop

Both barbershops and espresso bars with select coffee are a growing trend and form a place where customers like to return. For this reason, now is the perfect time for more businesses like this to emerge.

If you are looking for a change in your business, want something new and to attract new customers, coffee bar is the perfect choice.

And if you're one of the hairdressers who aren't among the biggest coffee experts, try connecting witha barista. Similarly, Barbora Bajerova did the same with her coffee shop Spell Coffee

Image source: Detail Barbershop

Two different industries can thus makesomething new, a great team and a business where both hairdresser customers and coffee drinkers will visit.

Coffee in the barbershop

To start a coffee corner in your hairdressing salon, all you need is agood coffee machine and, above all, good coffee! If your hairdressing salon doesn't offer much space, you can get inspiration for mini lever coffee machines that can fit into even the smallest of spaces.

If you don't have time to operate a lever coffee machine, automatic coffee machine is another great option. Its use is easy, quick and anyone can handle it.

Ideally, it could be in a reception area where coffee would be offered to customers as they enter. It would create an extra service that would improve the overall quality of service and customer care.

On the other hand, is there a lot of space and would you like to fill it? Open a barista corner in your coffee shop where you can hire an experienced barista to make sure your coffee is prepared properly.

Businesses that have combined a café and a hairdresser

There are plenty of businesses abroad with a similar concept.

One of them is the Blind Barber establishment in Williamsburg, which, in addition to haircuts and cappuccinos made with quality coffee, also offers ten beers, including four on tap.

So along with ordering drinks, customers can get their hair cut while sitting in one of four historic salon chairs.

Another example isMelbourne's Barberesso - a café connected to a barbershop. This was created by two people with a passion for great haircuts and excellent coffee prepared by a barista.

Czech coffee barbershops and hairdressers

Here in the Czech Republic, I came across the aforementioned Prague coffee shop / hairdresser Spell, which combines great coffee, cuts and hairstyles with an extra friendly atmosphere.

Character is another place in Prague where you can have both a good coffee, an alcoholic drink and get your hair or beard done. There is even a tattoo studio here. You can leave Charakter with a completely new look.

Thank you Detail of the Barber Shop, located just down the street from our roastery. We were able to explore this topic together and have a good coffee while getting a haircut.

Incorporating a selection of coffee into the barber shop menu can be a good investment for businesses eager to try something new. Coffee brings you closer together, helps shorten the wait before the barber calls you in, and energizes you with good energy.