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Electric grinders for all coffee preparation methods

These four professional grinders are the best you can get for your coffee shop. The king of professional grinders for 2021 is still theMahlkönigEK43, but right behind it in this roster are the stellar grinders from Eureka and Nuova Simonelli.

1. Professional coffee grinder winnerMahlkönigEK43

>> best in category: professional espresso grinder and filter <<

The king of three-wave coffee and professional grinders in 2021. The unmistakable steel workmanship of the grinding stones and the cutting-edge technology make the Mahlkönig EK43 the absolute winner among both espresso and filter grinders.

TheGerman companyMahlkönighas beenin the grinder market for more than 80 years and is a recognised brand among professionals.With its high performance, reliability and excellent grinding results ,theMahlkönigEK43 is one of the best coffee grinders. TheEK 43 grinds 21-25 grams in an incredible one second and the produces the most consistent particle size, which means higher extraction yields and superior coffee taste. Its special shape has become an icon on the international barista scene, with barista Matt Perger winning the World Brewers Cup with it in 2012 .

Thesteel grinding stones measure an incredible 98mm and rotate at 1740rpm, this grinds the beans evenly and prevents heat build-up. The grinder is equipped with an overload circuit breaker.

Removable grain hopper with a capacity of 1.5kg. Thanks to the sliding plate, it allows to separate the hopper from the grinding unit so that not a single grain escapes. Mahlkönig grindersare always at the top of quality and performance.

>> 2nd place in the category: professional espresso grinder and filter <<

Large 75mm steel stones and yet quite a small grinder. Air-conditioning inside to keep the beans from getting too hot while grinding and grinding losses are also minimal. Eureka shows again that it can really do it!

Another top rated grinder from Eureka. If you are looking for an electric grinder that will grind both espresso and filtercoffee , the ATOM PRO is the ideal choice. Fast, quiet and reliable!

A great helper for the coffee shop, but thanks to its small dimensions of 18×18 it can also fit on a smaller counter, for example in the office. The grinding stones are flat, hardened steel, 75mm in size. Thecapacity of the hopper is approximately 500g. There is a rubber part on top of the hopper, which helps you blow out the remaining ground coffee that has settled in the grinder after you clog it. With grinders so common, coffee batch losses during grinding are minimal with the Atom.

The grinder is also equipped with ventilation, thus preventing overheating and helping to keep the grinding stones at aconstant temperature. Which is a great advantage, as it keeps the coffee beans from burning and thus affecting the final taste of the coffee.

3. Italian top-of-the-line Victoria Arduino

>> best in category: professional espresso grinder <<

A unique grinder developed by the world's top baristas. Victoria Arduino has changed the rules of espresso preparation by patenting gravimetric technology. Mythos 2 controls the weight of the ground coffee and doses it according to a preset value. The patented system provides energy savings andreduces the grinding temperature. Thanks to Clima Pro 2.0, a constant temperature is maintainedinside the grinder.

TheMythos 2 is more powerful with a full aluminum body and dual fans that allow for faster motor cooling. Thanks to the grinding Unique grinder , developed by the world's top baristas, the 85mm diameter stones promote aconstant and faster grinding of coffee.

4. Eureka Atom Speciality 75 for perfect espresso

>> best in category: professional espresso grinder under 30 000Kč <<

Powerful, fast, incredibly quiet and precise with precise grind coarseness adjustment and very easy maintenance. This is the Atom Specialty 75 from the renowned Eureka brand. It is the perfect grinder for all cafes and home baristas who want maximum quality.

Thegrinder is equipped with electronic coffee dosing and thanks to the patented grind coarseness adjustment mechanism, working with the grinder is really easy. This top of the range grinder with 75mm grinding stones will make all enthusiastic baristas happy.

5. Nuova Simonelli MDXS with advanced grinding technology

>> 2nd place in the category: professional espresso grinder up to 30 000Kč <<

The biggest advantage of the electric grinder from the world Italian brand Nuova Simonelli is its grinding speed. Thegrinder is equipped with grinding stones made of steel. It is suitable for all catering establishments, but thanks to its low maintenance costs you can also buy it for your home.

On the LCD display you can set the grinding time on both the single and double burner, and thanks to the counter you won't lose track of how many coffees you've made that day. There's also an LED light.

Thanks to Sillent technology, the grinder is particularly quiet. It delivers a high-quality grinding dose that is poured directly into the portafilter. Thanks to the aeration system in the grinding chamber, it ensures the same coffee temperature, The 65mmdiameter grinding stones provide a grinding speed of 2g/s. Cleaning the grinder is easy and maintenance is really quick .

Home electric grinders for proper espresso preparation

If you want to grind your coffee quickly and conveniently at home, a quality electric grinder is a must!

>> best in category: home espresso grinder <<

A quality, quiet and comfortable grinder with zero retention. This means that it has been designed so that almost no coffee remains in the grinding unit. So it is a great choice for those who frequently change the type of coffee. Thegrinding coarseness is adjusted steplessly by the stepless system. This is a system where the coarseness is regulated by the bottom stone. The degree of coarseness is therefore maintained even after cleaning and maintenance.

The grinder is equipped with the ACE system, which prevents lumpiness and electrostatic effects.

>> 2nd in category: home espresso grinder <<

This home electric grinder will provide you with a first-class grind for any method of preparing your favourite coffee. From espresso to filter coffee. With a grind coarseness setting of 35 indicators, you can grind coffee for both espresso and French press.

It features an LED display on which you can also set the grinding time, the dosage for single or double espresso or you can set the manual grind mode. It features 54mm diameter steel stones and a 500g capacity hopper.

>> 3rd in category: home espresso grinder <<

The big advantage of this grinder is its small size, making it ideal for your home coffee preparation. The grinder has a simple touchscreen control where you can set the time and desired grind coarseness for single or multiple batches.

The grinder is equipped with a static charge anti-clumping coffee system. Grinding is started simply by a button behind the lever compartment, which holds itself, so you can pop out for apot of milk while you prepare your cappuccino.

The55mmflat grinding stones give you faster grinding and efficiency. Themicrometer grind setting allows you to fine-tune the coarseness of the grind.

Home electric grinders for filter coffee

Whether you're craving a French press or the ubiquitous V60, home electric coffee grinders will help you make these alternative brews quickly and easily.

>> Best in category: home filter coffee grinder <<

This electric grinder from Wilfa is a combination of a quality grinder and barista scale, which is part of the lid on top of the grinder. The scale is digital, has an accuracy of 0.1 g and you can also connect it to your smartphone.

Uniform will grind your coffee for both espresso and French press. The grinder has grinding stones made of high quality steel with a size of 58mm. This makes for a more even grind.

With its great design, it will really stand out in your kitchen. As for the possibility of overheating, the slow motor is an advantage. Other advantages include an automatic shut-off sensor. The Wilfa uniform is very quiet and the hopper size is 75g.

>> 2nd in category: home filter coffee grinder <<

The ideal home helper for making drip coffee or any other alternative methods. The grinder offers 31 adjustable grinding coarseness levels to make your job easier when making coffee in the office or at home .

It features flat stainless steel grinding stones with a diameter of 64 mm. Stylish and designer, this grinder will fit into any kitchen. The elegant container also includes auxiliary points for measuring 20g, 40g, 60g or 80g.

The grinder is equipped with an auto stop function and maintenance is very simple. Thegrinder is quiet, so you can grind your favourite coffee even in the early hours of the morning.

For smaller quantities of coffee, a manual coffee grinder will suffice

Are you still a bit lost in the selection of hand grinders and wondering which one to get? We've selected only the best of the best for you!

>> Best in category: hand grinders <<

This home hand grinder is considered by many baristas to be the best in the world. Grinding stones with sharper edges will give you an easier grind and evenly ground coffee. Almost no residual coffee remains in the grinder. You can adjust the grind with the rotary knob under the grinding stones. The stainless steel grinding stones are neutral in terms of their effect on the taste of the coffee. You can grind your coffee both for espresso and for other alternative methods.

A great feature is the snap-in system, which allows to remember your preferred grind setting so you can repeat it over and over again.

Comandante products are aluminum-free, using high performance BPA-free polymers that meet the strictest food safety standards. The Comandante grinder has been designed to withstand years and years of heavy use.

2. Are you missing a travel coffee grinder? Reach for the 1Zpresso K-Plus

>> 2nd in category: hand grinders <<

If you're looking for a grinder that will be a great travel companion, the K-plus is the obvious choice. The grinder bodyis made of stainless steel, so it's very durable and you don't have to worry about it breaking or getting damaged in any way while you're traveling. The grinder has up to 90 degrees of coarseness adjustment and features extreme coarseness settings and durable steel grinding stones. So the choice of what kind of coffee you want to brew right now is up to you.

The grinder has a capacity for 35-40 grams of coffee. The quick-disassembly function saves you a lot of work, as you don't have to recalibrate the grinder after cleaning off the old ground coffee residue.

3. Timemore Chestnut G1 Plus for perfect coffee enjoyment

>> 3rd in category: hand grinders <<

Themodern design of this grinder won a world-renowned award in one of the biggest design competitions The Red Dot Design Award. And no wonder. Its elegant, angular design with the use of wooden elements will catch everyone's eye.

The body of the grinder is made of a single piece of aluminium, which guarantees you a comfortable and stable grind. There are two ball bearings in the grinder, thanks to which the grinding stones rub together regularly and with minimal deviation, ensuring a constant grinding of the coffee.

The grinding stones are made of stainless steel, coated with titanium alloy. This reduces wear on the grinding stones. Each grinding stage is uniform.

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