CBD oil and coffee: the perfect collaboration

What are the effects of CBD?

CBD is considered a miracle by many people, mainly because it has a good effect on both mental and physical health.

CBD oils and hemp cosmetics contain cannabidiol, or CBD for short. Unlike the drug marijuana containing THC, a substance found in hemp, CBD is neither addictive nor psychoactive, quite the opposite.

Oils with CBD calm the body and put it at ease. It is the calming effect that contrasts with the stimulating effect of caffeine in coffee.

But these are not the only benefits, CBD also relieves pain and is anti-inflammatory. It is the calming effect that contrasts with the stimulating effect of caffeine in coffee. Research also points to a positive effect, with CBD predicted to be the main ingredient in cancer drugs. And coffee also has cancer-preventive protective effects.

The combination of caffeine and CBD

Are you tired and need to concentrate?

In that case, you've probably reached for coffee, as its stimulating effects are known to all. However, not many people know how this magic, kick-start actually happens.

Fatigue is caused by a hormone called adenosine. It latches onto receptors in the brain and the more of it there is, the more the body calms down. The blood vessels dilate, the blood pressure drops and there's a general lull.

At this point, we'd prefer to take a nap. But since our jobs don't allow it, we'll make a cup of coffee.

Coffee naturally contains caffeine, which binds to exactly the same receptors as adenosine. But it has the opposite effect, constrictsblood vessels and raises blood pressure.

At the same time, adrenaline and dopamine will be released into the body. Adrenaline makes us feel energized and dopamine, along with the pleasant smell and taste of coffee, improves our mood.

CBD can also latch onto these receptors, which prevents caffeine from completely taking over our bodies and the negative side effects of caffeine from taking over. Oil with CBD gets our body into balance. We are focused and fatigue is suppressed. At the same time, we are calm and what's more, CBD prolongs the attention and concentration time gained by caffeine.

How is CBD oil used?

The most common ways of taking CBD oil is by dripping it directly into food or your favorite beverage, or by putting it directly into your mouth. It alsoworks great in conjunction with coffee, where you can drip CBD oil directly into your morning cup.

Lukáš, an expert in the sale of CBD supplements from Cannapio.cz, advises, " The oil itself does not significantly change the taste of coffee, but its effect on the body may not be as strong as when applied under the tongue. If you drink coffee mixed with CBD oil, the digestive acids have an effect on its absorption, which can reduce its effect."

Review - A month with coffee and CBD

What does it look like when CBD oil and coffee are taken together in practice?

To give you a better idea of the effects, I'll share with you the experience of Domci, our marketing specialist, who spent the month of March with coffee and CBD.

Domča used CBD oil with her traditional cappuccino. She drinks 1-2 a day and took CBD oil right after her morning coffee or dripped it straight into her coffee.

Prior to taking it, Domča suffered from tooth sensitivity, plus her eights were growing and she also suffered from headaches. This was the initial state and how did it go on?

CBD and coffee - week 1

Right from the first coffee, Domča noticed that the CBD oil reduced the aroma of the coffee. By the third day, the pain in her eights had stopped and so had the migraines. On the sixth day the cold came on, while on the seventh day the pain in the eights stopped completely.

CBD and coffee - week 2

It is four days after the cold and Domča is feeling better. The runny nose has subsided without the use of nasal drops.

Domi has also started taking CBD oil in the evening and sleep is noticeably better. CBD oil is known to reduce the stimulant effects of coffee.

If you want to lessen the effects of coffee, reach for coffee with milk. This causes aslower release of caffeine.

By the end of the second week, changes are visible, also on the body Domča notices faster nail and hair growth.

CBD and coffee - Week 3

Domi now drips the CBD oil directly into her coffee, feeling the effects better. During the third week, menstruation came and with that came the abdominal, leg and head pains that usually lasted 3-5 days. Now with coffee and CBD Domi is only suffering from mild headaches.

AsDomche starts studying for her state exams, the CBD oil greatly helps concentration and makes learning easier.

3/18 was a full moon night, which usually causes restless sleep and waking every hour. This time Domča had one coffee and 3 drops of CBD in the afternoon the day before, then she also took the other three before going to bed and the result was great. Sleep was completely without problems.

CBD and coffee - week 4

During the weekend of the 4th week with CBD, there was a time shift, which does not work very well for Domci's sleeping pattern. Mostly he struggles with headaches, insomnia and a shifted daily routine. This year, though, it's better. Falling asleep is not a problem for Domča and she is not bothered by headaches either. The feeling of shifted days persists, but is milder.

CBD and coffee - summary:

There were several visible changes after a month with CBD - hair, nails and skin are in much better shape than a month ago. During the whole month Domča did not have any headaches or PMS.

Her sleep quality and falling asleep has also improved. Taking CBD oil has also had a positive effect on stress, which otherwise accompanies stomach pain, and tooth sensitivity. There was no significant aroma when drinking coffee. So Domča recommends CBD oils with all ten