Coffee and design: red dot award equipment

We all want to have gear at home that we don't have to be embarrassed to have laid out on the counter when visitors come. In this article, we take a closer look at the international Red Dot Award design competition and the award-winning coffee products.

What is the Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition that annually features products from industrial and product design, brand design, communication design and various design concepts, and awards winners with theRed Dot quality mark, which highlights creative design, innovation and aesthetics.

The history of the competition dates back to1954, when the first design award was given. There are 3 categories, which are: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

Red Dot Award: design coffee machines

And now we'll take a look at a cross-section of the most interesting design coffee machines that have received the Red Dot Award over the years.

Jura E8 coffee maker

This sleek and fully automatic coffee machine won the Red DotAward in 2016. In their comments, the jury mainly highlighted the fact that the coffee machine can befully controlled from the front on the screen, where the desired drink can be easily selected, and overall the coffee machine is very user-friendly .

This coffee machine is perfect foroffices and homes with larger coffee consumption during the day. In fact, the Jura E8 can prepare up to 17 different beverages. It has an innovative process to clean the milk passages at the touch of a button. Preparing cappuccinos and lattes couldn't be easier.

Melitta Cafina XT6

This automatic coffee machine, which was developed in response to customer demand in the catering sector, won the Red Dot award in 2014.

Itfeatures clean, elegant lines, distinctive functional surfaces and a high quality aluminium housing. The jury judged this design coffee machine as a combination of a clear shape with quality components for professional use .

The Melitta Cafina XT6 is truly the top of its category. It can prepare up to 128 different types of beverages, so it is suitable for large offices and companies or restaurants where customer preferences arereally wide.

It has twobeantrays, as well as twoinstant blendtrays and aprofessional milk system with the ability to prepare two types of milk - both cold and hot.

GINA coffee machine by Goat story

Goat Story's designer dripper Gina smart can do not just one, but three coffee brewing methods. Thecoffee maker consists of a steel frame with asmart scale and timer, a ceramic filter with lid, a drip valve and a borosilicate glass teapot.

TheRed Dot award went to this coffee machine in 2018 and the jury commented on the coffee machine: "With its clear, charming appearance and flexible functionality with precise settings, the Gina coffee machine focuses attention on the coffee-making process."

Themethods that this dripper can prepare are pour-over method, immersion and cold drip. Thanks to the built-in scale, you will achieve the exact ratio of coffee to water andthat's the main key to a perfect pour-over. Another great innovation is the mobile app that can record data from the scale and lead you step by step to true coffee mastery.

Morning - capsule coffee machine

The Morning coffee maker features adistinctive design and innovative functionality among capsule coffee makers. Thanks to this, was awarded the Red Dot Award in2021.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting pressure, temperature and weight, the capsule produces a balanced cup of coffee in barista quality. In addition, the integrated scale helps to reduce inaccuracies in thecoffee brewing process .

Usethe OLED display or the app on your phone to easily control temperature and pressure. Another great advantage is the built-in digital scale right in the coffee machine, as well as the function to measure water hardness .

Even though this is a capsule coffee maker, it certainly won't limityou in your optionsfor preparing different coffees. Itcan handle not only classic espresso, but also coffee with milk, filter or matcha .

Red Dot Award: design coffee accessories

Hario V60 Range server

This kettle is suitable for filter coffee and is made of environmentally friendly materials , which are high-quality silicone anddurable glass. The kettle is the winner of the2012 Red Dot Award and the jury's comments highlighted its functionality and its shape, which they considered very successful.

The Hario Range server has a perfect fit with the dripper, which fits precisely on its neck. However, you can also use the pot for coffee from a French press, moka pots or you can serve tea in it. It's also easy to heat your drink in it, as it's adapted for use in the microwave.

Hario V60 Range server. Source: Red Dot Award.

Acro 2in1

The Acro 2in1 grinder from Goat Story is designed for both manual and electric grinding, just choose which method you prefer more. If you want to use a manual grinder, just unplug it from the electric appliance and you can enjoy classic grinding with the crank. The grinder received the Red Dot Award in 2022 and the jury highlighted its distinctive design and clever combination of the advantages of the two types of grinders .

This grinder has an incredible grinding range.Its range for selecting coarseness offers up to 180 degrees to adjust and the capacity is up to 50g of coffee. So you can grind Turkish coffee in a blender, forespresso and also for all types of drip machines.

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

This kettle from Fellow bo asts aRed Dot Award from 2018, mainly due to its distinctive shape that is reminiscent of traditional porcelain teapots. It combines a compact shape with high coffee-making functionality.

The EKG kettle has a PID installed that helps to set the ideal temperature and maintains it once it is reached. The temperature can be set between 40-100°C and held in hold mode for up to60 minutes. The neck of the kettle is tailored so that you can always conjure up the best V60 with it .

And best of all, itsminimalist design will fit into any kitchen and suddenly turn an ordinary boil of water into an experience.

Award-winning coffee products in 2023

This year's Red Dot Awards ceremony took place on 19 June and was attended by over 2,000 guests. Now let's take a look at a small sampling of the coffee products that won awards for best design and innovation.

The PIETRO manual coffee grinder

ThePietro hand grinder was designed by designers V12 Design+Valerio Cometti for Fiorenzato with an emphasis on ergonomics. Its shape is characterised by clean lines that emphasise the strength of the construction and the high functionality of the grinder.

This grinder is suitable for both espresso and coarsely ground filter coffee. The grinder guarantees a very precise grind andis also suitable for those wholike to experimentwith coffee preparation .

Cocinare electric grinder

This portable electric grinder has an extremely compact design and,thanks to its 80 grinding grades, allows coarse and very fine grinding of coffee beans. The Red Dot Award jury particularly praised the proportional harmony and the elegant choice of colours, which in this case are black and gold.

Outin portable coffee machine

Ease of usewas a priority for the design of the portable espresso machine . And that's what the designers have really achieved. You can start making espresso at the touch of a button.

Thecoffee maker is ideal for travelling as it weighs just 600g. It heatsupcold water in just 4 minutes and the great advantage is that you can use not only freshly ground coffee beans, but the machine is also adapted for capsules.

ASUS &CUP glass coffee cups

These designer coffee cups are handmade from 100% recycled glass. The design is functional and ergonomic and has a shape reminiscent of a tulip. They can hold up to 250 ml of coffee. Their shape tapers towards themouth to accentuate the aroma of the coffee in the cup .

glass cups. Source.


Whether you're looking for a designer coffee machine for your new kitchen, a new kettle or just designer coffee cups, definitely check out the Red Dot Design Awards website. This competitionnot only recognizes looks, but also thefunctionality and practicality that products must have. And that's what we all want from coffee products, to have functional equipment at home that wedon't have to be embarrassed to have displayed on the kitchen counter.

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