Coffee consumption in the Czech Republic and worldwide in

Coffee consumption in 2022

All of us like to enjoy a cup of coffee as soon as we wake up, stand in line at our favorite coffee shop for a cappuccino or indulge in a espresso to recharge.

So it's no wonder coffee is thesecond most imported commodity in the worldby 2022 . Andmore than nine billion kilograms of it are produced annually. Only oil comes first.

The top 10 countries with the largest coffee consumption in 2022

If you drink at least 4cups a day, congratulations! You've reached the average number of cups of coffee that are drunk in the country with the highest coffee demand per year.

Which country topped our coffee ranking?
It's a country characterized by its blue-white color with lots of lakes, bears and reindeer, and sub-zero temperatures.

Yes, that's right. It's no other country than Finland.

If this fact surprised you, read on to find out who took the next rungs on our coffee ranking.

1. Finland

With 4cups of coffee per person per day and 26 kilograms of coffee per year , Finland is one of the largest coffee consumers in the world. However, these figures are just an average.

The average coffee drinker in Finland drinks eight to nine cups a day. And the most devoted coffee drinkers drink up to 30 cups a day. In Finland, coffee ispart of the culture. Finns have mandatory coffee breaks at least twice a day.

It is believed that the reason coffee is so popular here is the freezing temperatures, which can reach 40 degrees below zero, so a hot drink is a must.

2. Norway

Second place went to Norway. In Norway, anaverage of 3 cups per person per day are drunk . However, some residents and coffee drinkers drink 5 to 6 cups of coffee. As with Finland, this is because of the cold temperatures.

3. Denmark

In Denmark an average of 2cups of coffee per person per day is drunk. In recent years, Denmark has undergone several changes in the coffee world. Nowadays, small roasters with a selection of coffee are popular.

4. Iceland

Fourth place is Iceland. Here too, coffee ispart of the culture that has been loved and grown for decades. Because there are virtually no large chains in the country, all Icelandic coffee shops are independent and boast some of the best coffee in the world.

5. The Netherlands

We're staying with another country with a cool climate. The Netherlands with its 1.9 cups per person per day ranked 5th. The Netherlands has been close to coffee since ancient times. In fact, Dutch explorers were one of the first travellers to bring coffee plants from the Middle East to countries like Indonesia.

6. Sweden

The last of the Scandinavian countries cannot be missed. A Swede drinks an average of18 kilograms of coffee or "fika" as coffee is called in Swedish,every year. "Fika" refers not only to coffee, but also to dessert or conversation.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is not only a country that consumes large quantities of coffee, but also a place where new ways of preparing and consuming it are being developed. One drink is Luzerner Kafi, which is a combination of red wine and sweetened weak coffee.

8. Belgium

In Belgium coffee consumption is taking a different level. Like the Swiss, they have created theircharacteristic specialty drinks. For example, the Brûlot, an espresso-based drink with sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon zest and warm cognac, which is set on fire before serving to give it a toasty, warm finish.

9. Luxembourg

Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg has made its way into the top coffee consumers. The country boasts thousands of cafés, from elegant white tablecloth houses to small coffee shops, and each resident drinks around 14 kilograms of coffee a year.

10. Canada

To make it not all about Europe, Canada, the only country in the top ten not located in Europe, also earned its place in the rankings. With the average coffee drinker consuming 14 kilograms a year, coffee is considered the most consumed beverage in the country.