Coffee Days: world coffee fairs, competitions and meetings

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is held annually on1 October. It is a celebration for baristas, roasters, coffee lovers around the world and all those who work hard to make coffee not just a drink. The main purpose is to support the millions of farmers who grow this miracle that keeps most of us out of bed every day and under difficult conditions. But of course, this is not the only day when coffee is the main focus.

Guest Milano

Host Milano is the world's leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, held annually in Milan. It focuses on professionals from the HORECA sector [HOtel REstaurant CAfé/Catering]. Manufacturers show innovative products, present cutting-edge technologies for the gastro segment and gastro professionals showcase their skills.

Our roaster Zdenek witnessed this great event this year. He had the opportunity to meet personally with our back-of-house suppliers such as Nuova Simonelli, who were there to present new products such as the innovative Maverick coffee machine, which can prepare both espresso and pre-capco! And also the next version of the Mythos espresso grinder. Also our favourite Eureka came with the awesome Prometheus and SG85 Barista / Grocery / Batch Brew grinders.

World Barista Championships or World Barista of the Year!

WCC or World Barista Championships is the championship of world baristas and winners from national coffee competitions. Specifically, the WCC can win the World Barista title, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters, but the WCC also has competitions in Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits and Coffee Roasting. The Specialty Coffee Association ( SCA) has announced that in 2022 the World Barista and Brewers Cup will be held in conjunction with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in September 2022 in Australia.

In addition, this year, a passionate barista and roaster from Ostrava's Coffee Culture Roastery, Tomas Taussig, came in a beautiful 6th place.

World Brewers Cup 2021 Tomáš Taussig

Melbourne International Coffee Expo

MICE is known in Asia Pacific as the largest and most exciting coffee event. Established in 2012, it has become the event that everyone in the coffee community really wants to attend. It regularly attracts over 11,000 visitors and brings together coffee shop owners, roasters, equipment manufacturers, service providers and others for business opportunities.

The fair also offers an incredible number of chances to make new contacts in the coffee industry and network.Melbourne Coffee Week is the best coffee week of the year! MICE will host the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup and showcase Melbourne and their coffee talent to the world.

Coffee shop expo

Hosting the world's most passionate coffee experts, this brand new London zone will give you the chance to see the masters at work! Covering everything from roasting methods, brewing techniques, optimum draw times, pouring temperatures and much more. Coffee shop expo is where the science and art of coffee come together to create the perfect blend.

If you're looking for an immersive coffee experience, the Barista Zone at Coffee exp is the place to be! You'll experience the highest standards in the industry and discover the latest trends that drive business growth. What's more, you'll have the chance to sample the smooth texture of aNitro cold brew, for example , and explore the ever-changing innovations that are shaping the European coffee scene.

And if you don't mind crossing the ocean for coffee, you can even make your way to the USA for the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Brno Coffee Week

Brno has become the Czech Mecca of coffee over the last few years. You can see for yourself during the Coffee Week, which this year involved over 20 cafés from the Brno district alone.

TheCoffee Week is intended for all those who want to get to know the whole story of coffee. From cultivation, roasting to the ways of preparation and consumption. The aim of Coffee Week is also to draw attention to the important contribution of coffee shops to the cultural events in the city all year round.

As part of the programme, you can take part in workshops and lectures about coffee. You can also try out traditional and alternative methods of coffee preparation under the guidance of experienced baristas or watch barista competitions of the greatest professionals. The festival also includes a two-day Coffee Market, where you have the opportunity to taste and take home the best selection of roasted coffees.

The festival was started in 2010 by two Brno baristas, Katerina Eichlerová and Lucie Karafiátová, and has gradually grown into a week-long celebration. TheCoffee Week festival is organized by the Brno-based non-profit organization Kulturárium in cooperation with coffee leaves.

Prague and its ubiquitous coffee festival!

I went to this coffee parade last time with a whole bunch of coffee lovers. And we had a great weekend full of caffeine. When I say full, I mean really full. I never believed there could be too much coffee anywhere. Well, it can!

There were roasters from all over the country, so there was definitely no shortage of coffee. We went through a few workshops, listened to a few lectures about coffee and I also had the opportunity tocompete in latte art. It was a tremendous experience, but since stage fright is my best friend in these stressful situations, my trifecta looked, well..not so much actually. Anyway, all the baristas and baristas really did magic with the milk. It was an experience just watching that.

Krnov coffee festival

Go to the largest open-air festival of fine coffee in the Czech Republic! Every year baristas, roasters, gastroscene managers and all coffee enthusiasts gather here. Stands of cafes, roasters, street food, alcohol and sweets are scattered around the square. Thefestival is a celebration of fine coffee. Its main idea is to teach people to drink well prepared , quality coffee.

Since this year, there is also the SCA latte art championships. There is an opportunity for everyone to try latte art, cupping and in fact most coffee rituals in the workshops that take place the day before .

Our friend Matěj Flössner from Frýdek-Místek Y_CoffeeBike&Boxhas been presenting his barista skills with his original espresso around for the last years. He likes to prepare coffees from the world's best roasters on his bike and in the coffee window and of course from our Spa Coffee.

Be a master at your favorite coffee festival too!

Combine good coffee with passion and you have a recipe for perfection! Motivate yourself to pour all that energy and passion into your cup. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to become a better barista, who know more about coffee than you do and give you honest but positive feedback.

Follow your favourite coffee enthusiasts on social media and watch their success unfold over time, or try our one-to-one barista courses. Find out why you love coffee so much in the first place, and follow that all the time.

Make sure you choose the right grinder andcoffee machine so you can hone your coffee skills at home. But to get the barista cup, you mainly need to practice on a pro machine. Try going to your favourite coffee shop where they can show you how to use a pro machine or try our retraining courses.