Coffee drinks with alcohol that are guaranteed to warm you up

Coffee with alcohol

The basis of every coffee drink is, of course, coffee. Even in these combined and flavoured hot drinks , the quality of the coffeeplays a role.

Behind the tastier coffee is the quality roasted coffee.Grind such coffee beans freshly before preparation to preserve the maximum flavour.

Among coffee enthusiasts, there are sure to be lovers of another, much stronger drink - alcohol.

Combining coffee with alcohol is not unusual. In winter, we encounter coffee alcohol drinks more and more.

Such a drink can give us a dose of energy, warm us up properly and kick us off.

There are plenty of well-known and more unusual coffee recipes . Whether it is coffee with rum, vodka, whiskey or eggnog.

What types of coffee to combine with alcohol?

Coffee and alcohol go great together, and that's why there are many delicious recipes for coffee cocktails.

What is the best coffee to choose? This usually depends on the type of alcohol you choose to spice up your drink with.

The robust taste of whisky is ideal with coffee, whether black or with a little milk or cream.

Cuban rum pairs well with Central American beans, while the smoother cognac pairs well with coffee from Africa.

Recipes for hot alcoholic drinks

Alcohol can add just the right kick to coffee. You can combine almost any alcoholic beverage with coffee and the resulting cup will undoubtedly warm your soul.

Traditional Irish coffee

The absolute classic of hot coffees with alcohol is, of course, Irish coffee. A traditional drink that is such an ambassador for alcoholic coffee drinks and sets the standard for Coffee in Good Spirits barista competitions.

The basic coffee component is complemented by Irish whiskey, sweetened with brown sugar and finished with an authentic creamy layer on the surface.

An unconventional creamy Irish coffee

A departure from the original traditional Irish coffee recipe, this version is creamier and more delicious. It is essentially prepared in the same way as the original Irish coffee. The difference is the addition of Baileys.

  • 0,3 cl Irish whiskey, for example Jameson
  • 0,3 cl Baileys
  • 1 dl of coffee
  • whipping cream

Pour the whisky, Baileys and coffee into a glass and stir. Shake the cream with an ice cube until slightly thickened and carefully pour over the surface of the coffee with a spoon. You can then decorate the surface of the whipped cream with, for example, caramel syrup.

Irish winter

In a similar style to Irish coffee, a drink with the poetic name Irish Winter is created. This sweet drink can be an original after-dinner coffee dessert. You will need:

  • 0.3 cl Irish whiskey
  • 0.2 cl Baileys
  • 0.2 cl Kahlúa
  • 1.2 cl of coffee
  • whipped cream for decoration

In a glass combineingredients, stir. Top with whipped cream and then just enjoy the peace and quiet of a winter evening.

French coffee

A recipe that consists of three ingredients. French coffee is a dessert drink for cold afternoons. It is hot and nutty and delicious. It smells, warms and tastes good, so you'll love it right away.

  • 0,3 cl of cognac (Hennessy)
  • 0,3 cl Amaretto
  • 1.5 cl coffee
  • whipped cream and slices of blanched almonds for garnish

Simply mix all three ingredients together in a glass. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle the almond slices on top.

Cafe Brasileiro

Atouch of the warm Brazilian climate can also be enjoyed in a winter drink. Brasileiro coffee is made up primarily of the typical Brazilian spirit Cachaça.

  • 0,4 cl Cachaça
  • 0,2 cl dark chocolate liqueur (chocolate Baileys, Bicerin)
  • 0,2 cl sugar syrup (dissolved sugar)
  • 1,2 cl coffee
  • vanilla cream for garnish (whipping cream with the addition of vanilla bean seeds.

Prepare the ingredients in a coffee jar and stir everything together. Carefully layer the gently whipped cream on top of the drink, accompanied by the vanilla.

Burning coffee from Spain

This drink not only warms you up, it literally burns. A fancy preparation that involves real ignition:

  • coating the rim of a heat-resistant glass in sugar
  • caramelizing the sugar rim with fire
  • adding ingredients and garnishing the drink

So first, let's get to the sugar rim of the glass. Put the cane sugar in one bowl and the lemon juice in the other. Soak the rim of the glass in the lemon and then place the sugar to stick to it.

Then start caramelising and lighting the fire. Pour 0,4 cl of ruminto the decorated glass . Tilt the glass at an angle of about 45 degrees and use a long match or lighter to light the rum.

Place the burning glass on the table. Place your hand flat on the stem of the glass, with the stem between your index and middle finger.

Swirl the burning rum in the glass in a circular motion so that all the sugar on the rim caramelises evenly.

Finally, carefully pour 0,3 cl of Kahlúa and 1 dl of coffeeinto the glass . Add the ingredients and the fire will gradually die down. Finally, top with a nice dol lop ofwhipped cream and dust with cinnamon or nutmeg.

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