Coffee gadgets for coffee enthusiasts

The most interesting pieces of coffee accessories

When coffee is a hobby for you, it's a pleasure to add to and expand your coffee inventory. A visitor might not understand why you have five drip coffee makers on your shelf. And what are you still weighing with that espresso when you can just measure it out with a spoon. Or get an automatic coffee machine like they have at home, cheap from the supermarket.

You know best. That different coffee makers have different results and what a shame it would benot to try them all. Okay, you probably won't be getting all the invented coffee brewing methods. At least the basic ones should have a representative in your home.

3,2,1, go!

A great achievement from Timemore: a grinder and dripper in one. The ideal pet for trips as a travel coffee maker, or perhaps a mini-coffee maker with a battery-powered grinder for work. Check it out, the Advanced 123 Go!

For a great espresso extraction of anything

Espresso reigns supreme in coffee preparation, and a proper lever coffee maker draws the attention of coffee enthusiasts. With better and better technology or equipment of the coffee maker, the purchase price of the coffee maker also goes up. However, one rule applies here. The happy feeling of a perfectly prepared espresso on a good home coffee machine is priceless.

If coffee is an important joy in your life, don't deny yourself the right equipment. In most cases, all true espresso loverswill eventually get their dream coffee machine. It takes longer, by way of agonizing on inadequate technology. All in all,they overpay the price for their dream coffee maker by quite a bit. Avoid the mistakes of others and think of a coffee maker as an investment to improve your own life.

The trend of making espresso in a handheld coffee machine for travel and at home

You're serious about espresso. At the same time, you want to combine the perfect mix of desired coffee machine capabilities, which are:

  • professional coffee quality
  • the low price of the machine
  • easy portability or small size
  • easy maintenance and long service life

The ultimate solution to all these wishes that your coffee machine should fulfil, is the Flair Espresso. The perfect manual espresso machine. In addition to the points mentioned above, I would add that it is portable, visually beautiful, supremely practical and available in many versions. Just choose yours.

Gadgets among coffee grinders

Grinding is essential! So it's not surprising that anyone who is "into" precision coffee making has a great fondness for coffee grinders and everything around them. Recent times have been quite fruitful for their manufacturers, so we have a lot to be happy about! First of all, the boom of the so-called single dose grinders, blow up hoppers and other gadgets. For example, the Acro grinder, which is manual and electric at the second moment.

The new MK4 Comandante

In the manual grinder category, do you always look at the stellarComandante and like Cinderella count "got, got, got, got, ..."? The year 2022 just means new Comandante MK4 mills. They've had some minor practical changes since the original MK3 version, which was still on sale last year. Improvements to the top bearing mount and an "immortal" polymer container in the basic package.

Because the grindin the Comandante issimply fabulous, the grinding stones remain the same. And why do I think you won't be able to go on without it? Because every coffee enthusiast will be blown away by both the new features and the innovations in appearance. Well, it's those new colours that are the last straw in your patience to put the grinder in your basket. The colours of nature reflected on the grinder body in Alpine Lagoon, Liquid Amber or Sunset... Aaah!

Fancy scales for making coffee

What's new in the barista scales category? The best-selling Black Mirror scale has been given aminiature look by the engineers at Timemore , and the scale in the Basic+ model as well an upgraded chip and white option! I'll be staying with Timemore for a while. Have you got their Magic Cube for accurately weighing coffee right in the portafilter?

Although Timemore is nipping nicely at their heels, theAcaia brand still holds its own in the top digital coffee scales. After all, they do weigh at full production capacity and their know-how, which you'll love working with their scales, can't just be taken over. Acaia are the fastest, most accurate and indispensable measuring aid for researching coffee brewing techniques. Making indispensable for coffee researchers.

Coffee scales are for coffee!

Unless you live single, just you and a potted coffee plant, it's dangerous to leave your scale unattended in the kitchen. For most of them, the maximum weight to weigh is 2 kg. If your mum, mother-in-law, whoever, puts a heavy bowl with a mound of flour on the scale for dumplings, the scale will be a bit out of tune. Literally.

Cool accessories for coffee makers

Among the electronic accessories for the coffee maker, the automatic frothing machine plays a major role. Almost a necessity in the coffee shop, at home the PuqPress is avery handy helper. It ensures always the same results unlike the classic manual coffee tamper.

Even without a nozzle you can make a cappuccino with latte art. The Subminimal NanoFoamer has become a bestseller. Where they prefer a mocha pot, Flair Espresso, well just a coffee maker without a nozzle, the NanoFoamer replaces it perfectly. Count to twenty and you have a ready-made microfoam for pouring in coffee and drawing swans on its surface.

You didn't prefer the French Press because of its typical haze? That the remnants of miniature coffee particles in the cup interfere with the taste? Then try making it with French Press paper filters. You insert the filter paper pockets through the metal strainer on the plunger. And you'll have coffee as clear as glass.

Know the TDS of your coffee

Finally, one more thing for the coffee obsessed. Because you're eager to see and know your coffee from all angles, you need an assistant to peer right inside your brewed espresso or filter. With the refractometer you can find out the unseen amount of soluble particles in the coffee. You can test your recipes and search for the ideal extraction profiles. This instrument will be your pocket coffee laboratory.