Coffee gifts for Flair Espresso coffee machine

To "upgrade" your Flair Espresso machine

First, I'll start with theFlair Espresso machine accessories directly from the manufacturer. Flair owners, which includes your nearby coffee grinder, like the ability, among other things, tocustomize their travel coffee maker to their liking. Or rather, with a few variations, by replacing certain parts, they can transform their Flair.

The parts that make up the Flair coffee makers can also be purchased separately. What is even more important is that they are compatible between different versions of the coffee machine. So if you're looking for a gift for a Flair Classic coffee machine owner, you can give them a complete upgrade package to the Flair PRO2, for example .

Other Flair accessories

If your barista already has the highest version of the Flair PRO2, there are stillgadgets that will please. For example, a temperature belt for the head of the machine, a split spout or aid for making two espressos at once, or a "fancy" mirror for monitoring the espresso flow from the portafilter.

Barista supplies: functional gifts for the coffee lover

If you're looking for a truly practical gift that the recipient will use daily, look around for indispensable pieces of barista equipment. The best way to support your loved one in making the perfect espresso is to get them a quality grinder and digital scale.

With a coffee grinder, it's important tochoose based on the ability to adjust the coarseness of the espresso grind and the quality of the workmanship. Which means the grinder:

  • With grinding stones made of good materials,
  • precise processing of the grinding mechanism for consistency of grinding
  • and a practical design for easy grinding (non-slip, easy to handle).

As we are talking about a fine grinding grinder for espresso, it will also have to handle micrometric grind finenesssettings.

A balanced coffee gift?

How about gifting the superpower to tame espresso extraction for easy preparation of perfectly delicious coffee? That sounds like an awesome gift! If the barista's right hand is the right grinder, it will surely hold the weight in the other . Not just any weight, but abarista's weight. One that quickly and accurately weighs the coffee down to tenths of grams while counting the extractiontime. And our handy scales can do so much more.

Looking for a kettle as a gift?

That you pour water into your Flair coffee maker from an old kettle that took so long to heat water on the stove? You have a great idea to gift a new kettle! Let me just give you a little direction to the kettle that's best suited for making coffee.

The ideal kettle, not just for making espresso in a Flair coffee maker, are barista gooseneck kettles. We have them for both conventional stoves and induction ones , as well as thermoregulatedkettles. Their undeniable advantages include:

  • Setting the exact watertemperature for the preparation of a specific coffee,
  • theability tomaintain a constant watertemperature for any length of time,
  • remembering the ideal heatinglevel,
  • easy and precise pouring (the right amount and no spillage).

Small coffee gifts for espresso preparation

Just looking for something smaller? At the same time, do you want to give a gift that ismeaningful? Among the handy barista tools, I've found a few tips for just such a gift. For example , atamping pad, a barista cloth or a proper coffee cup are handy to have on hand for espresso preparation .

Coffee storage and espresso cups

Containers that were made for coffee. One for the beans and another for the finished espresso. Such a gift will make many happy. Once again, we at Spa Coffee have taken great care in both stylish appearance and functionality. This is the case with the espresso thermo cups and the vacuum jars for preserving the freshness of the coffee.

Contribute to your home café with Latte Art tools

The Flair Espresso Maker is a staple for making divine-tasting coffee at home (or even outdoors). It's also sure to be the darling of your barista. What the Flair doesn't have in its basic equipment, however, and what you can add to your barista's home coffee corner, is akit for milky coffee drinks. This consists mainly of amilk frother and a lattiera or milk jug.

Themanufacturers of Flair Espresso themselves recommend that their coffee machine be complemented by this particular electric milk frother: the Subminimal Nanofoamer. Why this one? Because with it you can whip in about 20 seconds an awesome milk microfoam ideal for drawing pictures in the coffee i.e. for Latte Art. When heating milk it is also useful to have a thermometer (55 - 65°C is the optimal temperature for milk in coffee). And of course you will be pleased to make a pot suitable for latte art.

Freshly roasted coffee as a gift, which always scores

I can't think of a better gift for baristas that would cause so much joy even before unwrapping. Thearoma of freshly roasted coffee is simply captivating. As for the selection itself, we have something for lovers of chocolatey sweet espresso and those who enjoy the sourer notes in juicy, fruity smelling coffees. Either way, when choosing beans for Flair Espresso machine owners, shop around in the espressoroasted coffee section .

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