Coffee influencers


The coffee scene in the Czech Republic is growing every year, with many new cafes and roasters. On social media, you can find several Czech men and women sharing their tips on coffee shops or recipes for coffee preparation. So who are they?


If you have a profile on the social network Instagram and are at least a little bit interested in the Czech coffee scene, you probably haven't missed the account @mr_coffeebean. Behind the profile is Jakub Mertlík, an advanced café lover and a great lover and consumer of fine coffee. On his profile, you'll find plenty of tips on where to go for coffee, whether you're travelling around the Czech Republic, Moravia or Europe. He reviews cafes and coffees from various roasters on his Instagram and if you follow in his footsteps you probably won't come across anything bad. He also prepares his coffee at home and his home coffee selection is really extensive. He also occasionally shares his recipe for some of the alternative preparations.


Blogger and influencer Veronika Tázlerová, formerly known as Stylish Coffee, focuses mainly on lifestyle. On her blog and Instagram, she primarily shares beauty and clothing tips. Due to her work and her degree, you can also find various marketing tips and advice from her. But why did I decide to include her among the coffee influencers? Veronika is also a frequent traveller and for several years now she has been creating amap of coffee shops, where you can find coffee shops from all over the world and also our Spa Coffee in Luhačovice.


Instagram @zaskafe is made up of two girls who believe that good coffee moves mountains. They function primarily as a guide to coffee shops all over the Czech Republic, but also Europe. In their posts, you will find clearly compiled reviews of cafes. They don't forget to highlight what is unique about a given café.


If you really want to go deep into the world of coffee, look out now. The project of Slovak barista and coffee consultant Mario Adamcik. Shecreates content both on Instagram and YouTube. There you will find mainly podcasts with really interesting guests from the Czech and Slovak coffee scene. Podcasts are also available on the Spotify platform .


I think there is hardly anyone who doesn't know Lukáš Hejlík and his Gastromap project. Lukáš is worth following not only if you want to find a good café anywhere in the Czech Republic, but also if you want to eat well. Besides Instagram, he also shares his tips on Facebook. He also discusses Czech gastro inGastromapa podcasts. His guests are mainly owners of different types of businesses who share their stories in the podcasts.


Where to go for coffee in Vienna, Berlin, Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic? You can find the best tips on the instagram profile @spadla_anicka_do_kaficka. Two of Anicka's friends are behind the profile. They started visiting cafes while studying in high school. They also have experience working in a coffee shop. On their profile, they review and post photos from cafes depending on where they are currently headed for a trip.


TheEuropean Coffee Tripproject was created in 2014 by a pair of Brno residents, Aleš Pospíšil and Radek Nožička. One of their goals was to create a community of like-minded people who want to continue learning and discovering the culture of fine coffee, which they are doing quite well.

They create content in various forms on several platforms, namely Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, their own website and since this autumn also in their own mobile app for iOS or Android. While travelling around Europe, he takes photos, makes videos and interviews people from the coffee world.

She then shares all the tips for coffee shops across Europe on a map on her website or in her app. In addition to coffee shop tips, they also make videos where they review different new coffee accessories, try preparing coffee using different methods and answer different questions you might ask about coffee.


The world's coffee trends are set primarily by baristas and roasters, but then there are coffee influencers. They are the ones who pass on these trends, but also various tips or even entertaining content, to coffee enthusiasts around the world. So in this second part, I'll introduce you to at least a few of the coffee influencers worth following.


Wondering how else you could prepare your coffee? Then head over to juan23xxiii's instagram profile . Juan Antonio may be a minor influencer, but he's also experienced in world competitions like the Spanish Barista Championship (Campeonato Nacional de Baristas) and even came third in theSpain Aeropress Championship. On his Instagram, he mainly shares tips on making coffee using different and often unusual accessories.


If there's one influencer's work you shouldn't miss, it's definitely that of James Hoffmann. James became a world champion baristain 2007 and co-founded Square Coffee Roasters the year after . He primarily creates videos on his YouTube channel, but you can also find him on Instagram under the name @jimseven.

More than 1 million people already follow his YouTube channel. In his videos ,he reviews various coffee accessories, both for espresso and filter coffee. Although he prepares the coffee during the videos, he doesn't rate the beans of the selection because he doesn't think it would be fair, given that he has his own roastery. On his channel you will also find, besides reviews, many videos in which he shares his experiences such as how to choose a coffee or explains the difference between different types of roasting.

Among other things, James Hoffmann is also a consultant for various coffee accessory companies. He was also involved in the development of the Mylk vegetable barista milk, which is produced by the Rebel Kitchen brand. You can also find the drink in our e-shop. Source:

In 2014, James also published his own book , The World Atlas of Coffee, which is a coffee guide from bean to cup.


If you're looking for a review of a coffee accessory, a good tip is the Alternative BrewingYouTube channel . Australian Josh is behind the videos. Among the videos you will find reviews and demos of coffee grinders, espresso machines and many other coffee accessories.


Want a recipe for making coffee? Some of the best coffee influencers are baristas, and it doesn't matter if it's the one who makes your favorite espresso every day at your coffee shop or someone on the other side of the globe. And it's James who is putting his decades of barista experience to good use. On his Instagram, where you can find him as @jamesperrrycoffee, he primarily shares videos of recipes for filter coffee as well as espresso, in addition to photos.


You can use one of his recipes right away. Ethiopian coffee is the best choice, but you can also use some other coffee from Africa.

  1. You will need 12 grams of coffee. James has set the coarseness on his Comandante grinder to 25 clicks. You can find out what coarsenesses correspond to this on other grinders in ourcoarseness chart.
  2. Prepare 250 grams of water at 99°C. After the water has boiled, run a paper filter through the water and discard the leaked water.
  3. Pour the ground coffee into the filter and moisten it with 50 g of water.
  4. At 0:40, pour 50 g of water over the coffee in a circular motion. Pour the remaining 100 g of water into the centre. This speeds up the extraction.
  5. The total extraction time should be within 3 minutes.
  6. The result should be a coffee with full body, balanced fruitiness and acidity.


Finally, here's a tip for a bit of fun. If you like memes, i.e. pictures with funny captions, you might be interested in the Instagram profile @50percentarabica, founded by Alan Jarrar. The name 50percentarabica has an even deeper meaning than it may seem. In fact, Alan is half Arab and has been working as a barista for several years. In addition, this year he started his own roastery, Jokes Aside Coffee. All the content on his social media is in English, but Alan has been living in the Czech Republic for a long time.


If you, too, have fallen for the novelty of social media tick-tock, I have a tip for you, too. And that's American Tanner Colson, who goes by @tannercolsoncoffeeon Tiktok and Instagram . His penchant for fine coffee started while working at a coffee shop. Tanner wanted to continue to share his passion and experience, so he started filming short videos on TikTok where he prepares coffee using different methods. Most often, however, you'll find him preparing espresso using Flair coffee machines,a brand he also works with.