Coffee magazine Standart


Thefirst copy of the Standard arrived 6 years agoin 2015. It was founded by Slovak Michal Molčan, who founded Standart when he was 20 years old. Among other things, it was founded with the idea that good coffee should be more accessible to everyone.

From the beginning until now it has been an independent magazine. The magazine is published four times a year and each issue has a single sponsor and several partners. These are chosen on the basis of their own experience. They are brands that Standard trusts and stands behind. They also work with coffee shops and international distributors to sell the magazines, helping to connect the world of coffee professionals with the general public. In addition, they send a sample of coffee from different roasters around the world with each issue.

Themagazine is published in over 74 countries and in 2 languages - Japanese and English. Previously it was also published in Slovak and Russian. All versions are published independently.

It didn't take too long for the magazine to gain success abroad as well. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Standart was awarded bythe Sprudgeportal in the category of best coffee magazine/book.

Inaddition to the editorial team, the greatest coffee experts from around the world, such as Al Keating, founder of Coffee Supreme, and Willem Boot, owner of coffee farms in Panama, are involved inthe creation of the magazine .


What can you read about in the magazine? On 130 pages you will find 15 articles and interviews. Through texts, illustrations and photographs, you'll get to know the coffee of choice and its surroundings from a different angle.

Some may be sad that the magazine is only published every three months. However, behind every copy of the Standard there is a great deal of effort. The authors travel the world to collect the best content and photographs, which they then pass on.

They write the articles in a way that even non-coffee fanatics can understand. They always choose their content carefully, not just writing about coffee brewing methods, specific coffees or cafes, but focusing more on interviews with people in the coffee community, as well as covering sustainability issues in the coffee world. The topics are based on stories and collaborations with various universities. By collaborating with people who are involved in various research and academic papers, they are able to craft the content into a form that is enjoyable for everyday people to read. The magazine includes several permanent sections such as Country of Origin and Meet Your Barista, in the form of interviews with baristas from all over the world.


As I mentioned before, the magazine is also accompanied by illustrations, and the visuals are just as important as the quality content. Moreover, thanks to nice and quality visuals, they are able to attract more people, even if the magazine is just lying on a table in a café. In addition, the interiors of cafés are often very nice and Standart wants to achieve a better fit in the space.

What about me and Standart? For me, the 21st issue, which focused on sustainability, is definitely worth a read. This, along with coffee, has been a frequent theme in recent years. An interesting article in this issue is the one that focuses on the topic of select robustas, because you simply don't expect that from a usually commodity robusta. So get reading.