Coffee shop coffee machine - new or second hand?


Before you read into all the pros and cons of a new or second-hand coffee machine, we need to clarify what aspects to look for when choosing a coffee machine. Of course, the price of the coffee machine is a major factor, and the features of the coffee machine are based on this. The top of the range ones have both displays, scales and everything else digital.

So what to look for when choosing a coffee machine:

  • How many degrees is the water coming out of the machine, can the temperature be adjusted?
  • How much pressure does the machine have, can it be regulated? (Stable should be 9 bar)
  • What about the milk nozzle, how quickly and comfortably does it froth milk?
  • Whether it has manual or volumetric dosing.
  • How many heads does the machine have - think about how many coffees you will be making on it during the day.

The coffee machine is the heart of the café, so choose the best one from the start and the one that suits you best.


Firstly, and most importantly, is the significant price difference between a second-hand and a new coffee machine. You can expect to get 20% - 60% off the original price of a second-hand coffee machine. The price is also based on the condition of the coffee maker, the year it was made and the length of use.

The only exceptions are second-hand coffee machines that are no longer in production. Such a coffee maker can therefore be either extremely cheap or extremely expensive. Because there is nothing for the seller to compare it to. So be careful in this case. Find out as much as you can about the coffee machine. For example, whether anyone can even repair the machine anymore.

Used coffee machines are sold privately or through exchanges. If you are buying a coffee machine from a private individual, be especially careful and always make sure you know what you are buying.

The first thing to check is whether the machine actually works. Plug it in and make sure everything works. It is best, if the seller still has the coffee machine in use, to go to the coffee shop directly for an inspection and see how the machine works.

The cost of constant repairs and buying new parts for a second hand coffee machine can run higher than if you bought a new machine.

Check for damaged pipes. Also, make sure the boilers are descaled. Also check the barometer for blockages.

If you are buying the machine directly from a dealer, check all of the above and also check if the dealer offers maintenance on the coffee maker. This may be an extra charge - for good reason - as the dealer will likely have a higher risk of something going wrong.

With a second-hand coffee machine, you never know how often the machine has been cleaned and whether proper water filtration has been used.

If you're lucky enough to find a good second-hand coffee maker, take advantage of all the benefits it brings. Buying a second-hand coffee machine will save you a pretty penny and help you cut costs when used in the right environment - for example, in an office or small operation where coffee isn't the primary concern.

Always do good research, compare and ask questions when buying a second-hand coffee machine. It may take a lot of time, but it's definitely worth it.


It may surprise you, but renting a refurbished coffee machine is a much easier process than buying a refurbished coffee machine. However, you still need to be on the lookout to find a trustworthy supplier who will then look after your coffee machine for you.

A refurbished coffee machine provider will take responsibility for maintenance and service.

In short, if the coffee machine you rented breaks down, it is the responsibility of the supplier to repair it. Unless you caused the damage to the coffee machine.

Whether you buy a second-hand coffee machine or just rent one, you need to be careful and thorough enough during the whole process. Then you will be happy with both the deal and the resulting coffeetaste .


One of the biggest drawbacks to buying a new coffee maker is the price. Coffee makers are an expensive item, and you need to think carefully about how much you want to invest in a coffee maker and how long it will take you to recoup your investment.

With a new coffee maker, if it comes with a warranty and service to take the coffee, the buyer is assured of the cost. He knows how much a cup of coffee will cost him and can set the price of coffees accordingly. By buying a new coffee machine , hewill not risk costly repairs and possible closure of the business because the coffee machine is not working.