Coffee talks: Luca Pompei, Sales Director at Simonelli Group

Luca Brancaleoni Pompei, Sales Director at the Simonelli Group, accepted the invitation for an interview. They specialize in the production of high quality coffee machines Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino.

Introduction of the Simonelli Group

The company Nuova Simonelli is very well known by professionals in the industry, yet there are also newcomers who are just looking around in the barista world. That's why we started the conversation from scratch. So, what does the Simonelli Group mean in the coffee world and what role does Luca himself play?

How would you describe the Simonelli Group?

"At Simonelli they believe in wise and sustainable innovation that enables people to act ethicallyand with respect for the environment. It combines passion, commitment, creativity and intelligence to provide its clientswith the best coffee in the cup," describes the brand Luca Pompei Brancaleoni, Sales Director of Simonelli Group.

What is your job at this company?

"I started with a position developing the newly acquired company Victoria Arduino. I remember those moments as very intense, challenging but full of satisfaction. In fact, they were laying the foundations for the development of a project that today makes the Simonelli Group recognized as one of the world's leading companies in the field.

After that, the Simonelli Group grew and over the years it has given me its trust and entrusted me with tasks that have gradually increased up to this moment, for which I can only thank the Board of Directors of the Simonelli Group," answers Luca.

What makes Simonelli products specific?

One of the most remarkable features of Nuova Simonelli products is theirinnovative technology. The company has developed a number of patented systems, including the T3 system, which allows precise temperature control and stability, and the Mythos One grinder, which ensures precise and consistent grinding.

"In fact, in our laboratories and workshops, we combine research and design to create high-performance, innovative and sustainable products with great design," adds Luca Pompei.

Simonelli's top coffee technology today

Nuova Simonelli is currently one of the leading manufacturers of coffee machines and coffee equipment and expands to more than 136 countries. Luca Pompei describes it as one of the world's leading companies in the industry in innovation, sustainability, coffee education and customer focus.

"I believe coffee still has a great future growing in the huge Asian countries where it is joining the traditional tea consumption," notes Luca.

What are the company's main activities in the world?

"One of Simonelli Group's main activities in the world is training our partners through briefings and courses. In fact, we recently opened the Campus of the Simonelli Group, which combines education, research and business," Luca Pompei.

Why is your company so successful?

Luca Pompei says that if we wanted to do a pure economic analysis, today 93% of the machines produced expand to foreign markets. Such a large market is a kind of insurance for future turnover.

"I can say that the real secret of our success is the closeness of our partners, who trust the Simonelli Group and who work every day with great motivation and professionalism to provide first-class customer service. A great example is X-Mechanics, our partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who has adopted our philosophy and procured all products to support a network of highly specialized dealers operating in these areas. These people are the reason for our success," adds.

The importer of awesome coffee machines and other technology brands Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino for the Czech Republic, X-Mechanics are also our longtime partners and friends. We hereby send our regards! ????

Italy is the cradle of espresso and home to more than one coffee machine company. So, what about the competition?

"When we think about the traditional coffee maker market, Italy is indeed the most competitive, especially considering that most of the manufacturers are Italian. I can say that I have a very good relationship with most of them also because the coffee industry is really a small world.

We at the Simonelli Group like to compete, compare ourselves "on the ground" with our competitors and strive to be different, if not better. So there is a lot of mutual respect with many of them, even in healthy competition.

Our president Mr. Ottavi considers the Cimbali group (which includes the brands La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and others) as one of our main competitors," replies Luca.

Products from the Simonelli Group

According to Luca, the Simonelli Group has always thought that if you're going to go to market, you have to bring something new that responds to unmet needs of customers and partners. That's why product innovation is their obsession.

"But you can't export if you don't produce to high quality standards. That's why we at Simonelli Group have made quality our mantra," says.

What does the coffee machine manufacturing process look like?

"Well, the whole company is involved in the process. I would say the product development plan is drawn up every two years, but it is updated and revised every year. The plan includes the definition of new projects, which in turn are divided into types: strategic, tactical. These projects are divided into general technological forms, which give birth to different lines, series, models and combinations of products," Luca Pompei.

How time-consuming is the production of a coffee machine?

"New technologies, such as mathematical models, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, allow us to be much more proactive today than in the past, allowing us to renew our product range more quickly. However, the development of a new project generally involves a time horizon of around 2 years, but this time can vary depending on the type of project. Itcan therefore be shorter or longer depending on the technological complexity, depth of the product range, etc.," answers Luca.

Who is behind the unique look of your coffee machines?

"The unique design of Nuova Simonelli coffee machines is signed by designer Carlo Viglino, who has been responsible for the look of the coffee machines for many years."

The first thing to come, however, is an idea. Right?

"There is a dedicated team within the Simonelli Group whose task is to come up with new concepts thatare sustainable, useful and respond to the needs of the market," says Luca.

And how does Luca of the Simonelli Group see the future?

There is no doubt that the Simonelli Group will continue to be closely linked to the growth and development ofthe entire coffee industry and the evolution of customer needs. But let's try to find out something more concrete now.

Where will the Simonelli Group be in 5 years, for example?

"The Simonelli Group now holds 10% of the global coffee machine market and has opened offices in the United States, England, France, Germany, China, Singapore and Indonesia as part of its approach to markets.

So we see ourselves inthe future where digital technologies are increasingly important, but also where physical places of social meeting andexchangewill be necessary, where ideas and projects can be shared to strengthen our competitiveness," Luca replies.

When are you planning the next news?

Luca describes thatseveral new product launches are expected during 2023.

One of them is under the brand Victoria Arduino, the new coffee machine Eagle Tempo. which had its first introduction to the world last February 8. It will soon be available in the Czech Republic from June.

During the year, they will also launch a new range of coffee grinders, such as the new Mythos Gravitech with 65 mm grinding stones. You'll know the Mythos range from coffee shops, where the quality of the grind is particularly important. Mythos 75 is also the official grinder of the World Barista Championships for 22-25.

At the Host in Milan (13-17 Oct 23), the company will present other major innovations, some of which will be available from 2024.

Final question. What is your favourite product?

"Well, I can't forget that I took my first steps in this fascinating world of coffee by developing the Victoria Arduino. For this reason, the Victoria Arduino will always have aspecial place in my heart.

However, my passion focuses more on simple and usable innovations rather than product. In this case, I am excited about Pure Brew, a technology solution that allows you to create a beverage such as filter coffee or tea at the touch of a button."

The Pure Brew extraction method. Image source: Victoria Arduino

FAQ's on the topic:

What is Nuova Simonelli?

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company specializing in ???? the production of coffee machines and coffee grinders. It was founded in 1936 in Tolentino, Italy and has since become one of the most important coffee makers in the world.

What is the relationship between Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino?

???? Nuova Simonelli and ???? Victoria Arduino are both Italian manufacturers of high-end coffee machines and coffee grinders. The two companies are linked through history and ownership.

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