Coffee thermoses with ice and ice cream

A cold drink with ice or ice cream at any time of the day? Thermoses can do that too! We've tested both ice thermoses and ice cream thermoses and found out for you which is the best for hot summer days.

The benefits of thermoses in summer

Most of us generally have thermoses closely associated with winter and winter days, where they keep your tea or coffee beautifully hot and then make it easy for you to warm up.

In summer, we all need proper hydration and refreshment and the colder the drink, the more satisfying it is. However, fewer of us know that a thermos can also be used for the opposite effect and that is to put a cold drink inside and keep it cool for a long time.

Another advantage is that the thermos will preserve the taste and freshness of your summer drink. You can be sure that youriced tea or Cold Brew with ice will not lose its taste even after several hours.

It's also a more sustainable way to consume summer drinks than going to iced coffee shops during the day and drinking it out of plastic cups.

How does the thermos work?

A thermos is a bottle that has two walls, one outside and one inside, between these walls there is a gap in which a vacuum is created, the insulation part, which then makes the drink either hot or cold.

Instead of containing some sort of heating or cooling element to maintain the desired temperature, the thermos is designed to keep things cold by not allowing the cold to escape and vice versa.

Ice thermos test

I myself was interested to see how long a thermos would keep cold drinks really cold, then. That's why I decided to test it myself. I picked up our most famous thermoses from the Spa Coffee e-shop and tried out what each one could do.

I conducted the test by filling each thermos with ice and topping it up with cold water, closing it and checking how the ice dissolved over time.

Thefirst product tested was Frank Green Ceramic. This thermos is mainly known for its patented top that guarantees a 100% seal. The measurement started at 1:00 pm and ended at 7:00 pm. After six hours there was still ice in the thermos, about 5 large cubes.

The second product was the Kinto Travel Tumblerthermos . This thermos is very popular especially for traveling, but it is also known for being able to hold the desired temperature of a drink for up to 6 hours. So I filled the thermos with ice and started measuring at 1pm, ending at 7pm. After opening, there was about half of the ice in the thermos.

Next I took the Asoba Orbfor a test , a bottle that promises to keep the desired temperature of the drink for a long time thanks to its vacuum insulation and copper lining. So I did the same as I did with the previous two thermoses and started hitchhiking. I started at 1:00 pm and finished hitchhiking at 7:00 pm. To my surprise, when I opened the thermos, there was hardly any ice in it at all, just melted water, but it was still very cold.

Thelast product tested was the Keepcup Kit Thermal Nitro. This thermos is specific in that it's actually a thermos and a thermos in one and they can be easily separated. The test and tracking was done in the same time frame as the previous ones, and there was some semi-melted ice left in the thermos after the thermos warmed up .

Evaluation of the test

After testing all the thermoses, the Kinto Travel Tumbler thermos came out the best withhalf of the ice still in it after the test. However, overall, all the thermoses performed quite well. While not all of them had ice left, all of the water was really nice and cold even after six hours. Thus, for refreshment, absolutely ideal.

Letní test termosek s ledem.

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