Coffee trends


Coffee itself offers many health benefits. It contains many minerals, vitamins, important antioxidants andmany other substances. Its consumption has a positive effect, for example, on diabetes, Alzheimer's disease or cancer. However, if you start adding a lot of sugar, milk, cream or caramel to it, it will not be such a beneficial drink. These foods contain a lot of sugar and fat, and having a coffee drink like this several times a day can be rather harmful to your health.

So what are those healthy coffee drinks that are so trendy right now? Instead of cream, oat, almond or pea milk, i.e. plant milks , are added to coffee . Care is taken to ensure that the coffee is organic. You can also find coffee enriched with turmeric, cinnamon, cocoa, or directly ground cocoa beans or green tea powder, matcha.
However, if you prepare your coffee correctly and use it to its potential, you have a chance to make your coffee taste like cocoa or cinnamon without any additions.

Coffee with matcha isn't for everyone, but it's guaranteed to give you a boost of energy. The combination of coffee with matcha is best made on ice and mixed with extra oat or other plant milk. Source: Christian Bowen |

Mixing a chai latte and coffee is alsopopular . In coffee shops, this drink can usually be found under the name Dirty Chai Latte.

Recipe for Dirty Chai Latte

Dirty Chai can be made from both espresso and filter coffee.

  1. Mix 20 g of chai latte mix with 60 g of water and let it infuse for 1-2 minutes. The mixture will be strained, so you can prepare it for the French Press right away.
  2. In the meantime, you can either prepare a classic espresso in a lever coffee machine or a filter coffee. Agood substitute for espresso is the more concentrated coffee from the Aeropress, but we can also use the French Press. Inthat case, this will be the only accessory we will need .
  3. The Dirty Chai latte can be prepared both hot and cold. For cold, we can also use cold brew.
  4. Now, strain the chai latte mixture and pour it into the container in which we will serve it.
  5. For the cold version, throw a few ice cubes into the container and pour 200ml of cold oat milk. / For the warm version, whisk the oat milk. Without a coffee machine, you can whisk the milk with aFrench press, for example .
  6. Finally, we pour espresso or 100ml of filter coffee over the top and enjoy our Dirt Chai Latte.

Try our Dirt Chai Latte at home

We can also find types with added collagen, an insoluble protein that affects the strength of skin, nails, hair and bones. When combined with coffee, it is practically a beauty drink


Thetrends of the coffee world in 2021 were undoubtedly also influenced by the COVID-19virus pandemic . People used to or still do work from home, and this can by no means be done without coffee. And so the popularity of coffee subscriptions grew . allowing customers to enjoy coffee at home, just like a coffee shop. You simply pay for your coffee for a certain period, choose whether you want to use the coffee for a filter or espresso, and then the roasters take care of the rest.


With the rise in popularity of making coffee at home, there has definitely been anincrease in the purchase of home coffee accessories. Coffee shops have been intermittently closed for almost a year, and so often the biggest coffee shop loafers have been forced to create their own home coffee corner.

Espresso under their own power and without electricity! The Flair coffee machine is booming. A travel coffee maker that folds into a suitcase.


Coffee capsulesare also enjoying a boom . The reason for this is simple, roasters want to adapt more and more to their customers. This time it is those who have virtually no time to prepare coffee, but instant coffee does not satisfy their taste buds, so they are expanding their product range to include capsules. Most of the capsules are compatible with Nespresso automatic coffee machines. You can have coffee with one button even from anautomatic coffee machine. Plus, you pour fresh coffee beans in and create waste in the form of capsules, so you're greener.


Summer is the season for cold brew coffees, and whipped coffee, or Dalgona coffee, is also popularthis summer . However, if you prefer your coffee without milk be more interested in Nitro Cold Brew. This is also no longer a complete newcomer to the coffee world, but its popularity is growing. Nitro cold brew is served using nitrogen from a faucet. This results in filtered coffee with a creamy foam on the surface. The nitrogen also has an effect on the taste, which is often also creamy, although there is no milk added to the coffee.

Ready-to-drink, i.e. ready-to-drink ,beverages are also increasingly common in coffee shops . Most often you will find cold brew in bottles , but you can also find iced tea or coffees with milk. Many cafés have also gone down this route due to restrictions on dispensing windows. This allows customers to enjoy a good takeaway coffee that they can drink on the go.


That the demand for alternative milk is rising is a long-term trend. But in Germany, for example, oat milk outperformed other types of alternative milks such as almond, coconut or soya last year.


Theconsumption of disposable cups and other packaging has gone hand in hand with restrictions, which is perhaps whysustainability hasbecome more of an issue in connection with coffee in the last year.

Thefirst step is definitely the use of reusable cups and thermoses. There are many on the market. One example of a brand for which sustainability is very important is the Australian company Frank Green. Using their products after just 15 days will offset the environmental impact of their production.

Thermo mugs from Frank Green are a safe bet. They look great, they are eco-friendly, they seal perfectly, and they don't leak a drop. In addition, the stainless steel version keeps the temperature of your drink for up to 10 hours. Source.

Great eco enthusiasts might also be interested in Huskee cups, which are madefrom coffee husks. However, these don't leak as well and are more suited to a walk-in coffee shop stop for takeaway coffee.


Reusable stainless steel coffee filtersare also enjoying a resurgence . Some types cost a little more than a pack of paper filters. But you'll soon recoup your investment. You can find metal filters from Able in our e-shop . You can choose frommetal filters for Chemex or two types of filters for Aeropress, Standard and Fine. Each has a different grid density. TheAble Fine metal filter will give you coffee with sweet and subtle notes. TheStandard filter, on the other hand, produces coffee with a fuller flavour.

As well as saving nature, stainless steel reusable filters are also very easy to keep clean. Just rinse and dry them. Source:

Apart from metal filters, we can also come across fabric reusable filters, but their maintenance is a bit more challenging.

Just as making filtered coffee can be eco-friendly, so can making espresso. Not sure how? TheFlair Espressomanual lever coffee machine is the answer . To make espresso in the Flair, you use your own power, which is multiplied by the processing of the design to the required pressure to make espresso.

Sustainability is also reflected in the coffee packaging. More and more emphasis is being placed on making the bags recyclable or otherwise reusable.