Comandante: the most popular hand grinder

Comandante: the history of the legendary coffee grinder

In 2005,Bernd Braune from Unteraching, Germany , decided to start afamily roasting company. He named it Supremo and from the beginning he travelled to growers and processors and traded directly with them.

With its approach to selecting and roasting thebest quality coffee, Supremo quickly won the hearts of both direct customers and the professional public at numerous competitions.

When grinding coffee is a problem

But over time, Bernd and his team became concerned that customers who prepare their coffee at home or on the go didn't have the quality equipment to get the best out of it .

Bernd Braune saw the biggest problem as being right at the beginning of the process - grinding the coffee.

Both Supremo roastery customers and Bernd and his family didn't have anything to grind their coffee reliably and well during their business trips.

It's almost unimaginable today, but around 2010 there weren't dozens of brands and types of hand grinders on the market like there are today.

So it was that Bernd Braune started experimenting with the production of grinders that he consciously conceived from the beginning as the best, most durable and most reliable grinders you could buy.

In 2012, the officially registered company COMANDANTE® devoted a lot of time and resources to testing and finding the most suitable material for the grinding stones.

Handmade Comandante grinder |

The unrivalled handmade grinder - Comandante

With the same dedication, the team devoted itself to the design of its new grinder. From the beginning, COMANDANTE® set out to make grinding coffee fun. This is also where COMANDANTE® has its origins, distinguishing itself from the competition not only by its performance but also by its typical appearance in several colours.

Handmade Comandante grinders |

The first professional manual coffee grinder

In 2013, COMANDANTE® embarked on the real production and sale of its grinder. It was the first professional quality hand grinder available at the time.

But despite their initial success,COMANDANTE® did not stop improving their product. In this context, the brand itself mentions the legendary German car production, which also never rested on its laurels.

Preparing coffee with the comandante grinder. | Source.

So it happened that Bernd and his team cut themselves off from all suppliers. They believed that they could take the grinder (then known as the second generation C40) much further with their own capabilities.

Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade

They invested a lot of money in materials research, development and new tools. Thus, in 2016, the grinding stones called Nitro Blade® were born, taking the new Comandante® C40 MK3 to an even higher level and making Comandante® the world leader in the hand grinder market.

Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade

Five years later, the next generation, this time the fourth, came to market - the Comandante® C40 MK4 with its unbreakable and lightweight coffee container and improved stones that ensure that not a tenth of a gram of coffee remains in the grinder.

What the Comandante C40 MK4 looks like

Comandante are sturdy metal grinders with a minimalist design. They are marketed in several colours.

But some of them are special. Why? Those Comandante grinders that look like wood are coated with real veneer infused with oil.

But the non-wood ones don't fall behind. Striking and unadorned colours such as Alpine Lagoon, red Sunset or the sober Copper Mountain give Comandante mills a real stamp of distinction.

You can enjoya feeling of luxury even when just grinding coffee.

The coffee containers supplied with the C40 are 2. One is made of unbreakable polymer and the other is glass, as with the previous MK3 model. Both complete the already very solid impression of the whole grinder.

And I can't fail to mention another original thing. This is the handle on the handle, which is turned from hardwood and fits perfectly in any hand.

Black and pink Comandante hand mill. | Source.
Comandante Nitro Blade® Perpetual Stones
Comandante Nitro Blade

But the reason to go for the Comandante grinder isn't just because of how it looks. But mainly how it works. The Nitro Blade stones contribute to this, in addition to the very sophisticated "click" system for adjusting the coarseness of the grind.

Comandante takes great pride in these. They are made of hardened steel and sharpened to last forever.

Luxury coffee grinder

And what else makes the Comandante C40 MK4 different from other grinders on the market? All of what I've described above will come to you in the original long cardboard packaging, where the grinder is broken down into its parts.

You wouldn't believe how an ordinary cardboard box can look premium.

Accessories for the Comandante C40 MK4

Comandante offers its customers a multitude of original spare and "tuning" parts. These can be used to either visually enhance your grinder, should you happen to get tired of, for example, the handle on the handle or the colour of the coffee pot. Or you can actually "refine" it.

Comandante Red Clix

One such upgrade is the Comandante Red Clix system. It makes the aforementioned clicky grinder settings much smoother. This gives you the opportunity to play with the coarseness of the grind more and bring the coffee you prepare to true perfection. Simply put, 1 click on the standard Comandante is 2 clicks on the Red Clix.

Comandante Red Clix |
Set for treatment of grinding stones

To make Comandante Nitro Blade grinding stones truly everlasting, it's a good idea to give them a little care from time to time. The Burr Care Fluid kit is the perfect tool for cleaning and treating their surface.

Comandante Burr Care Fluid Maintenance Set |
Comandante packaging, containers and travel case

Comandante offers many colour variations of containers that can be used for beans or as a container for ground coffee under the grinder itself.

You can also choose from several coloured fabric cases sewn directly onto the body of the C40 grinder. And if that's not enough, there's the luxurious Comandante travel case.

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