Comparison of Flair Espresso manual lever coffee machines


Flair Espresso was founded on the question "What is the minimum needed to make espresso?". And so, after several prototypes, the first Flair was born. This was the Flair Classic Espresso Maker. Today, it is no longer the only Flair and has 5 others by its side. The last of these, the Flair 58x, was only launched in July 2021. The bonus of the coffee machine is that it is also environmentally friendly, thanks to the lack of need for electricity.

How does the coffee machine work? In a nutshell; espresso is supposed to be prepared at a pressure of 9 bar, although this is not manually developed, the design is made in such a way that the lever multiplies the pressure nine times and the espresso is extracted exactly as it should be.

Flair has not just been about coffee machines for a while now, in their product range you will also find, tamper pads included and no doubt a must for making great espresso, but also a hand grinder, the Flair Royal Grinder.


Where else to start but where it really began, with the Classicmodel . Like all its successors, the Classic's design is lightweight, weighing in at around 2.3kg, and comes complete in its own carrying case, making it easy to take anywhere or pack away after use.

The story of Flair Espresso started with the Classic. It still has some things to compete with its successors, such as weight. The pressure gauge that it has over the Signature model can be purchased as an extra. Source.

TheClassic comes with a standard head and a 2-in-1bottomless portafilter for making coffee with or without a spout. The Standard head is smaller and has a volume range of 12-18g, plus it's removable, making the easy to clean. The price of the Flair Classic is 4600 CZK. The downside of the Classic model is the tamper you get with the coffee maker, as it is made of polycarbonate.

How to make espresso in the Flair Classic Espresso? Watch the video directly from the Flair brand.


TheSignaturemodel is similar in many ways to the Flair Classic, the Standard head or 2in1 portafilter. However, at first glance you can see the change in design, the copper base of the portafilter. The Signature is also available inwhite, black and grey. All Signature models also feature a custom pressure gauge, allowing you to get instant feedback and brew espresso with greater precision.

With Flair, you can make coffee just about anywhere, at home, in the garden, or even in the mountains. Not only because you don't need electricity to prepare it, but also because it's perfectly portable.

The Signature is about half a kilo heavier than the Classic. For this upgraded version, you'll also have to dig a littledeeper into your pocket, as it comes in at 6900. However, in addition to the pressure gauge, it also has a stainless steel tamper. In addition, you can buy the Signature in a better value set with the Flair Royal Grinder.


Flair Neo is the most affordable model, not only the price but also the preparation makes Flair the most suitable for beginners. The Neo model is equipped with a Flow-Control 2 portafilter , which is precisely the reason whybrewing with the Neo is suitable for beginners.

Choosing your first home espresso machine? Flair Neo is the right choice. It's affordable, plus it makes espresso preparation practically a breeze.

Flow-Control restricts the flow of brewing water through the coffee seat, helping to ensure the right pressure and extraction time no matter how well you've managed to set up the grinder. The result remains the same, a delicious espresso with crema in your cup. With Flair Neo, even beginners can enjoy the preparation without having to worry about every detail. TheNeo is available ingrey and white. What, may be a minus for some, is that the Neo lacks its own carrying case in which you can fold it up and take it on the road.


As you might guess ,the Flair PRO 2 was preceded by the PRO model. In contrast, the "2" brings four improvements.

  • An improved bottomless portafilter for better flow dynamics.
  • Removable stainless steel spout.
  • Silicone handle for ergonomic espresso preparation.
  • Protective silicone sleeve for increased durability of the pressure gauge.

ThePRO 2 is available in 3 colours as Flair Signature, black, white and silver.

Compared to the Classic, Neo or Signature model, the PRO 2 has gained a larger head volume, which is now 16-24 g. There is also a pressure gaugefor more control over the preparation .

With the Flair PRO 2, you'll be a pro at making espresso. Plus, thanks to the pressure gauge, you're in complete control. Source.


With the Flair 58, preparation is much easier thanks to the T-shaped lever, plus the 58mm portafilter allows you to indulge in espresso as big as you want. Will it be a single or double shot? Source:

TheFlair 58manual coffee maker model , is the first to feature, as the name suggests, a58mm portafilter, it also has a more robust body and a T-grip lever that makes it easier to extract coffee at higher pressures. The model also features a three-stage preheat temperature control system that allows users to preheat the brew head. This ensures consistent heat control. The Flair 58 also features a stainless steel pull-out plunger and a custom pressure gauge.

The Flair 58 comes standard with an 18-gram coffeebasket , but can hold a batch of between 16 and 20 grams. However, due to the compatibility of the 58mm portafilter, users can purchase baskets that will accept a dose between 7 and 28 grams. As you may know, so often the components of different Flair models are compatible with each other, but the 58 is an exception.


There's not much difference between the 58 and 58x and their designs are virtually the same, so I'd be repeating myself when describing the main features, but there is one key difference. The 58 version offers an electric preheat controller, whereas the 58x maintains the Flair tradition and isfully non-electric. This allows customers to preheat their head by plugging into the thermal management system using one of the two supplied preheat caps: open or closed.


It's hard to decide which Flair is the best, as each one has something different. Beginners should without a doubt direct their attention from the Flair NEO. Espresso connoisseurs should not miss the58 or 58x model . If you are going to travel with Flair, then every gram will probably play a role, in which case there is nothing better than to bet on the Flair Classic.

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