Comparison of Timemore hand grinders

It almost seemed that there was nothing to improve on the hand coffee grinder. But then Timemore came along and made all coffee lovers happy with their new products and other coffee accessory manufacturers deep wrinkles on their foreheads. With what?

Where did Timemore coffee grinders come from?

Thehistory of Timemore begins in 2012 in China. This company is proof that some products with the "Made in China" label can easily compete with European, Japanese or American producers.

2017 was a big turning point for Timemore. That's when they brought the Chestnut G1grinder to the world , which won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the same year. Right after the G1 came the minimalist Nano Grinder with a folding handle and caused another mini-revolution.

Every year Timemore shows something new. And to help you get to grips with it, today I have an overview table in which you can find Timemore grinders and their specifications. Of course, not all of them fit. If there's one missing, check out our website to find out more.

Timemore Chestnut C2 Chestnut C3 Slim Slim 3 Slim Plus Nano Grinder Chest nut C3 ESP Chestnut G1 Chestnut X Lite Chestnut X
Capacity (g) 25 25 20 20 20 15 20 30 30 30
Type of grinding stones G1 S2C G1 S2C G1 Plus G1 S2C G1 S2C S2C
Grinding stone size (mm) 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 42 42
Espresso filter F F,E F F,E F,E F,E F,E F F,E F,E
Material aluminium, stainless steel, plastic aluminium, stainless steel, plastic aluminium,stainless steel,wood aluminium,stainless steel,wood aluminium,stainless steel,wood aluminium,stainless steel,wood aluminium,stainless steel aluminium,plastic,wood aluminium,plastic,wood aluminium,plastic,wood
Weight 470 430 430 430 430 360 530 560 600 770
Price 93.61 - 105.89 € 98.12 € 109,98 € 158,22 € 163,54 € 171,71 € 200,33 € 220,78 € 261,25 € 388,36 €

How did Timemore Slim fare in our review?

Differences in grinding stones

Timemore equips its grinders with several types of grinding stones. Basically, these are 38mm G1stones made of hardened steel. You'll find these in the aforementioned G1 or the classic Chestnut C2. The next level is then the G1 Plus with atitanium surface.

Timemore S2C

But the big game changer was the special profile of theS2Cgrinding stones . Timemore makes these stones themselves and the acronym stands for "Spike to Cut". The magic is that the stones cut the grains before the actual grinding. This makes your coffee grind more consistently and faster. I don't know about you, but that's exactly what I expect from my grinder.

Which is better? Comandante or Timemore?

Which Timemore grinder is best?

That's the question. Again, the answer is - it depends on the application. The best Timemore grinder you can get is simply the Chestnut X. But it's clear that not everyone needs to indulge in the luxury of a 9k hand grinder. But at least try to pick one up in the store. I'm sure you'll understand.

Another winner is undoubtedly the almost cheapest one - Chestnut C3. This one is in fact fitted with S2C stones , can handle espresso beans, looks good, is light and can hold a lot of coffee.

And for me personally, it's the Nano Grinder. It takes up the least space of all, is the smallest and lightest, and performs virtually the same as its bigger brothers. It does have one drawback - it only holds about 15g of coffee. But its aforementioned pluses more than make up for it. Check out how we reviewed it. And when you choose your new grinder, make the right choice! ????

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