Customized coffee roasting

Selected coffee tailored for your café

Custom coffee packaging is one way to set yourself apart from other coffee shops. Selected coffee and coffee accessories for your home corner, but not only that. At Lázeňská, we not only advise you on how to equip your café, but above all, we also offer you coffee brewed to your taste. There are several options.

If you decide on a long-term cooperation, it is also possible to choose coffee beans outside our current offer. And that's not the only benefit. In addition, with a long-term cooperation you will not be limited by traditional packaging. You can also choose from other sizes such as 200 or 300 grams.

We're open to anything, so if you're looking to have your coffee literally made to measure, i.e. have your own coffee blend, just give us a call. We can also help you with choosing a signature espresso coffee or a birthday limit. Birthdays deserve something special, so how about ananaerobic coffee ?

A coffee package with a custom design

Do you want a coffee package with your logo or a straight design of the whole package? This can be provided in the form of a sticker on a white, black or silver bag.

Youcan then use the coffee in this way not only for preparation in the café, but also for sale to your customers. Thanks to the possibility of custom design, the coffee will fit into your café like a glove.

Coffee as a corporate gift

In addition to coffee for the café, coffee is also an ideal gift for employees or company partners. We can prepare packagesfor you from 100 g. You can also choose yourown design. We can also wrap the coffee in agift box.

For example, this is what our Brazil Ponto Alegre looks like in a gift box.

In the case of custom design packaging, it is necessary that the order is at least in the size of 20 packs.

How do I go about ordering a customized coffee?

Each order is specific in itself, so we can guarantee apersonal touch. It's good to at least have an idea of how much coffee you want and how large of a package you will need. However, the best solution is to contact us using the form and we will put your ideas and our options together.