Discover the secret of real Italian coffee

Did you imagine an elegant Italian café with marble tables and a barista in a pressed apron serving a cup of espresso? But you don't have to buy tickets for an authentic traditional Italian coffee experience.

The original Italian coffee machine for the home

Breakfast in a café is primarily a tourist affair in Italy. For 84% of Italians, the ideal is to have breakfast at home, in comfort and with their family. Of course, coffee is not to be missed on the home table either.

For making coffee at home then Italians choose their original coffee machine, the iconic Bialetti. With a Bialetti moka pot you too can enjoy a delicious espresso. Comfortably at home. Come now to discover the magic of making coffee in a unique Bialetti coffee pot.

The beloved Italian espresso prepared at home on the stove

The beginning of the 20th century also marks the birth of the first espresso. Quickly prepared coffeefull of flavour and aroma has become a symbol and a national heritage for Italy, of which they are proud, as they should be. With the popularity of espresso came the demand for a coffee machine for the home. This is where Bialetti comes in.

In the small village of Omegna , in 1919, the entrepreneur Alfonso Bialetti founded a small company: Alfonso Bialetti & Co, dedicated to the processing of aluminium. In 1933, he came up with the brilliant idea for a coffee pot that has become an integral part of the morning ritual of Italians across generations. He named it Moka Express - after the centre of the coffee trade, the port ofMokha.

How Bialetti's Moka Express works

What's so special about Bialetti's invention? The secret of Bialetti's moka pot is the cleverly designed way of brewing coffee using pressure. This is created in the main chamber of the pot when you place it on the stove. In the main chamber, hot water isforced by steam pressure through the finely ground coffee inside the filter basket in the middle of the moka pot.

The result is a strong taste and aroma of espresso-style coffee that rivals the coffee from a professional barista in a coffee shop. Yet all you need to prepare coffee in a Bialetti Moka Express is fresh roasted coffee, water and a stove. You can do without any sophisticated and expensive equipment.

The most popular moka pot. For 90 years!

This year, Bialetti celebrates90 years of home coffee makers with the Moka Express. More or less successful variations of moka teapots can be found on the market, but the genuine Italian Bialetti teapot is the most popular. From its humble beginnings as an aluminium cookware manufacturer to international status as an icon of Italian culture , Bialetti has maintained a commitment to quality product and a passion for innovation.

The distinctive design of theeight-walled aluminium teapot is a recurring theme in the classic Moka Express models. Manufacturers are also coming up with modern stainless steel teapots or with an electric base.

elektrická konvička Moka Timer žlutá moderní Bialetti konvička na kávu

You can recognize a genuine Bialetta by itstypical logo, which is also one of the secrets of Bialetti teapots. This mascot, the man with the moustache ("l'omino coi baffi"), was created in the 1950s as a reaction to the many imitations that were emerging, and is said to have been inspired by Renato, the son of Alfonso Bialetti.

So, the next time you want to enjoy an authentic cup of Italian espresso without leaving your house, reach for the Moka Express - a little coffee maker with big secrets!

FAQ's on the subject of Bialetti Moka pots:

How big a pot to choose?

Moka pot sizes are defined by the number of cups of coffee they prepare. A cup is considered to be about 50 ml of coffee. Due to the strength of the Moka Express coffee, this amount is taken as the ideal for a single serving. So get yourself a 1serving pot. With your coffee partner you will need a 2 or 3cup pot. If you're having coffee visitors you'll want a Bialetti for 4, 6 or perhaps a large moka pot for 18 cups.

How to care for a moka pot?

Maintaining a moka pot is super easy. Basically, you just rinse it with clean water after use. Over time of use, if you find the seals or strainers of the teapot worn out, you can easily replace these.

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