Ditting: professional coffee grinder

Ditting coffee grinders: from the road to the café

TheSwiss company Ditting is no stranger to coffee grinders. The company has been supplying its high-end machines to the market since 1954. But its history goes back several decades.

In 1928,Ditting was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, originally as an automobile manufacturer. However, this changed in the 1950s when Ditting switched to the production of coffee grinders.

It was a tactical move, because grinders are what they're really good at. And fornearly 70 years, at the highest level. Well, the Swiss.

Itis not without interest that Ditting belongs to the Hemro group of companies , which is currently behind, among other things, the famous Mahlkönig brand .

Ditting 807 grinder

Thefirst grinder that I will introduce to you bears the designation 807 and is the flagship of Ditting.

And despite the fact that it is neither the biggest nor the most powerful.

TheDitting 807 is a professional grinder for grinding large volumes of coffee in coarseness ranging from Turkish coffee for brewing in a jazz to cold-brew. It fits

forthe coffee shop, coffeeshop or roastery. Thehigh quality workmanship is complemented by a powerful and reliable500 Wmotor with 1400 rpm.

The main advantage over competing grinders is the unique profile of the flat-set grinding stones, which ensures ahighly consistent grind . They are made of special hardened steel and have a diameter of 80 mm. By the way, on the quality of the grinding stones Ditting practically builds its brand.

The grinding chamber is easilyaccessible thanks to its sophisticated design . This makes the maintenance of the grinder pleasant and quick. But it may not have to be so intensive , becauseDitting thanks to

the aforementioned profile of the grinding stones and their placement, Ditting has reduced coffee retention to a real minimum.

Thehopper capacity of the Ditting 807grinder is approximately 510 g of coffee. And despite the fact that the grinder can grind 7.5 g of coffee per second (and therefore nearly 0.5 kg/min), it is quiet and its operation is very refined. It won't scare your customers like other large grinders.

Grinding Stone | Ditting 807 | ditting.com

On the contrary - the Ditting 807 boasts amodern design with a dominant semi-glossblack colour and aluminium accessories. It really won't put any business to shame. See for yourself.

Ditting 1403 grinder

Ditting KR 1403 coffee grinder | ditting.com

TheDitting KR 1403 is the big brother of the Ditting 807. A muchbigger brother. Probably the most important thing here is the almost 2kWmotor and the incredible 140mm flat grinding stones. Again, these are made from hardened steel, the composition of which onlyDitting knows .

Themotor reaches 1400 rpm and when geared up, the grinder is capable of grinding large quantities of coffee at an incredible speed - 36.5 g/s! It takes just 30 seconds to empty the 1,100 g beanhopper.

Among other features, it is worth mentioning that the DittingKR 1403 can grind coffee from the dust for espresso to thecoarsest grade for filter coffee. And it does this as consistently as other Ditting grinders.

Aunique access system to the grinding chamber allows easy maintenance. As with the 807 described above.

See how theDitting KR 1403 handles 2.3 kg of coffee in 35 s. The grinding coarseness here is set at 800 µm, the value used for filter coffee in the dripper.

Ditting 807 and KR 1403 coffee grinders | ditting.com

If you run a coffee shop and want to offer ground coffee to your customers, the Ditting KR 1403 is the grinder to help you do just that.

Its appearance and controls are not too different from the Ditting 807. It's just much bigger and more powerful and can be connected to athree-phase power supply.

You'll recognise it from a distance by the semi-gloss black "Ditting" colour with aluminium accessories. However, it can also be supplied in red, white or brown-beige.

TheDitting KR 1403 is an incredibly hard-working worker dressed in a modern to luxurious coat that will grace your roastery, café or coffee shop. If you plan on grinding coffee frequently and in high volume, definitely consider theDitting KR 1403.

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