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History and present of the Lelit brand

Few companies stick to their core principles from the founding to the present day. Lelit is one of those that have. Making small lever coffee machines that can withstand daily use for years, minimalist design with a predominance of brushed or polished stainless steel.

These were not the main goals of Lelit, which was founded in1986 near the northern Italian city of Brescia as a small family business. Today it has over200 employees. It is not without interest that the vast majority of them are women.

Lelit Anna and Lelit Glenda small lever coffee machines

Lelit Anna is the brand's cheapest model. Yet it can definitely impress you with its workmanship and classic design.

The250ml boiler is not the biggest. However, it is definitely enough for normal household use. Of course, there is an articulated steam nozzle, a PID system for better temperature control, a pressure gauge and a reliable vibrating pump pumping water from the 2.7l tank.

At only 23cm wide,the Lelit Anna looks rather cute. But it won't put you to shame before a visit and you' ll be conjuring upcappuccinos from it like you would from your favourite coffee shop after a while.

Lelit Anna home lever coffee machine

If you fancy a more powerful machine, there's theLelit Glenda. It's very similar to the Anna at its base. However, the Glenda gets a slightly larger and more powerful 300ml boiler.

Another advantage over the cheaper variant is its 58mm head, which is standard on professional coffee makers. So you don't have to limit yourself to the original accessories and you can give the Glenda a little something extra.

TheLelit Glenda with the PL41PLUST designation is a step up fromthe PL41PLUST, which has been given an extra PIDsystem for better temperature stability.

Lelit Anita and Lelit Kate

Lelit Anita home lever coffee machine with integrated grinder

TheLelitAnitamodel is also based on the Lelit Anna coffee machine , although it may not seem so at first glance. Almost all specifications are virtually the same. But even if you look at theLelit Anita from afar, you'll notice that there's something missing.

Becausethe Anita has been given apractical coffee grinder. It grinds with 38mm conical stones made of hardened steel.

So you won't have to buy another machine and you'll have everything in one place.

Perfect for the minimalist, right?

And because Lelit simply does things simply and functionally, a sort of crossover between the Lelit Anita and Lelit Glenda has resulted in the Lelit Kate.

So you could say that theKate is a machine very similar to the Glenda (300ml more powerful boiler, 58mm head), but with a built-in grinder. The advantage of this grinder is the relatively large hopper for coffee beans, which the Anita lacks.

Lelit Kate home lever coffee machine with grinder

Home coffee machine with two boilers: the Lelit Elizabeth

We're getting to coffee makers that have something very useful in additionto the ones mentioned so far . This is the use of two boilers.

With two boilers, there is the possibility of not waiting and whisking the milk while making the espresso.

The first such machine I will introduce to you is the Lelit Elizabeth. Its design is second to none. Inside, however, you will find thetwo boilers mentioned above (300ml and 600ml) .

The58mm head, PID system, volumetrics (adjustable water dosage) and the possibility of preinfusion adjustment are commonplace in the Lelit Elizabeth.

Another of the Lelit Elizabeth's strengths is the LCC. This is Lelit's term for its display/computer which, among other functions, for example, starts a timer by itself when extraction starts. Very handy, isn't it?

Design home coffee machine with E61: Lelit MaraX

TheLelit MaraX is one ofLelit ' s smallest coffee machines. However, this does not detract from its quality - quite the contrary.

TheLelit MaraX is one of the few home coffee machines to boast the temperature-stable E61 head assembly, based on the legendary Faema E61.

Although theLelit MaraX houses only one boiler. However, its heat exchanger design creates very similar conditions to having two boilers in it. The control is based on thepriority principle - coffee vs. steam. You control the former with the first control and the latter to select the desired coffee temperature or steam temperature/pressure.

Among other specifics of the Lelit MaraX coffee maker we mention the58mm portafilter, the silent vibrating pump, the professional steam nozzle and the inherent perfect design with the option to buy stylish woodenelements.

Home lever coffee machine with E61 Lelit MaraX

The best at the end: the Lelit Bianca home coffee machine with pressure profiling

Lelit Bianca home lever coffee machine with pressure profile

Theflagship of the brand bears the LelitBianca name. If we were to stack all of today's coffee machines in a row, I'm almost certain that theBianca would catch your eye first.

TheLelit Bianca is a home lever coffee machine with anE61 head group and two boilers (1.5L and 800ml).

Just like in professional coffee machines, we find a rotary pump in the Bianca . This gives it the practical option of connecting to the water line. Nevertheless, it can also be used with a 2.5l water tank placed on both sides or the back of the coffee machine.

Of course, the aforementioned patented LCCcomputer and PID system are also available . Thewater and steam nozzles are designed similarly to Nuova Simonelli'sCool touch nozzles. This minimises the possibility of possible burns.

I consider thepossibility of pressure profiling with a wooden paddle on top of the head groupto be a great advantage . Related to this two pressure gauges - one for coffee and one for steam.

Again there is a 58mm portafilter and volumetrics. Not to mention the tight design that will make theLelit Bianca the centerpiece of your kitchen or office.

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