Etiquette when drinking coffee in a café


Mr. Karl is sometimes plagued by a slight decision paralysis. When visiting a previously unknown café, he needs to study themenu carefully . But nowadays he knows it's best to do it out of the queue.

Few baristas are pleased by Mr. Charles looking at the menu and behind him several waiting customers with a thoughtful order.

Changes to the order

Once Mr. Karel has his order picked out, he tries to stick to his original order. Knowing that one change in the order can betolerated. As long as he notifies in time.

The barista with the pot of whipped milk for the caffè latte probably won't be happy when Mr. Karel finally decides on a cold brew.

Complicated orders

The world of coffee gets more complicated every year, and Mr. Karel hasn't ordered with words in years: "one coffee at a time." He knows he has to be specific. That's the only way he'll get what he really wants.

At the same time, however, he keeps in mind that it is advisable not to overwhelm the staff withoverly complicated recipes. Even the barista of the year may not meet his order exactly if hehas never made the drink he describes orheard of it.


Let's face it: Mr. Charles is addicted to caffeine. As soon as he sees more people in front of him in the café, he gets impatient.

Yet he knows that the other guests and the staff are in the same boat as him, and that few baristas are comfortable looking at waiting customers.

Every morning, Mr. Charles tries to promise himself that he will be a little more patient next time. Or leave the house three minutes earlier than he did today.

An unpleasant guest

Mr. Karel sometimes has a bad day. But that doesn't make him unpleasant to the staff, who try to do as they see fit. Mr. Karel knows that by transferring negative feelings to the barista, he won't like his coffee any more. When he's not having a day, hetalks to the barista about it. Unless there's a line forming behind him.


Years ago, Mr. Charles used to pick up the phone when he needed to make a call. Today, it seems his smartphone has stuck to hispalm. Either he's passing the time or he's just avoiding social interaction. But Mr. Karel is trying tobeat his addiction to technology . He makes eyecontact with the barista, letting her know that he is aware that she is human too. He knows that hecan't really miss anything on email, Facebook, instagram or tiktok in 3 minutes. He exchanges afew words with the barista while waiting. He asks her how she's doing or how she learned to draw rosettes so nicely.

The mess

Cleaning up after guests is the job of the staff. But isn't it nice of Mr. Karl to leave the place in better condition than it was when he arrived?

The baristas are grateful to him when he brings them a cup and glass at the bar. As long as there's room on it.

It saves them time. Mr. Charles knows there's always alot of work around the coffee machine.

Usurping space

Mr. Karel writes a blog about coffee. He does it best in a coffee shop. But sometimes he finds himself sitting there for hours and hours and has only had one cappuccino. Other customers come and go as they have nowhere to sit. Mr. Karel tries to keep this in mind and gives others a place to sit in the cafe.

Loud calls

Mr. Karel has a friend. Sometimes he discusses interesting topics with him. Their communication gets most heated when they talk about home brewing filter coffee. Then they are both unstoppable and very loud. However, Mr. Charles realizes that there are other people in the café who want to talk. Therefore, he and his friend try to keep the conversation at a volume comfortable
for the other guests and the staff