Eureka: 100 years of making coffee grinders, now they've added coffee machines.

They are traditional coffee grinder manufacturers. The Italian masters of their craft are now completing their product portfolio. Eureka presents to the world its new coffee machines that are a joy to behold. So, let's take a look at them.

Why did Eureka get into making coffee machines?

This Florentine company is a great inspiration to others in the coffee industry. It's built on solid foundations dating back to the 1920s, and is one of the most dynamic coffee technology companies in the world.

Eureka equipment is bought by professionals and home coffee lovers alike. They have what everyone needs for their personal style of coffee making. Their product catalogue is extremely comprehensive. However, there is something missing - well, missing. Their own line of coffee makers.

The 4 ranges of the Italian Eureka coffee machine

The world-famous symbol oftradition and quality in coffee technology, the "Made in Florence" sign, not only adorns Eureka coffee grinders from today onwards, but also 4lines of their lever coffee machines. Respectively two models in two variants according to the type of pump:

  • Pura
  • Pura R
  • Costanza
  • Costanza R

The range does not end with these four pieces. Technologically, you'll be able to choose one of the models mentioned, but there's even more to consider in terms of design. Each of the Eureka product lines has astandard look in polished stainless steel. The PuraR, Costanza and Costanza R lines are still available in6 more looks:

  • matte black
  • white
  • ferrari red
  • walnut
  • olive
  • natural oak

Comparison of Eureka coffee machines: Pura (R) vs. Costanza (R)

That the letter "R" stands for a variant of the rotary pump coffee machine is pretty clear to us. Let's now try to compare the other technological differences between these coffee machines.

Pura Pura R Costanza Costanza R
Portafilter diameter 58 mm 58 mm 58 mm 58 mm
coffee machine head E61 E61 E61 E61
boiler capacity 1.5 l 1.5 l 1.5 l 1.5 l
boiler material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
water tank 2 l 2 l 2 l 2 l
pump vibrating rotary vibrating rotary
PID system

Let's summarize the differences. The Pura model rangein both variants is a display-less coffee machine. In contrast, the Costanza has a display that features a timer, eco-mode, pre-infusion indicator, but also the ability to set the temperature in three preset modes (90, 93, 95 °C). Costanza is a variant with PIDsystem. The two "eRk" versions, i.e. PuraR and Costanza R are with rotary pump and pressure valve.

Basic characteristics of Eureka coffee machines

After these few different characteristics, all these 4 series of coffee machines from Eureka are built on the same basis. This is mainly made up of high quality stainless steel. The single lever coffee machine thus has a robust look. It weighs around 34 kg, but only takes up a space of approx. 35 × 30 × 45 cm (height × width × depth) in your home. For a that's ready to heat up in 10-15 minutes from switching on, it's not even very energy-intensive with its 1250 W of power. The ideal family coffee machine of today, don't you think?

Eureka coffee machine and grinder set

When choosing a coffee machine, a good grinder is often forgotten with the budget. Maybe herein lies one of Eureka's know-how, that with them you simply have to think about the grinder. There's not even much to discuss here. Because the grinder and the coffee maker are inseparable, so, what other grinder than Eureka's would you want to get for your coffee maker, right? You can choose from Eureka Mignon grinders, the luxurious single dose Oro grinders or the small workhorse Atom series.

Why (not) have a Eureka lever coffee machine version R

I'll add a little more on the differences between the vibrating and rotary pump, since Eureka offers us both options with their coffee machines. The rotarypump is a qualitatively better choice. It maintains constant pressure, practically the most important job of a pump in a coffee maker. Then it is also much quieter than a vibrating pump and you have the option of connecting the coffee maker directly to the water supply.However, the production of a vibrating pump is much cheaper, so this significantly reduces the price of the coffee machine.

Such a dilemma between price and performance is solved by all manufacturers of home coffee machines. That is why inour e-shop we also offer you the possibility to sort by pump type. This makes it easy to filter only the type of coffee machine you need at home.

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