Fjord Coffee Roasters


Two men are behind the founding of the roastery. Morgan Love, co-founder of Silo Coffee, and Kresten Thørgesen, founder of Father Carpenter and current head roaster of Fjord Coffee. Both wanted to start roasting their own coffee for their cafes. However, after calculating, they came to the conclusion that it would be better to join forces and create one operation instead of competing.

Today, each of the founders already owns two businesses. Morgan Sorrel has joined Silo Coffee. Kresten has opened a restaurant, Patricia, in addition to Father Carpenter. So he roasts coffee for these four businesses, but also for the public. They also deliver packages of their beans to various coffee shops in Europe.


Thecoffee is roasted three times a week on a Probatroaster . At Fjord Coffee, they treat roasting as a craft. They believe that the best flavours in coffee come from plantations and farms, and their aim is to bring out and showcase these flavours in the coffee as best as possible. They roast the coffee separately for espresso and for filter coffee. A unique feature of their offer is the tasting box, where customers can find samples of three different coffees from the current range, making it easier for them to choose their coffee.

Fjord Coffee Roasting's goal is to bring out the naturally sweet and distinctive flavor of the high-quality beans they source, while showcasing different regions, processing methods and seasonal specialties. Moreover, the emphasis on quality is not only evident in the selection of the coffee, but also in the choice of ingredients from which they prepare all the food in their cafés. Discovering and exploring new and unique flavours has led the founders to establish closer relationships with farmers. Their roasting style and approach to coffee is not at first glance a standout, but it is still unique in its own way.

The roastery became more widely known after the introduction of their now iconic summer-circle themed box packaging. Source:


You can have a piece of Fjord Coffee Roasters at home, also thanks to the use of their coffeerecipe in V60.

  1. Grind 18 g of coffee roasted on a filter and boil 350 ml of water to 94 °C .
  2. Place a paper filter in your V60 and rinse it with hot water.
  3. Pour the coffee into the filter, cover with 60 g of water and wait 30 seconds.
  4. At 30 seconds, add 90 g of water, at 0:55 add another 50 g of water.
  5. Add another 50 g of water at 1:20 and the last 50 g of water at 1:45.
  6. Rotate the V60 during the process.
  7. The extraction time should be between 2:30 and 3 minutes.