Flair 58 vs Flair pro 2 - which coffee machine leads?

Flair PRO 2 or Flair 58 - what are the prices?

In general, Flair Espresso machines are among themore affordable lever coffee machines in terms of price/performance ratio. The cheapest model is the Flair Neo Espresso, which is not only in price but also in its simple preparation suitable for those who are just starting out with coffee preparation. On the other hand, both Flair 58 and PRO 2 coffee machines climb to the higher rungs in terms of price and cannot be considered a bargain compared to other Flair models. Rather, these are their most expensive products available.

Flair PRO 2

Price: 9400 Kč

For this price you get a wealth of equipment:

  • a travel case that can protect the coffee maker well when traveling anywhere
  • a strainer for water distribution
  • pressure gauge
  • small metal tamper
  • drip tray
  • stainless steel portafilter 2in1
  • pressure gauge
  • filling tunnel

Flair 58

Price: 16 600 Kč (up to 76% more than the price of PRO 2)

what do you get for this price?

  • Designed less for travel and more as an everyday coffee maker, so don't expect a travel case in the package
  • a strainer for water distribution
  • pressure gauge
  • preheat control
  • 58 mm tamper
  • preheating cap
  • drip tray

Compared to the classic lever coffee machine with rotary pump , however, the prices of both coffee machines aremuch lower and we can almost compare their work with the coffee machines with rotary pump . So it depends on the angle we look at the prices of coffee makers. You can get cheaper coffee makers from the Flair family, butyou won't find a lever coffee maker with a rotary pump with a lower price.

The quality of Flair coffee machines

Flair coffee makers are known not only for their friendly price, but also the quality of their workmanship. What is the difference between the design of the PRO 2 and the 58?

Flair PRO 2

The PRO 2 model features copper trim and a metal drip tray. The PRO 2 is more portable than the Flair 58, so you can easily pack it in your briefcase and prepare your coffee on the go.

Flair 58

Thewooden details are a nice touch on both the handle and the portafilter. Instead of a metal drip tray, the Model 58 uses arubber drip tray. The electronics are the element on this coffee maker that makes this model different.

Its design is more stable, has a larger base and a longer "weaver" lever than the PRO 2.

"This loses the compactness of a travel Pro, but you can really tell when you squeeze it. It's comfortable and easier to work with," notes Mirka, our copywriter and coffee lover, who tested both machines.

What is the coffee preparation like in the Flair 58 and PRO 2?

Preparing with Flair can be fun and, most importantly, flexible, as it allows you to prepare coffee anywhere.

Our barista Mirka decided to test both machines, prepared an espresso in each of them and summarised the results:

Flair PRO 2

With the PRO, the preparation is more complicated. It is necessary to disassemble the head of the machine, put it on heat, knock out the log and wash the portafilter. There's also a greater risk of differences and inaccuracies.

Flair 58

On the other hand, with the 58, preparation iseasier. Just tap the lever like you would with a conventional coffee maker and you can start brewing the next batch.

This is also related to the repeatability of quality. With a stable temperature due to heating and easier lever pushing, there is a prerequisite for constant performance in subsequent shots.

To sum up in one sentence, both machines make great tasting espresso.

The 58 model gives us the advantage of faster repeatability of use. On the other hand, the PRO 2 is preferable if we want to enjoy good coffee on the go.

The taste of espresso from Flair coffee machines

You can enjoya good espresso from both coffee machines. Moreover, taste is very subjective, so it is hard to choose the one that would prepare coffee better.

Flair PRO 2

  • Good body
  • Great sweetness
  • Less acidity than traditional espresso
  • Complex and rounded

Flair 58

  • Sweetness
  • Good acidity
  • More clarity than PRO 2
  • Less complexity

Maintenance & cleaning of Flair coffee machines

Caring for your coffee machine is particularly important if you want to enjoy a good espresso every time.

Thanks to the smaller bud diameter, the PRO 2 is less prone to channelling than the 58.

But this need not be a problem nowadays, as we can easily prevent it thanks to WDTtools.

If even our review didn't help with your decision, you can take a quizon the official Flair website to find out which model of coffee maker would be right for you.

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