Golden Vegan Frappé - recipe

How to prepare vegan frappé [recipe for ☕]

This golden frappé differs from the classic Greek frappé with its enticing golden color and exotic spicearoma. It's completely different from café flavored coffees (whether iced or hot). It does not use anysyrups with 'e' to enhance the taste but natural ingredients such as turmeric and cinnamon. Yet the preparation of this golden frappé is not complicated at all.

Ingredients for homemade Frappé

  • espresso
  • teaspoon of turmeric / Golden Milk spice
  • Cinnamon
  • oat "milk"
  • ice
  • shaker/frappé mixer/closable jar

Instructions for Golden Vegan Frappé

1. Drop a piece of cinnamon bark into oat "milk" .

2. Let the fresh espresso flow from the machine directly over the cinnamon into the milk.

3. Add a teaspoon of turmeric or Golden Milk spice blend.

4. Stir the drink and remove the cinnamon bark.

5. Shake the flavored oatmeal espresso drink with ice in a shaker and you're done.

TIP: Spice powder for Golden Milk can be found in health food stores. This is a blend of spices that you can mix yourself according to your taste. The base is turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. However, you can add these ingredients as you choose and create your own original spice blend. For example, add a little chamomile, cardamom, nutmeg, coconut or ashwagandha.

Summer frappé with Flair Espresso

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