Guide to choosing a Mahlkönig grinder

Mahlkönig coffee grinders - a combination of tradition and innovation

Mahlkönig has been manufacturing coffee grinders in Germany for almost a century, specifically since 1924. The brand has maintained its quality since the beginning, but what it has not lagged behind in is technology.

Mahlkönig collaborates with the greatest coffee experts and also directly with the coffee association for the development of new grinders.

The grinders are handmade, but exactly what their grinding stones are made of is a secret from the company, which has also patented the stones. The grinding stones for Mahlkönig are manufactured by Hemro. Mahlkönig is behind the development of the grind time setting, and so grinds only as much coffee as is needed.

The Mahlkönig X54 grinder for the home and smaller cafes

Although virtually all Mahlkönig grinders are designed for coffee shop use, there is one exception. This is the Mahlkönig X54. The grinder is suitable for grinding coffee for both espresso and filter. It will be great in a small café as well as in the home of a true coffee lover.

For grinding coffee directly into the lever, the grinder has a portafilter holder. However, this can easily be removed to grind filter coffee beans into the metal container included.

A feature that will especially please those who like to prepare their coffee in the morning is the silent grind. Operating the grinder is very easy. The grinding time is set via the LED display, which features 4preset grinding times and a manual mode.

Perfectly ground espresso with the Mahlkönig E65S GbW

The E65SGbW is also suitable for grinding espresso coffee. But you can make much better use of its potential in a café or bistro than at home. The grinder is based on the E65S model and, like the model, has65 mm grinding stones.

However, this particular model is enhanced with the GbW function, i.e. Grind-by-Weight. This is the first espresso grinder with this technology. A load sensor with 0.1 gram accuracy has been added to the grinder, providing a much more consistent dose than grind-by-time.

Another new feature on this grinder is the patented Mahlkönig Disc Distance Detection feature, which allows you to adjust the grind fineness based on the actual distance between the grinding stones. With this function, you can achieve even better extraction.

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Espresso grinder E80 Supreme

The fastest espresso grinder in its category, this is the E80Supremo. It grinds coffee at a speed of 6-7grams per second. Two fans for active cooling make sure that the stones do not overheat during the fast grinding. The E80 in the name indicates the size of thesteel stones, which are flat and 80 mm in diameter.

Like the E65S GbW grinder, the E80 is equipped with the new Mahlkönig Disc Distance Detection technology, which enables very fine coffee grinding. The distance between the stones can be adjusted via a colour display that shows the physical distance to an accuracy of 0.001 millimetres.

The feature is also coupled with a stepless grind, which ensures maximum consistency and prevents the grinder from jamming when adjusting the coarseness.

Making espresso with the E8é Supreme is a joy. In addition, the display shows you the amount of coffee ground during the grinding process and the lever in the holder detects the grind itself. Source.

Mahlkönig EK43 Star Grinder

TheEK43 is a recognized concept among baristas around the world. These grinders can be found in virtually all major coffee shops and establishments. What has made the EK43 so famous?

  • It has a massive set of cast steel flat grinding stones with adiameter of 98 mm
  • Vertically aligned stones
  • Stepless grinding coarseness adjustment
  • Grinding up to 25 g/second
  • Hopper for up to 1.5 kg of coffee

The grinder has a very wide range of coarseness from espresso to cold brew. However, it is mainly used for the preparation of filter coffee. For espresso, it lacks dosing and needs to weigh the beans.

Thanks to its large capacity, you can also use the grinder to grind a whole packet of coffee. However, it's best to grind the beans directly before brewing, but some of your customers will probably appreciate this feature for grinding coffee at home.

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The improved little brother of the Mahlkönig EK43S

One last tip. Have you fallen in love with the legendary Mahlkönig EK43, but want to be at least a little visible behind the bar (grinder) in the coffee shop? Choose this "esco" size mill, or the Mahlkönig EK43S model

The main and only difference that is visible at a glance in the EK43S additionally is the reduction of the hopper, thus reducing the overall height. The S in the name stands for short, i.e. lower. Adjusting the coarseness is very simple, as you only need to turn the wheel on the front.

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