Hand grinder Hario Mini Mill Slim [review]

TheMini Mill from Haria is one of the few absolutely "basic" coffee tools that many a barista started out with. After 2011, the basic model quickly spread not only to homes, but also to the backpacks and travel luggage of coffee lovers around the world.

What does the Mini Mill Slim look like today? Itstill holds its place among the most affordable grinders with ceramic grinding stones inside. Because of its popularity, it has been given a little attention at Hari to be sent out into the world in an improved version of the Mini Mill Slim+.


The"plus" Mini Mill has received a slight cosmetic makeover from the manufacturers in the form of an all-black sleek look. The second and more fundamental change is to the mill's handle. This is now more robust for a friendlier grind and will fit into place better without popping out when grinding. Which may have bothered some with the first version of the Hario Mini Mill Slim.

The shape, size and grinding gears retain the mill as we know it. Certainly the simple processing of the mill could have been more sophisticated instead, thus avoiding irregularities in the coarseness of the grind. These can become particularly apparent in coarse grinds such as on the French Press. However, this would also mean an increase in production costs and then in the price of the mill.

Even after the aforementioned minor upgrade , theHario Mini Mill Slim+ still holds the top position as the cheapest hand grinder. Well, that's what it is. It is simply an affordable grinder that provides a good grind for proper coffee preparation.


Itnot only grinds coffee at home, but is a very handy travel companion. This is mainly because of its size, weight and simply the overall design. The grinder is made mostly of plastic. That's why it 's lightweight, so it won't weigh you down in your luggage. As the name suggests , it's asmall and skinny grinder. It is some 18 cm high and 7 cm wide on average. It tapersin the middle of the body so that it fits well in a smaller palm.

Theceramic grinding stones inside are easy to disassemble when cleaning the grinder. Their setting for coarseness adjustment is done for manual grinders in the classic way, i.e. by turning the grinding adjustment knob located at the bottom of the grinding unit.

Height 18 cm
width 7 cm
capacity 25 g coffee beans
grinding stones conical ceramic, 38 mm
material plastic, ceramic, steel


What more can I say about the Mini Mill Slim? It is one of my first mills. It has ground many beans of roasted coffeefor me and I believe it will grind many more. I not only take it on a trip to the Beskydy Mountains, but I can confirm that it is really a great traveler. I have enjoyed making coffee with him both on the beach in sunny Greece and in icy Iceland.

Themost convenient forme to prepare coffee in Moka pot, Aeropress and V60. It survived all the trips unscathed and only fell to the ground at home when I was unpacking. Despite all this, it grinds on as if nothing happened. The bottom part of the grinder, the ground coffee container, did break, but because of its clever double-wall design, only the outer side cracked. A few drops of glue fixed it and yet the grinder lost nothing in functionality. So I can take it on another adventure and coffee journey again.

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