Hand grinder Hario Skerton Plus [review]

The cornerstones for properly preparing the perfect cup of coffee are the grinding ones. That is ,getting a good coffee grinder that uses grinding stone technology. Simply because the stones grind the coffee to a uniform size. Control over the texture of the grind is essential, to continue making your coffee.


Among the cheapest coffee grinders you can find, even in any supermarket, grinding with blades is usually used. These chop the coffee into bite-sized pieces. But in this case, you just can't be sure how big the pieces will be. A pile of chopped beans, with larger and smaller pieces of coffee in them, is a hardly usable base for proper coffee brewing. In order for the preparation to be correct and controllable, you need to have confidence over this base, ground coffee.

Are you still thinking that there is another way to get well-ground coffee other than buying your own grinder? Sure, you can pop into your local coffee shop and ask the barista to grind your coffee on a professional grinder. You'll be sure to get quality ground coffee for your preparation. But within 15 minutes of grinding, the flavours and aromas of the ground coffee are gone. If you really want to enjoy your coffee, don't grind it ahead of time.


It follows thatfor a perfect cup of coffee you need to have a grinder on hand and secondly it should be a grinder with quality grinding stones. There are plenty of such grinders on the market today . Among the most affordable ones are the Hario brand of manual coffee grinders. We described the cheapest travel grinder last time in ourreview of the Hario Mini Mill Slim. The cheapest home coffee grinder from the same manufacturer is the Hario Skerton Plus.

Almost iconic among coffee drinkers today, the Skerton grinder has been upgraded to the Plus and Pro versions. You can readabout the Hario Skerton Progrinder in our recent article. We will now focus on theSkerton Plus version .


The grinder is a sympathetically chubby one at first glance. Tapered in the middle for better grip ergonomics. It works perfectly simply. Into the top plastic hopper you put the amount of coffee roasted for brewing. The hopper is capped with a flexible, precision-fitting lid. And then you twist the steel handle for a moment and the ground coffee falls into thelower glass container. It can hold upto 100 grams of coffee and the result of the ground coffee - its coarseness or fineness.

Height 20 cm
width 10 cm
capacity 50 g coffee beans
grinding stones conical ceramic, 38 mm
material plastic, glass, ceramic, steel

Thebottom of the glass part of the grinder has a rubber non-slip pad to prevent the grinder from sliding on the table when grinding. The important grinding stones are embedded inside the grinder .They are made of ceramic, which retains its sharpness for long periods of use. These stones are conical. By moving the stones closer or further apart, the space between them is reduced or increased. This also changes the result of the ground coffee - its coarseness or fineness.


Theability to change the position of the stones is essential for adjusting the grinding, whether for an alternativecoffee brewing method or for adjusting the recipe of the method used. With the Skerton Plus grinder, changing the coarseness of the grind is done in a few steps. Unscrewing the top screw on the grinder shaft, this releases the handle, which you remove. In the same way, you remove the small metal component that is just below the crank and holds the position of the grinder setting.

You have now reached the metal wheel. Turningit changes the setting of the grinding stones and therefore how coarsely the grinder will grind. Once you have the appropriate position of the stones, you put back in place both the metal component to hold the setting and the crank and tighten the top screw.


Since this is an upgraded version of the original Skerton grinder, the Skerton Plus has something extra. From the first Skerton release, there were some negative customer comments about theunevenness of the grind, especially on the large coarseness setting. This is because when the grinding stones were spaced farther apart, the grinder could not cope well. Therefore, the Skerton Plus has been improved and includes a special stabilising pad.


You can get the Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder for less than a grand. It's the grinder for your everyday cup of coffee. Its volume will also come in handy when you have visitors over for coffee. Itcan handle grinds in a variety of finenesses and coarsenesses, although it is more confident in medium and finer grinds.

That's why it's best used for drip coffee, for example with the Hario V60. It also works well withAeropress and Chemex. It is also great for making coffee in your Moka pot.

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