Hand grinder Porlex [review]

Proper grinding is the foundation of good coffee. For coffee preparation in home conditions, you decide on the choice of grinder in terms of finances and convenience of preparation. How many cups of coffee you drink in a day may convince you to invest in one of the electric grinders. Let's face it, it's the fastest and most labor-free way to get freshly ground coffee.


Hand grinders are gaining ground in the homes of those coffee drinkers who are just starting out. Also, those who don't want to buy a more expensive electric grinder and may find grinding coffee to be an inseparable ritual of making coffee. However, a significant motivation for buying a manual coffee grinder is itsportability. The ability to take it with you on holiday, to work or simply pack it in your bag and enjoy freshly brewed coffee outdoors in the countryside.


For a great outdoor coffee drinking experience, you need agrinder that's easy to grind, grinds evenly, isn't heavy and is, on the contrary, compact and shockproof. ThePorlex Mini hand grinder fits that profile perfectly .

This "tin can" is tiny and light. It is just under 5 cm in diameter and 14 cm high. Its manufacturers have also thought about the details. From the beginning, it was intended as a grinder for making coffee on the go. A nice detail for its users is the loop for attaching the handle to the grinder body. Technically, the Porlex Mini is a very successful grinder. The bottom part for ground coffee fits perfectly on the grinder body. There is an elastic band on it for a firm grip and grinding without the grinder slipping in your hand.


The advantage in small size, however, also means a smaller coffee volume. You can pour approximately 20 g of roasted coffeeinto the Porlex Mini grinder . That may be enough if you're making a cup of coffee just for yourself. The equally slim but 5 cm taller Porlex Tall can hold around 40 g of coffee. So if you're planning on making more than just coffee for yourself, this taller option will come in handy.

height 13cm (Mini) / 18cm (Tall)
width 5 cm
capacity 20 g (Mini) / 40 g (Tall) coffee beans
grinding stones conical ceramic, 38 mm
material stainless steel, ceramic, plastic

ThePorlex Tall hand grinder is also made of stainless steel. It is constructed in a similar way to its little brother. Both grinders provide an even grind and are easy to clean. Grinding with them is quite comfortable, and the steel they are made of gives the feeling of a quality product that won't get damaged easily. So you don't have to worry too much about it when you travel.

Underneath all that stainless steel, whether in the small or tall version of the Porlex grinder, there are perfectly placed conical grinding stones made of ceramic. Adjusting them and therefore changing the grinding coarseness is quite simple. By turning the knob located at the bottom of the grinding system. This allows you to gradually move the grinding stones closer or further apart and change the grinding coarseness to the desired degree according to the selected alternative coffee brewing method .


With the Porlex grinder, you'll brew theperfect cup of coffee in your Hario V60. A great advantage for those who use the Aeropress to make coffee is that thePorlex fits perfectly inside the Aeropress! By plugging the grinder into the Aeropress, you get a compact coffee-making kit that saves space in your luggage.

Let's recap. Porlex is a minimalist grinder in a lower price range. It has sharp ceramic grinding stones for an even grind. It will impress you with its quality stainless steel finish and thePorlex Mini version stands out among hand grinders as a convenient grinder for travelerswith its size and storage.

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