HardTank for professional Cold Brew preparation in café and bar

Grind coffee in a jar and pour water over it? The first level of Cold Brew has no place in a coffee shop. Your Cold Brew requires professional equipment - a HardTank. Find out how to use it in your operation and start making money selling Cold Brew.

Cold Brew as the enduring summer trend in coffee shops

Cold brew coffee has become an increasingly popular summer drink in recent years for several reasons.

Its preparation is relatively easy, even though the extraction time is at least 12 hours. Acontainer or a French press with a larger volume, or special accessories adapted for cold brew, are usually sufficient for the preparation .

If you are interested in how to prepare Cold Brew at home, read recipe for Cold Brew on our blog.

Because the coffee is brewed completely cold, it takes all the bitterness and acidity out of the taste. Although there are customers who like to enjoy a more "challenging" cup of coffee, most will happily drink a coffee on a hot summer day that has a smooth and mild taste and is pleasantly refreshing.

How to Start Making Money Selling Cold Brew

It is generally known that Cold Brew takes a large amount of time to prepare due to the long extraction time. Coffee shops usually have to create Cold Brew at the end of their shift and let it infuse overnight to achieve the desired result. However, this is very limiting and if the Cold Brew runs out during the day, there is simply no time to make a new one.

Hard Beans have come up with a revolutionary device called the Baby HardTank that puts an end to the lengthy process of making Cold Brew. In fact, it can prepare 4 liters of the desired beverage, be it Cascara, tea or just Cold Brew, in 45 minutes. During the day, the HardTank can prepare up to 32 litres of cold beverage.

Thanks to the short extraction time, the risk of oxidation is reduced and the shelf life of Cold Brew is also increased. Theautomatic cleaning programme and special cleaning products guarantee stability and safety throughout the entire production process, while significantly reducing water consumption and labour costs, as the preparation of one batch of Cold Brew in the HardTank takes no more than 15 minutes of working time.

Anothergreat advantage is the integrated smartphoneapp, which allows you to fully control the equipment, record recipes and monitor statistics and alarms.

Not only does the Cold Brew prepare very quickly, but it also stands out with its great design. Source: canva.com

Now we'll take a quick tutorial on how to prepare Cold Brew in Baby HardTank, which is awarded by CSA as the best coffee product of 2021:

  1. Make sure the stand iscleanafter the last use, if not, turn on the cleaning program first .
  2. Make sure the keg where the Cold Brew will be poured is empty and well connected to the system
  3. Grind your coffee (coarser if grinding into a larger basket, finer if grinding into a smaller basket).
  4. Add the ground coffee to the basket and close it.
  5. Place the basket inside the machine, turn it over and check that it does not remove itself and is locked.
  6. Select the correct amount of water depending on the size of the basket: 0.6 kg -> 10 l or 1.2 kg -> 20 l.
  7. Select the correct firing programme: P1, P2 or P3.
  8. Wait 45 minutes and youcan serve theperfect Cold Brew to your customers.

Watch also the video directly from the manufacturer showing the production process: