Hario set-up: your coffee equipment

Hario grinders. cheap and with grinding stones inside

Every great coffee preparation starts with freshly ground coffee. You know where to buy good quality coffee ???? in our shop. But how to choose a coffee grinder? Everyone who wants a Hario coffee grinder will want one:

  • togrind coffee freshly (i.e. not to cut it with knife grinders)
  • to have a grinder with both grinding stones and low price,
  • a coffee grinder for home and away,
  • make delicious filter coffee.

Grinders from Hario: Mini Mill vs. Skerton

A pair of grinders that have introduced many a budding coffee drinker to the world of delicious filter coffee. They grind coffee in all the coarseness needed for any filter method. With its grinders, Hario does not forget to continuously improve the models, but still in their time-tested traditional design.

This is the Hario Mini Mill Slim

  • For grinding coffee not only at home.
  • A grinder for single coffee drinkers and couples.
  • A hand grinder and it really fits in the hand.

This is what the Hario Skerton Pro is all about

  • For grinding coffee at home.
  • A grinder for the big coffee family.
  • A hand grinder for convenient home grinding.

When you say filter - I say Hario dripper

The most iconic product is the stellar dripper Hario V60. It's the company's flagship product and pretty much synonymous with hand brewing filter coffee. It isappreciated by leading baristas around the world for its coffee preparation. For an example, check out the performance of Matt Winton, winner of the 2021 World Barista Championship in filter coffee preparation.

Matt Winton at the World Brewers Cup

This conical dripper can adapt to any coffee, and there are perhaps as many recipes for preparing Hario V60 as there are baristas in the world. It's loads of fun and great coffee. However, it also requires precision in the recipe, which can be achieved with the right aids like a scale with a stopwatch or a gooseneck pot.

Hario V60-01 and 02 and 03

What do the numbers mean? V60 as the angle taken by the walls of the dripper and 01 to 03 indicate the size of the dripper.

V60-01 up to 2 cups approx. 300 ml
V60-02 up to 4 cups approx. 600 ml
V60-03 up to 6 cups approx. 900 ml

Hario Switch vs. Clever Dripper

Two filter aids, two Asian manufacturers. Similar coffee brewing method combines these drippers.

Hario Immersion Switch Dripper

  • Made in Japan by Hario
  • newcomer to the market
  • Dripper made of heat-resistant glass and silicone base
  • compatible filters from Hario
  • conical-round shape

With the Hario Switch you will also encounter the advantages of the classic V60. Achieving a bright and sweet coffee taste with a more pronounced extraction is also possible with this dripper with a combined drip and pour-over technique.

It's also heavier (glass), smaller - max approx. 360ml and ultimately more expensive. However, for a quality yet totally easy home filter is a great choice.

Clever Dripper

  • made in Taiwan by ABID
  • a stalwart on the market
  • dripper made ofBPA-free plastic
  • compatible filters from Moccamaster Technivorm
  • conical-flattened shape

Because the Clever Dripper has made its name in the coffee world over the years, it has become the clear representative for this combination method of coffee preparation. The coffee from it is cleaner and smoother compared to the Hario Switch.

The "smart" costs less, brews about 500ml of coffee and is lightweight. It is handy on the go and maybe as a student coffee maker for college (tested).

Hario Drip Decanter

You thought you were only going to decide on a variant of the famous "vé sixties". I also offered you another alternative method of brewing in the Hario Switch. I'm still not stopping there. There is another distinctive piece in the Hario portfolio called the Drip Decanter.

What will impress you to add it to your Hario lineup?

  • A dripper right in the decanter - the serving vessel
  • first of all, it is again a premium glass from the Hario factory
  • it has a sleek black silicone collar as a grip that won't burn your palm
  • the black plastic dripper in the traditional V60 style is inserted into the neck of the decanter
  • brews up to 600ml of drip coffee
  • you can enjoy great coffee with extraction similar to the classic V60

Time to pour the coffee. So Hario water kettle

For pour-over method of coffee brewing or manually poured drippers you need a gooseneck kettle. Otherwise, you're putting your coffee at risk of ruining the extraction and thus the flavor of your coffee with an uncontrollable stream of water.

Enjoy your coffee to the max, use barista kettles for precision pouring and as such choose one like this one:

  • The smallest of the Hario kettles: Mini Drip
  • or the largest: Smart G
  • the white one: BonaEnamel
  • simply the classic: Buono and in black, copper, 1.2 l, 1 l or 0.7 l versions

Syphon or Hario Vacuum Pot

This home coffee machine is unique. It makes coffee lovers reminisce about their years in school and chemistry classrooms. It brings a nostalgic atmosphere and is reminiscent of grandma's kerosene lamp. Even such coffee making capabilities can have.

When it's quiet and time for coffee, you light a flame under the bottom flask of water. The subsequent process of moving liquids and turning water into coffee is more engaging to watch than any programme on TV. So, will you add a Japanese coffee kit to the Vacuum Pot Filter Preparation?

Refreshing coffee from a Hario Cold Brew bottle

Macerating cold coffee requires a long extraction time and then filtering the entire volume of coffee. Hario product designers clearly love this preparation. That's why they've created bottles for the rest of us Cold Brew addicts to prepare it.

More branded coffee tools and supplies

Get even more coffee gear from Hario.

  • Need to take your coffee hot or iced somewhere? Hario Thermos is here for you.
  • Do you want a stylish, functional and equipment-matching coffee serving pot? Range Server in three size variants is your destination.
  • Do you like tasting coffee during home cupping? Hario bowls for cupping will come in handy.
  • What else? We also offer Hario bamboo stirrers or spare parts for both Mini Mill and Skerton.
The Hario product portfolio includes not only V60 drippers. Coffee thermos looks amazing and takes care of the coffee inside as well.