Hemro Group: the best professional coffee grinders

What do the famous coffee brands Mahlkönig, Ditting and Anfim have in common? Do you know? They are members of the Hemro Group family - a leader in the production and development of coffee grinders for professionals. Today I'm going to introduce you to this family a little bit more.

How a Swiss, a German and an Italian became the Hemro Group

Once upon a time... in the 1920s there was a German company Mahlkönig that manufactured food and spice grinders. From the 1950s onwards, a brand associated with the Swiss automotive industry, Ditting, became interested in the manufacture of coffee grinders. Well, in 1981 the Italian Anfim started selling espresso grinders.

Each company, on its own, marketed grinders made with the goal of achieving a premium coffee experience. For this meta, it is important to do things well, with honest materials, investing in new ideas and technical advances of their products.

In 2008, Mahlkönig and Ditting said that if they were going for the same goal, they could go together. And these two grinder masters formed the Hemro Group. Within five years, they were joined by Anfim. The latest, the youngest brother, is the Chinese grinder brand HeyCafé and has been since 2018.

Hemro Group's family of grinders today

How does it look with Hemro Group today? This community of grinder manufacturers has a team of over 400 employees, sales reach around the world with a network of 100+ distribution partners - like us, so of courseyou'll find these best grinders in the e-store. ????

When you see something innovative in the grinder market, it will 99% be the result of the work of the scientists and engineers at Hemro Group. Want an example? The year 2019 and the first real mill that doses by weight - Mahlkönig E65S GbW (Grind-by-Weight).

Image source: hemrogroup.com

4 brands and 1 company. Is there a difference between their grinders?

However, the same intent and collaborative development does not necessarily mean the same product. Even though they pull on one rope called Hemro Group, each of the brands hasits own distinctive style. With any member brand's grinder, however, you can be sure that it grinds coffee with absolute precision.

Hemro Group: the Mahlkönig brand

  • Plant: Hamburg, Germany
  • Personality: professional grinders for coffee masters; for cafés where baristas with a passion for perfectly prepared coffee work
  • Flagship: EK43 - if you mention this "slogan" to a pro-barista, he will immediately know which grinder you are talking about, that's how famous this product is. And it's been around since the 1990s. It evolved from the original EK23, which was launched in 1970. In that time, the EK has become a symbol of premium professional coffee grinding.

Hemro Group: the Ditting brand

  • Plant: Bachenbülach, Switzerland
  • Personality: the most durable grinders for large batches of coffee to be ground; for roasters, coffee shops, coffee shops with coffee sales, coffee-lab and cupping room projects
  • Flagship: 807 - this is a Ditting legend, similar to the aforementioned éclair at Mahlkönig. The purpose of the grinder differs, thus its sophisticated features such as the size and geometry of the grinding stones = different preference of coffee flavour profile.

Image source: ditting.com

Hemro Group: the Anfim brand

  • Plant: Milano, Italy
  • Personality: espresso grinders by any standard; still with the spirit of Italian coffee culture, but now for cafés with a modern approach to coffee
  • Flagship: Luna - so with this grinder it is all about the promise of the future of the Anfim brand. According to LenaFrick (Head of Marketing, Hemro Group), it is the first swallow that builds on Italian craftsmanship and precision steel grinding stones from a German factory. Yes, we have a lot to look forward to at Anfim this year (and not only).
Image source: anfim-milano.com

Hemro Group: HeyCafé brand

  • Race: Shanghai, China
  • Personality: coffee grinders for the Asian as well as the global market; they maintain a great price/quality ratio, while trying to customize production according to specific customer needs
  • Flagship: the HC-880 - it's a grinder with clean and clear grind settings, great durability, with grinding stones from an experienced brother in Germany. It is robust but very compact.
Image source: heycafe.com

Not even the best grinder in the world makes good coffee without sharp stones

The grinding stones will needto be replaced over time due to natural wear and tear . In general, the frequency of grinding stone replacement depends on a number of factors, including the volume of coffee ground, the type of coffee ground and the type of grinder used.

Espresso grinders wear out the stones faster than filter grinders. Using lighter roast coffee - higher bean density puts more pressure on the stones - also results in earlier wear.

When is it time to replace the stones in a professional grinder?

Because of the many influencing factors, it is clear that the life of grinding stones is individual. On average, for example, the grinding stones of a Mahlkönig EK43 grinder are considered to die when 6500 kg of coffee has been ground. For the 65 mm grinding stones of the Anfim Pratica, this will be necessary after 500 kg. Both the size and the finish (e.g. titanium coating) play a role.

It is ideal to pay attention to these signals, announcing the wear of the grinding stones:

  • inaccurate dosing of ground coffee
  • the formation of clumps and uneven coffee dispensing
  • higher demand on the grinder motor = warming up of the grinder = warming up of the coffee = loss of flavour
  • inferior to insufficient fineness of the espresso grind
  • visually visible wear and dullness of the grinding stones
This grinding stone has had its share of grinding. Source.

Replace my stones! Smart modern coffee grinders

One of the advantages of thenew models of coffee grinders is that they can tell themselves when the grinding stones have worn out. A non-digital grinder won't communicate with you in this way, so when you regularly clean your grinder and maintain it - you certainly don't forget to do that, do you? - check the condition of the stones and replace them if necessary. And don't be afraid to email store@greenplantation.com for help in replacing or ordering the correct grinding stones.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Hemro Group?

It's a company of brands ???? Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim and Hey-Cafe that offer a complete set of reliable coffee grinders for coffee shops, roasters, retailers and home baristas.

How to choose the right grinding stones?

Choosing the right ???? grinding stones depends on several factors, including the type of material, the hardness of the material, the size and type of grinder used.

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