Hiroia Samantha and Jimmy

How about a smart dripper that prepares coffee for you or gives you advice through an app on your phone? Or an equally smart barista scale? Let's take a look at both options today, brought to us by Hiroia!

Coffee equipment manufacturer Hiroia

Hiroia was founded in 2017 in Taiwan as an innovative company producing premium coffee equipment. Hiroia is particularly innovative in that it has implemented IoT technology into all of its equipment from the start .

And what is IoT? In a nutshell, it is the principle of connecting electronic (mostly home) devices that have moving parts or any sensors in them and with each other or, for example, with your smartphone.

Hiroia is makingour lives easierby integrating IoT into our devices . At least when making coffee. So you get the best out of it - repeatedly and always in high quality. Despite all the modern gadgets, Hiroia stands ontraditional foundations, as it is a subsidiary of the world-famous Hario company , whose products certainly need no introduction.

Hiroia Samantha: automatic coffee dripper

Let's get to the actual products! First of all,I would like to introduce theHiroia Samanthacoffee machine . It is an automaticdrip coffee machine on which you can set a number of parameters crucial for the best preparation.

It is the flow rate, the volume and temperature of the water, the intervals of each water dose or several different types of flow rates and intensities. Interestingly, the Samantha filters the coffee through the familiar V60dripper placed on a classic glass teapot like the one you know from Hario.

As you can probably guess from the first lines, one of the main advantages of the Samantha is its ability to connect to a smartphone and control it with its own app. In it, you can control the whole process or search, download and share recipes. But make no mistake. If you don't want to, you don't even have to pick up your smartphone to make great coffee at the touch of a button. It's that simple!

The Samantha is suitable for virtually any coffee, including the most delicate selection.

Thewater flow can be adjusted in 15 strengths and as a special feature not usually found on drip machines - the Hiroia Samantha has a very precise scale built in for even better results when brewing your favourite coffee.

Hiroia Samantha coffee machine accessories

You'll get the essential accessories for your drip coffee maker as part of the package. In the box, you will find the aforementioned V60dripper , the corresponding paper filters and a serving pot made of brewing glass inaddition to the Samantha itself . So you can start making coffee as soon as you unpack the machine.

Hiroia Jimmy: the professional barista scale

Jimmy is the professional smart barista scale from Hiroia. It is suitable for espresso and filter coffee - at home or in heavy duty use. Just like the Samantha coffee machine, Jimmy connects to your smart device and custom app.

It has 3 brew modes: espresso, filter and training - the latter helps you control the speed and consistency when pouring coffee in a dripper, for example. You can store your favourite recipes in the app or simply recall them and prepare coffee according to them. Track your measurements on the scale display or on your phone.

Hiroia Jimmy Barista Scale | hiroia.com

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One of Jimmy's main advantages is its removable display, which you can use the magnetic backs to attach to your coffee machine or just put somewhere where it will be easy on the eyes. At the same time, you won't have to fight for space on your coffee machine or work surface. The seven-segment LED display is very bright and you can see it well even in an over-lit room or when the sun accidentally shines on it.

The Hiroia Jimmy has its own integrated battery that lasts for about 15 hours of continuous weighing. Once the Jimmy is empty, simply recharge it via USB. The scale measures to one tenth of a gram and its capacity is a standard (and sufficient) 2 kilograms. Although it doesn't look it at first glance, Jimmy is made almost entirely of stainless steel. It is very resistant to possible impact and spills.

Hiroia Jimmy Barista Scale | hiroia.com
Hiroia Jimmy Barista Scale | hiroia.com

You won't go wrong with Jimmy, whether you make coffee any way every few days or have a busy café operation and need a durable and accurate scale that doesn't take up much space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the app for the Hiroia Samantha or Hiroia Jimmy?

You can find the app for both Samantha and Jimmy on the AppStor and Google Play.

How much coffee can the Hiroia Samantha make?

TheHiroia Samantha can brew up to 1100 ml of coffee at a time. This makes it suitable for both home and small businesses.

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