Holiday 2023: preparing the perfect coffee in the hotel

Coffee in hotels has been a big topic for a few years now. But don't worry, we've come up with solutions that will make coffee in hotels a no-brainer, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Coffee and hotels are not good friends

None of us cafeholics imagines a holiday where we wake up every morning to a great hotel breakfast, but have todrink crappy coffee, which in most cases is overcooked, bitter or completely tasteless.

Of course, you can find the nearest coffee shop in the area and go there. But believe me , youwon't always feel like it and you won't always find a good café. Therefore, I wouldn't rely on it completely and I would bet on another card and that is tobrew your own coffee!

Because it' snot a difficult thing tomake a great coffee in a hotel room that you're used to . In fact, it's easier than you think. All you need is theright equipment to make coffee the way you know it at home or on holiday.

The top selection of coffee accessories for travel

The most important thing to think about is minimizing the products andaccessories you'll take with you on your travels. Try to takeequipment that is:

  • Easy to break down,
  • doesn't weigh much,
  • smaller in size.

Foldable drip tray

If you're a lover of drip coffee and adventure, then the MiiRPourigami DripperFolding Dripperwill surely be the best choice for you .

This metal dripper is very durable and lightweight, and thanks to the fact that it can be easily unfolded,it will take up almost no space in your luggage. So you'll be able to enjoy your drip anywhere.

Handheld coffee press

Strong coffee in a cup wherever you are. Freshly prepared and ready in 60 seconds. A coffee machine made from 100% recyclable materials. That 's the Trinity Zero travel coffee maker .

Preparation is absolutely easy - grind the coffee, pour, squeeze and enjoy. It also dispenses with a fine metal filter, without the use of disposable filter papers. Its size is so small that you can slip it into your backpack for a trip and have your coffee really anywhere.

Trinity Zero |

A travel classic - Aeropress

The Aeropress is a filter coffee making tool that works on the principle of sweetening and is the ultimate classic when it comes to travel gear .

If you're traveling to a hotel where you know there will becoffee cups available , you can use theclassic version of the Aeropress. However, if you're going somewhere whereyou won't have more equipment available, I recommend grabbing the Aeropress Go version , which is so small you can stick it in your pocket and have a coffee anytime, anywhere. It differs from the regular version in that thereare other accessories for brewing like a mug, filter case, stirrer and measuring cup. Also included in the purchased package are 350 pieces of filters for coffee preparation.

If you don't want to take a large pack of coffee beans on your travels, theAeropress cap can fit about 18g of coffee, which is exactly one serving you need for brewing.

There's also the great advantage that youfoldall the components together and seal the lid, so you don't have to worry about forgetting any part at home or losing it somewhere.

Stainless steel drip tray

Astylish stainless steel dripper from the Japanese brand Kalita, which is made from high quality materials.

Kalita makes coffee preparation easier and more enjoyable. Its flat bottom with three small holes guarantees you a full coffee flavour and can cope with inaccuracies.

Preparation is easy, which means you can make Kalita coffee anywhere on the go. Just water from an ordinary thermos is enough, so you can enjoy the filter even by a flowing river in the middle of the woods .

Compact weight

If you want to enjoy a really good coffee, youreally can't do without a scale. But don't worry, you won't have to carry anything big with you. In fact , the Timemore black mirror nano is a scale that 'sonly 10 cm long and weighs just 230 g, so your suitcase won't even feel the weight.

But even though it's this small, it has a great life of up to 15 hours andweighs to the nearest0.1g. It's absolutely perfect for both filter and espresso brewing and you can switch between three different programs on it: Espresso, Pour-Over and Regular depending on which brew you choose.

baristická váha Timemore Black Mirror Nano
This scale from Timemore can also fit in your pocket. Source.

Hario V60 plastic set

The Hario V60 needs no introduction. It's aclassic dripper for making filter coffee.

This set may not be considered the most stackableanymore , but if your luggage allows and you know you justcan't last without your beloved V60, I recommend getting theplastic set. Because with it, you know that even if your luggage gets tossed on the plane at the airport, it' llarrive safely and you won't just find a suitcase full of shrapnel instead.

To get the right filter coffee, I recommend packing a goose quill kettleas well. The Barista space pour over kettleis a good choice as it only holds 550ml, so it won't take up a lot of space. But at the same time, it's accurate, functional and well designed.

Travel thermos

Atravel thermos is a "must have" if you know you will need tokeep hot water on your filter for a long time or you know you will be going on long trips on your vacation and need to keep a supply of good coffee with you .

The Kinto Travel Tumbler is ideal for travel as it can keep both cold and hot drinks at temperature forup to 6 hours. For maximum efficiency, you can preheat theTumbler for 1-2 minuteswith warm water or cool with cold water for cold drinks .

Hand grinder

There are a number of great and compact travel grinders on the market. But for me , thebest choiceis thehand grinder Timemore Nano Grinder. This grinder is actually the smallest that the Timemore brand has and is designed tonot take up too much space and weighs only 400 grams. But that doesn't detract from its performance at all. The grinding system is made up oftwo hardened steelgrinding stones and 2 bearings that guarantee precise and easy coffee grinding.

How to pack your coffee accessories for travel

First of all, it's a good idea to determine which accessories are suitable for your type of travel. If you need them, they really don't take up any space, or if you know you'll have a big suitcase where you can fit more stuff and you can "shuffle around" so to speak.

Create a travel kit

Think ofthis kit as a larger or smaller resealable bag that will holdall of your essentials. The practicality of this kit is that you'll have everything with you and you won't lose your filters somewhere along the way and end up without coffee.

You can also expand or shrinkthis kit depending on whatdestination you're headed to and how much storage space you have to grow into.

This travel kit should include:

  • Coffee beans in a resealable bag and in quantities based on how long you will be traveling and how much coffee you will consume,
  • atravel hand grinder,
  • asmall compact scale,
  • athermos or travel water jug for water
  • your chosen dripper/press.

If you are travelling by air with hand luggage only, unpackyour hand grinder from your luggage at airport check-in. This is to avoid questions from the airport staff and any problems about what you are carrying.

Risks of making coffee in a hotel

Even if you bring your own accessories to help you make great coffee like you would at home, there arevarious risks that can affect the preparation. Not all countries and continents have the same conditions, so let's take a look at some of the risks and how to avoid them.

Water quality

Thequality of the water is one of the main factors affecting the taste and thequality of the coffee prepared. Hotel rooms often use water from a local source, which may contain impurities, chlorine or unpleasant flavours. We recommend the use of bottled water or the use of an on-site water filter, which can help eliminate unwanted impurities .

Limited basic facilities

While a thing of the past in many hotels, you may walk into your hotel room and there is no kettle. Which leads to the need to pack preferably atravel kettle.

Another obstacle may be that there will beno pot or carafe inthe room , for making your filter coffee. There are usually small tea cups, but you can't place the V60 on them. That's why it's nice to have asingle travel mug packed in your suitcase to get rid of this problem.

Preparation time

One big obstacle can be the time you spend making coffee. Alternative coffee brewing is a rather lengthy process and it's clear to everyone that you'd rather be at the seaside or hiking in the mountains instead of grinding, pouring and measuring coffee. But you don't want to drink bad coffeeon holidayand you won't! So equip yourself properly, because a good coffee means a good day, and that applies on holiday too.

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