Home coffee corner with Chemex

How about starting to make great filter coffee at home? How about doing it right from the start in quality and style? Say hello to a classic that has been with us for over 80 years - Chemex!

Yes, we're going to talk about Chemex, Chemex gadgets, and what you'll need to create astylish and functional coffee corner on your kitchen counter. A corner that you'll look forward to as soon as you hear or say the word coffee.


The Chemex is a simple borosilicate glass container used to make filter coffee. It was introduced to the world around 1941 by inventor Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. It didn't catch on much in America at the time. But it received even more attention with the advent of the third wave of coffee.

By the way, it's not just a great invention for making coffee. With Chemex, you'll also be adding a beautiful object to your home that has been on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art since 1958!

Let's just say that you'll definitely need aChemexto set up a home coffee nook like this . There are several sizes to choose from. One such standard is the one for 6 cups of coffee. However, you can choose one for 3 or one for 10.

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Chemex accessories

We already have a Chemex, but we are missing a key component, which is the filters. You can choose eithernatural or bleached. When choosing them, be careful to choose theright size. By the way, there are also reusable fabric filters on the market for Chemex or a metal filter that will last for years.

Other accessories include aglass stopper for the Chemex or the Able Travel Cup - a rubber cap for sealing the Chemex. With these two accessories, your coffee will cool down muchmore slowly or you'll be able to transport the Chemex and the coffee more easily .

Coffee grinder

You simply can't do without a grinder. Well, you can have your coffee ground at your favourite roastery or café. But it's a shame to miss out on the best of yourcoffee before you even start making it. That is, its taste and aroma.

Whether you'retalking electric or manual, be sure to look for a grinder with grinding stones - steel or ceramic. Only with such a grinder, even though it won't be the most expensive, will you be able to grind your coffee evenly.

In other words, you can adjust the coarseness of the grind to your preference. You'llnever be able to do that in a nut chopper masquerading as a cheap electric coffee gr inder. And as a bonus, your coffee will already be pre-burned from thehot blades.

Manual coffee grinders

Good yet affordable manual coffee grinders start at around two thousand crowns. You'll do well with theTimemore Slim, for example , or the cute and very handy Porlex Mini II.

Even the immortal Knock Aergrindmini-grinder won't put your Chemex corner to shame . And finally theComandante - a classic, which perhaps needs no further discussion.

Electric coffee grinders

If you're tired of turning the crank or just impatient, a grinder that spins and grinds all by itself will help. This can be the legendary Wilfa Svart, the stylish Fellow Ode Brew Grinder or the slightly more expensive Wilfa Uniform.

Barista scale

Abarista scale is a must-have for all types of coffee preparation . If you want to try someone else's recipe or just go back to one that worked well with a particular coffee, you need to know howmany grams of coffee and how many grams of water you used and how long it all took.

In a pinch, an ordinary kitchen scale with an accuracy of 1 gram will do the trick . But if you're buying choice coffee, the price of which is not entirely insignificant, it's a shame not to invest a few thousand crowns on a quality and accurate machine that will serve you foryears.

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As a basic model, I recommend a small scale Rhinowares Coffee Gear Dose, which you can buy under one thousand crowns. If you want something a little better, you definitely won't be disappointed with the Brewista Smart Scale II™ or the Timemore Black Mirror Nano. And if you want to get your Chemex a truly high-end friend, check out the top-of-the-line Acaia Pearl or Acaia Lunar barista scales .

Brewista Smart Scale V2

Gooseneck Kettle

The brewing of coffee in Chemex needs to be given due care. Thegooseneck kettle is a great help , as it allows you to direct a thin stream of water exactly where you need it and in very small doses.

For example,Hario Buono can be thestarter kettle for yourChemex corner. One step up is theBrewista Smart Pour 2 kettle , which has a lot of additional features that you will appreciate very much when making coffee and not only in Chemex. And a very successful piece also in terms of design is the Fellow Stagg EKG.

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So? Are you feeling inspired and motivated enough to start your new coffee background, dominated by that weird vessel that looks like it escaped from a chemists lab?

And then some! Agreat selection of coffee suitable for brewing in Chemex can be found here!

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